Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Say funny things

Nowadays, Xuan likes to say funny things that surprises us.

This morning she said to me, out of the blue, "Mummy, you don't try ballet dance, it is not easy for you."I think maybe because she overheard that we are going to send her to some ballet classes during her June term break.

Last evening, she was looking up at the mirror reflection above her head while in the lift and blurted out "Daddy is a special daddy, but he has got cough and virus!"
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Thursday, May 24, 2007


Tm will be back from his reservist tomorrow. I survived the one week, with my mom's and in-laws' help. The tiredness sank in mainly at night when I have to put the two little wonders to sleep. By the time both of them sleep, it will be at least 11.30pm. It was really tiring. Sometimes Kai would wake up in the middle of the night crying. Luckily, only for a short while. Phew! I was so worried his cries would wake Xuan up, as the three of us sleep together in the same room. So I have to desperately rock him in his basket whenever he cries. Trust me, that is the most effective and fastest way of putting Kai to sleep.

I appreciated Tm's help whenever he is around. Good that he is coming back tomorrow.
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Monday, May 7, 2007

Little conversations with Xuan

Xuan was holding my handphone one day, so...

Tin: Xuan, don't put the handphone near your head.

Xuan: Your head leh?

Tin: Also cannot.

Xuan: Because the radiation will go into your head har?


Tin: Xuan, you love daddy more or mummy more?

Xuan: I love both.

Tin: No, you can only choose one, you love daddy more or love mummy more?

Xuan: Daddy!

Tin: ...(sad)...Why ?

Xuan: Because daddy is so nice to me.

Tin: Hmmm...

Xuan: But you also so nice to me. I love both.

Xuan: .... I think because daddy brush my teeth everyday!
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Kai now obeys instructions to clap his hands. So lovable. Knows how to say pa-pa but not ma-ma... :-(

He greets me with excitement and open arms whenever I return from work and cries for me to carry him upon seeing me. Then he'd clutch me tightly and rest his head on my shoulder when I carry him, refusing to let go. The bonding is strong and it feels good to be so wanted :-)
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