Saturday, May 13, 2017

My Great Helper: iLife 5vs Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Life just got busier ever since we have shifted in. Other than chauffeuring, I have lots of cleaning to do around the house leaving no time to fulfill my "chef" role. Maybe that is a blessing to the members of the family cos' my cooking really cannot make it...

Anyway, cleaning alone takes up a lot of time, leaving me with no rest at all. I engage a weekly part-time helper but on days without her, the floor gets really dusty and sticky. So the second iLife robotic cleaner really helps to relieve the cleaning of floors on other days. I bought an irobot at first, paying more than $700 for it. But one is not enough, so I bought an iLife 5vs pro on Lazada for a quarter of what I paid for irobot. I had thought that it would be much inferior compared to irobot for the price I paid, but to my surprise I find it much better than irobot! Can you believe it?

I just couldn't help but compare the two!
Firstly, iLife 5vs pro not only vacuums but does mopping as well and It is so much quieter compared to irobot. It comes with two spinning brushes at the bottom instead of one in irobot, and cleans up dust more effectively. The only con is that it does not come with a handle to be carried around with one hand, other than that, whatever feature you find in irobot, you can find it in Ilife 5vs pro!

I seldom review or compare products, but when I do, that thing must have really been worth it...

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

First in class

I never expect myself to be present in any prize-giving ceremony since Xuan left primary school.

Few days ago, we got the privilege again, to be among the audience of proud parents to applaud the achievements of our teens on stage. Xuan. First in class. NYGH.

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Kai and learning

I was reading my previous posts about Xuan's PSLE and it suddenly dawned on me how things are going to be so scary next year...

2018. Kai's turn to take PSLE. I don't think he is ready. He's not ready to be segregated into good and bad schools by the examination system next year. He's a boy. He's a late bloomer. He's got ADHD.

But. Face it. He still has to take the examination, like it or not, ready or not. This year P5 is going to be a tough year. Already he has failed his HCL class test and did badly for others in an attempt to prove the theory that "P5 is a big jump from P4" right.

His attitude in learning is what worries me. I am always improvising ways to motivate him in learning. Now, the latest gimmick is about "earning time" to play his Shadow Fight game on weekends. There is a list of the various work which can earn him different amount of time for play. On weekdays after school, he is able to earn and accumulate time by doing work (sch hw, tuition hw, revision, assessment, test papers, etc), then he gets to play the amount of time he accumulated on weekends. That's how the plan works. There's an inventory record of work done and time earned, time used and balance to carry forward if any. It didn't work very well at first and there were many tweaks and adjustments made along the way. He is now even able to earn time for packing his bag properly and penalised if not...

I wonder who in P5 still needs this kind of childish gimmick in order to learn. This kind of motivation to learn is not self-driven and will not achieve the same result as a child who genuinely wishes to learn and succeed. Sad to say, it is only PLAY that motivates him to LEARN.

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

We have finally shifted in...

On Christmas Eve 24 December 2016, that was last year...

How time flies.
We are now in 2017.
And today is the 7th day of the Lunar New Year. Happy Birthday, everyone!

Back to the shifting - Erm, yes, living in a 3-storey house is a super big deal. Endless cleaning chores - just sweeping the floors takes me more than 40 min when I can complete that in less than 5 min in CH.

I already knew it before shifting in.
I already knew then that I have to slave it out in the new house...

Umpteen times of walking the stairs.
That makes my knees weak. I already knew then that the stairs' going to tire me out...

I better stop grumbling - it's really a big deal...

On the bright side, I am living in a really nice house... just that I need to sweat it out. A big price to pay.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Was searching through my old posts to find out the date we actually shifted into Compass Heights - wanted to find out if the date coincide on a bad day for house shifting. We never believed in feng shui and so for CH, we didn't choose any auspicious date to move in nor did we perform any ritual for blessings. But now I'm thinking if these are the reasons behind our not-so-good luck (Xuan never slept in her room, faced sleep problems and many problems; the siblings fought badly; a lot of crazy tantrums, anger; sickness and illness within the first 2 years, etc)

Well, i did not even document the date of shifting in, so I'd never be able to conclude.

Now, I've become more particular about feng shui. But sometimes, the dates chosen for various stages are out of our control.

For the new house we are shifting to, here are some dates:
20 oct 2016 shift boxes to warehouse
21 oct 2016 collect keys and door opening
27 oct 2016 shift and stay in AMK
November 2016 renovation
December 2016 shift in to new abode

Just keep fingers crossed that all dates are good dates and things will turn out well for everyone in the new house.

