Wednesday, February 28, 2007

What a PIG year!

After two weeks of struggle with one bad news after another, I am glad that the two kids are finally on the road to recovery, my 5-year old nephew has also discharged from hospital, and my mother-in-law is recovering from her fall.

For Xuan, the nebuliser has helped to control her cough and the antibiotics brought down her temperature. I am happy that she has came to terms with the scary machine and is able to use it without any struggle. So we bought the nebuliser from the clinic for good. Yes, kiasuism has reached us in certain ways. We have not only bought the nebuliser but have also stocked up a few dosages of the medicine to be used with the nebuliser. Maybe we are not 'kiasu' but should more appropriately be called 'kiasi'. Ha...
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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cough and fever

I hate to report on all the doctor's visits, but sadly this is the only thing that has occupied my life for the past one and a half month. Xuan has been going in and out of the clinics for eight times now, including today, since the start of the new year.

Now, the whole family is sick (since the start of the CNY) - including Kai and myself. I think all of us caught the same virus from Xuan. We all stayed home throughout the holidays.

Xuan's cough and flu is the worst. She coughed very badly. Today, Tm brought her to the doctor again cos' she has been having fever (39.6) since 16 Feb and she hasn't eaten any solid for 10 days now. On the third day of CNY, we brought her to the A&E at Gleneagles. We were expecting that she'd be admitted cos she was clutching her little tummy and groaning in pain as she coughed through the night. We brought her favourite story books, mittens and number blocks. Tm also brought extra sets of clothings, preparing to stay in with her. We were told to give her the nebuliser again. She didn't have to stay in hospital, we could use the nebuliser at home.

4 Jan - Gleneagles SBCC (Dr Yip)
6 Jan - Gleneagles SBCC (Dr Yip)
19 Jan - AMK SBCC (Dr Ngiam)
26 Jan - AMK SBCC (Dr Ngiam)
5 Feb - AMK SBCC (Dr Koh)
16 Feb - Gleneagles SBCC (Dr Yip)
20 Feb - A&E Gleneagles (Dr Ngiam)
22 Feb - Gleneagles SBCC (Dr Ngiam)

Today, the doctor gave her another dosage of antibiotic. He said if her fever still does not go away by Saturday, we'll have to bring her back for blood test and chest X-ray. I really hope she doesn't have to go through all these.

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Friday, February 16, 2007

Sick again

Xuan went to the doctor again, this time for her flu. She is having running nose, fever and cough - a new cough together with the old. She has seen three different doctors altogether. The other night she told me,"Dr Yip always give me sweets, Dr Ngiam always give me the machine, Dr Koh only give me medicine."

I wonder when she can stop all her visits to the doctors. Some members in the family are also falling sick, myself included. This always happen during the Chinese New Year. I don't recall myself ever enjoy a happy and peaceful Lunar New Year - at least not for the past few years. Anyway, I have been trying very hard to prevent my virus from becoming full-blown.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Recent photos

"I'm 4 years old today! Going to school later, ... I will not cry again... because today is my birthday!"

"Hi! I'm 7 months old today. Don't I look cool???"

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Expensive cough

Having kids means having to spend lots of money. It is no wonder the fertility rate in most developed countries is 2 per woman. The kids are a big item on our expense column. This is especially true when they fall sick. Xuan has been visiting the doctor for her cough. The last time was when I brought back a nebuliser from SBCC to treat her cough. But she was scared of the mist that emit from the machine, and cried hysterically each time I wanted to put the mask over her mouth and nose. So I gave up and returned the nebuliser after the three-days-loan from the doctor. She did not even sniff the mist once and that goes my $85 for that 'scary machine'.

Then, on another occasion, I brought Kai to the doctor to treat his bad nappy rash, and conveniently asked for more medicine for Xuan's cough since she has used up all her medicine. The doctor also conveniently saw Xuan again using his stethoscope which means more money for him and means another big hole in my pocket. He 'scared' me saying that Xuan was having MBA (Mild Bronchical Asthma) and need to treat her with long term medication. I trusted him and bought all the medicine which he said were able to solve her cough. That cost me some $250 for both kids' visit at the doctor's office.

I don't mind the money spent as long as they are able to cure the kid. But I am a bit doubtful. Different doctors said different things on different visits to treat Xuan's cough. During the first few visits, the doctor said it was viral infection, and now with this latest visit, it was MBA. Then I realised that the doctors follow a standard protocol to treat cough-first cough will be flu: give rhinothiol and bricanyl; if haven't recover, give bricanyl and silomat; still doesn't get well, give silomat, bambec and singulair; still no improvement, give nebuliser, last diagnosis, must be asthma - give long term medication.

Tm refused to give Xuan the long term medication for asthma, saying she wasn't suffering from asthma. Xuan has been taking too many medicines, and he said to stop all. Xuan's cough is only bad in the morning, the rest of the day, she seems fine. So now we stop all the medicine and hope that the cough will go away on its own.

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Friday, February 9, 2007

Separation anxiety

Xuan cried on the 4th day after she started her new school at PCF. As expected, she was happy and excited on the first three days. Then on her 4th day at school, she bursted into tears while queueing to go into class. She pulled me and cried hysterically saying that she loved me. I had to be tough. I just dragged her into class and then disappear in front of her. I heard her cries and screams after the teacher closed the hard wooden door. It was after some 15 minutes that she stopped crying and yelling. The same happened on the 5th and 6th day. Today, she is behaving better. She didn't cry. She knew it was wrong to cry and that she must go to school. Although she didn't cry, I knew she was not feeling good about the separation anxiety. Her eyes were red and she was holding back her tears. At the door, as I was about to hand her to the teacher, her tears nearly dropped. But she forced herself to smile. She forced an awful smile at the teacher and told her she was happy today and that she didn't cry. My heart ached when I saw her teary eyes and her forced smile.

Xuan is mature for her age. She is sensible. It is just the separation anxiety that has got into her.
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