Friday, December 29, 2006


Have been very busy with the two kids lately.
Some developments: Kai turned six months old two days ago. He became so difficult to carry. He wriggles and struggles whenever he is restless. I foresee that he will land himself on the floor one of these days. He likes to dump things into his mouth - anything he can catch hold of. He also likes to grab and pull things. I was badly abused by him. He pulled my hair, bit my hands and scratched my face. He also abused himself. Just now I caught him chewing a colour pencil!
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Saturday, December 23, 2006


Kai is very active. I'm afraid he'd grow into a hyperactive kid. Getting him dressed or merely changing his wet diapers is always a nightmare. He will flip, turn and twist his body and put up a bad struggle. Whenever you lay him facing up on the bed, he will turn and flip over in a split second. Then I'd turn him up, and not admitting defeat, he'd flip over again, ... so I'd continue to turn him up and he'd flip over, turn up flip over, turn up flip over... this tug-of-war can continue for as long as 10 minutes without successfully getting him dressed. He is so strong that I can't control or outbeat him. Sometimes, Kai will get himself entangled in the act of turning and flipping. His arms pinned under his twisted body with eyes gazing at me blankly. I was quite happy to see him in this state - because he has at last stopped moving!

Xuan was never like this. Whenever I write about Kai, it is always a battle or a war, never anything peaceful. A boy is a boy.
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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I am the personal hairstylist for both kids. After three years of training on Xuan's head, I am proud to say that I can cut reasonably chic and neat hairstyle for both. Cutting Kai's hair is more challenging. He will jolt his head whenever I cut his hair. So the scissors get to zap a little bit here and a little bit there. Tm would have stopped me from undertaking such a risky business if he has seen it. So the haircut only takes place when he is at work.

Recently, I cut an amazing "little rascal" hairstyle for Kai. Hair on both sides were trimmed up high and tight above the ears leaving little traces of sideburns. I leave the fringe long so that it would fall in place nicely above his eyebrows. When we brought him to the shopping on Sunday, a salesgirl commented that Kai looked charming with his hairstyle and big eyes. His greatest assets are the hair and eyes. OK, praises aside, I felt really pleased with my hairstyling skills. I think I would have became a hairstylist if not a librarian.

Look at Kai's new hairstyle!
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Saturday, December 16, 2006


Xuan speaks powerful Singlish under my bad influence. So a few days ago, I tried to remind her to speak proper English without all the lahs and yahs. I only reminded her two or three times, and since then she became the one reminding me whenever I have my lahs at the end of my sentences. She was very attentive. Whenever I said "No lah", she'd chip in to correct me, "No, not no lah, it's NO!!!"

Err... I'm quite ashamed of myself.
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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Xuan likes to talk when she sits on her potty while doing her business. Just now, being the little kaypo, she knocked on the toilet door and asked the maid who was inside, "Jiejie, what are you doing inside?"

The maid told her she was peeing. Then Xuan went to her potty, sat on it and said, "Jiejie pee, I poo." While doing her business, she kept asking me and her daddy lots of questions.
"Daddy, what do you want to be when you grow up?" That was the question we used to asked her, now she's asking us. "I grow up already, what do you want to be?" Daddy asked her instead.
"Artist and chef," Xuan said.
"Do you know what does the chef do?" I chipped in.
"Cook!" Xuan replied.
Then she turned her attention to me, "Mummy, do you know what is d, o, g?"
"Dog!" I replied.
"Correct!" She exclaimed, and continued "c, a, t - what is the spelling?"; "a, p, p, l, e - what is the spelling?"; "b, a, b, y - what is the spelling?"
I answered all correctly and she said "Yah, right!"
.... and she goes on and on....
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Monday, December 11, 2006


That day, a strong wind blew one of my clothes out of the window and onto a ledge. It was out of reach. A while later, Xuan said to me, "Mummy, next time you buy me an astronaut."
"Why?" I asked, feeling puzzled.
"Because the astronaut can fly and pick up your clothes." She replied happily.
I think she watched too much of The Higglytown Heroes. I bet she got her imagination from there.
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Saturday, December 9, 2006

The battlefield

I dread Kai's meal time. We entered into a battlefield whenever I gave him rice cereal (RC). My sis-in-law gave her daughter RC when she was four months old. So I followed suit. But Kai was not ready at 4 months. He thrust his tongue whenever RC went into his mouth. So I stopped.