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Monday, August 22, 2016


Before we know it, September is coming and we should be expecting our keys anytime in September. Yes, keys to our new abbot. Hopefully we can settled down after this last moval. Things' gonna be fast and furious after we've gotten the keys. We have decided not to engage an ID, instead we will be coordinating all aspects of renovation and design by engaging different contractors for different works. For record, we are shifting to Luxus Hills, after much deliberation and many many house viewings... well, I'm going to miss the convenience of Compass One downstairs when it opens in September and the lizard-free house at 13-13!
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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Starting secondary school

Xuan has started her secondary education in Nanyang Girls' High. She has liked it so far, expect that she hasn't made any 'best' friends yet. She's still very much in contact with her two primary school BFF - Charmaine and Celeste. .. I hope they will always keep in touch and be one another's pillar of strength when the tides get high and the ride gets rough. Hb drives Xuan to NYGH while I walk Kai to NCPS every morning. Walking to Anchorvale Rd takes 12 minutes while driving to Bukit Timah takes 35 minutes... so I take the easier job... Nevertheless, I still have to wake up at 6.05am everyday to get things ready for the family. ... It's going to be a super busy year this year.
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Thursday, November 26, 2015

PSLE Results

We reached the school hall at 11am sharp. Before we even climbed up the staircase to the hall, we had already heard the Principal's announcement and congratulatory messages followed by loud applause... upon hearing that, we were like "shucks" and immediately dashed up the stairs.

In the hall, Xuan quickly scrambled to look for her class amidst the huge crowd of anxious parents and pupils. Statistical slides of the school's PSLE achievement were flashed in front of the hall. Before I even knew what was happening, I saw the slide that read "Pupils who scored above 250". There were 2 slides with name list of pupils and I missed Xuan on the list as they were both flashed in the blink of an eye. Parents who saw their children's name in the list were screaming, tearing and hugging one another. I was rather moved by how anxious we parents could be. Next, I panicked and started asking 6B mummies if they saw Xuan in the list! Phew! Yes, she's in!

Then the pupils started queuing to get their report book and result slips. Xuan was the last few in the queue to get hers. Everyone was congratulating and hugging one another. There were apprehension, smiles, laughter and tears of joy everywhere. ..

Lastly, it was Xuan. She was happy with what she got. She's able to get into her dream school at last... i was happy for her. 265 was what she got. Plus 2 for Merit in HCL if she wanted to get into a SAP school.

Well done, my girl.
That really marked the end of your Primary School journey.

Mummy wish you an enriching, fruitful and joyful learning journey as you embark on the next exciting phase of life...

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

PSLE's over

School is out for now! YEAH!
First thing we did was to give her a treat at Swensen's... unfortunately the branch was closed at Compass Point (all shops in CP are going to be closed for a year as CP undergoes renovation).. so we ended at MOS Burger instead.

Then we headed straight to her favourite stop - LIBRARY. She has been deprived of reading since a month ago when she started prepping for PSLE.

PSLE - Play Starts, Let's Enjoy!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Scientific Kai

Kai is the champion when it comes to bathing. He takes 15-20 minutes to bathe! Frankly, I consider that too long for a young boy like him becos' effectively I bathe myself completely in under 10 minutes. He bathed with doors opened and I'd always nagged at him to speed up.  Once I thought I saw him playing with water but I ended up learning a new science fact.

 Me: Why are you playing with water? Bathe faster! 

Kai: I'm not playing with water. I'm just testing the surface tension of water. You know why water droplets are round shape? That's because of the water surface tension. Water behaves like a cell.... ... I know you don't understand one la....

 Me: (???) I really don't. ..

Kai's knowledge about science has long surpassed mine. He has been telling me about how things work, about tnt, eye discharge, function of antibodies, why do our voices sound different to ourselves than to others, etc, etc.

Oh yes, and he said that we must eat less protein so that our fart don't smell so bad.

"Do you know why our fart have sound and smell? It's because when we fart, our anal sphincter will vibrate and that gives out the farting sound. When the fart is released, it is ammonia gas, which has an unpleasant smell. When you eat protein, you will have more ammonia gas..."

That was his explanation!
I was impressed.
I should say I'm very proud of his knowledge and inquisitiveness. And I admit guiltily that 50% of the time when he wanted to impart those knowledge to me, I wasn't listening. Tsk tsk tsk....
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