Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cheer up, the worst has yet to come!

First it was Kai. Now it is Xuan and myself. All of us are down with flu again. Kai is feeling miserable with his flu. He coughs very badly and his nose are blocked. He also does not have appetite for food. He vomited his porridge and refuses milk feed. I am really worried.

Xuan is having fever now. Her fever remains high at 39 degree even with medicine. But she can cooperate when it comes to medicine. She takes them readily and said she likes medicine!

Alas! The sick cycle is repeating again!
I read this quote yesterday - "Cheer up, the worst has yet to come!"
Are there any better ways to comfort me?
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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

2 weeks before Kai was due

I still remember 2 weeks before Kai was due, my gynae told my husband and I an extremely devastating news. It was during one of my routine prenatal checkup, that the gynae scanned something in the child's kidney. "Polycystic kidneys," he said. The term doesn't make any sense to me. But I knew it wasn't anything good. The gynae never explain what it means. He only asked us not to worry, and said he might be wrong. He said there was nothing we could do - just give birth to the child and monitor the condition thereafter.

I went home and search the web frantically. I broke down and cry. A child with a polycystic kidney would not survive few months beyond birth. I didn't know what to do. I was at loss. I didn't know what I had done wrong. That was the worst fear a mother would have.

Tm was more composed. He comforted me despite feeling miserable himself. We decided to seek a second opinion from the specialists at NUH. I was holding back my tears as the senior gynaecological specialist scanned through my tummy with the utrasound. When he broke out the news that the baby was perfectly fine, tears that I was trying very hard to fight back rolled down uncontrollably. It was tears of great joy and relieve. We are glad we sought a second opinion.
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Kai is sick

Kai fall sick over the weekends. He was down with a bad flu. His temperature ran as high as 39.5 degree but we had to wait till Monday to bring him to the clinic. So I was on 2 days child MC for yesterday and today. His temperature is subsiding. His running nose and cough started after the fever. It was painful to see him suffer. He was grouchy and clingy all day. He refused to let anyone carry him, except me. I was exhausted, but fortunately I have my Mom to help me out.

Kai's temperature remain elevated throughout the weekend nights despite the medicine. I have to stay awake to sponge his forehead and body with a cold towel. He also couldn't sleep well. He woke up every hour and I have to rock him back to sleep. Forcing the medicine down his throat is also another miserable experience. He'd struggle with all his might while I use all my force to hold him down and Tm push the syringe of medicine into his mouth.

Poor child, I hope he will get well soon.

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Friday, April 13, 2007


Have been taking the train to and from work since I started work on 2 April after the 6 months NPL. I think I still prefer to drive. The bad thing about taking the MRT is that once there's an influenza, everybody onboard would get it - there's no way you can escape. The train is always so packed. Commuters are literally squeezed onboard. There's always coughing here and sneezing there. I'm quite paranoid. I tried to move somewhere or turn away, but there's nowhere to turn to!

There's this SMRT slogan which I saw on the train - "Moving people, Enhancing lives" ... I don't quite agree, I think I resonate better with "Cramping people, Sickening lives"!
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