Until recently when he was 5 months old, I started the dreadful ritual again. As Kai was not able to sit independently, I had to sit him on my lap in one arm, while using the other arm to feed him. Sometimes, I laid him 45 degree in the rocker to feed him. Both methods ended in complete fiasco.

While feeding him, Kai would dip one of his hands into the bowl of RC, while the other hand tuck into his mouth. Whatever that went in would be spewed out. The RC dripped all over his body and clothes, oozed out of his mouth and onto his neck. He'd then use his hand that was full of RC to rub his eyes, tug his ears, pull his hair, grab his legs... I screamed with each move he made. He retaliated by pulling my clothes. Both of us ended dirty and messy. It was a lose-lose battle.

At the end of it, I still wonder if anything gets down his throat. I believed he is still not ready for solid. But he drinks very little milk. His growth has slowed and I am worried.
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Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Just now, Xuan came running to me, proudly presenting the alphabets she has written on the Nursery English workbook we bought for her. There is a page that contains 26 pictures with their missing alphabets. She has written "B" next to a butterfly, "E" next to an elephant, "H" next to a hat, "O" next to an octopus, "P" next to a pillow, and "T" next to a towel.

It was a pleasant surprise for me. I didn't know that she knew how to write those alphabets. Many times, I attempted to teach her by tracing the letters but she didn't like. I taught her the correct way to hold a pencil but she gave up after a few tries. I only know that she is capable of writing the letter "A". Anyway, the alphabets that she wrote were still legible despite not knowing how to hold the pencil. So I praised her, but added "If you know how to hold your pencil properly, you will write even nicer alphabets!" Guess what she replied?

"Don't worry lah!" she beams with a wide smile, and then disappear again.
She's very funny.
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Monday, December 4, 2006

Don't worry, mummy

These words come from Xuan whenever she spills her milk on the sofa. Before I give her a stern look or start to grumble, she'd sure be quick to assure me, "Don't worry, mummy." or "Don't worry lah," with a guilty expression on her face.

Sometimes, she'd simply cover up the mess to avoid my grumbling. Whenever I see her swiftly sweeping the sofa and wiping her hands on her clothes, I know something's amiss.

"Why do you always spill your milk?" I asked with impatience.
"No lah, it's not me. It's Dubitu!" She grinned.

At this age, she already know how to shriek responsibility. I have to always remind her of the Pinocchio story - to admit her mistakes and not to tell lies. Apparently, she is smart enough to know that Pinocchio is just a fairy tale and that her nose will not grow long... :(
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Saturday, December 2, 2006

A new strategy

There are two territories in the house now - one room belongs to Kai and myself, the other belongs to Tm and Xuan. It is a new sleeping arrangement - a wise strategy. The two kids have to sleep in separate rooms, otherwise Xuan will threaten Kai with her near-miss flying kicks.

Every night, I would put Kai to sleep first before going over to Xuan. After she has also slept, I would then creep over to Kai's room for the rest of the night while Tm sleeps with Xuan. However this does not always work, most of the time it end up that I sleep with Xuan while Tm tend to Kai for the rest of the night... cos' I would be dead tired and fell to sleep in no time while making Xuan sleep. Anyway, Xuan would ask for me in the middle of the night whenever she find me missing. She demanded her daddy to "Put mummy here!" Most of the time, Tm would obediently oblige and stagger to Kai and my territory, and we exchange rooms.

Once he refused to give in to Xuan's demand. He attempted to explain and talk nicely to her. After some explanations on how he doted Xuan and how much surprises he has given her... blah blah blah. Xuan got agitated and blurted out, "Daddy... I have no time "about" you! Put mummy here!... Too many surprises, I don't like!"

It was so funny. Xuan is very naughty!
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