Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Kai's 1st Birthday

Time flies. It has been a year since Kai was lifted out from my big and round tummy. The time was 1801hrs. We had the choice of 1800hrs or 1801hrs for Kai's time at birth on 27th June 2006. Tm opted for 1801hrs as it indicates "Chu Ren Tou Di" with the 01(sec) standing out from 1800hrs.

Today, Kai celebrated his 1st birthday. It was a small celebration at AMK Hub's Dian Xiao Er with a few family members. Many people would expect that we throw big parties for the child's first birthday, but we didn't. We didn't plan any big celebrations for both kids like what most parents do. We had kept all these birthday celebrations a low profile event. Not that their birthdays are unimportant, but rather we thought the kids are still too young to enjoy these celebrations. They are more for the adults to feast and enjoy. We'd prefer to do bigger celebrations when the kids are older and have the ability to appreciate and enjoy their own birthdays.

Kai was rather sleepy and grouchy through the dinner. However I think he did enjoy the part when all of us sang him the birthday song. He was smiling as he looked at the cake and candle, and all the people around him... he seemed to know it was his birthday. Maybe he did enjoy his birthday after all :-)
Kai on his 1st BD

Taken some time before his 1st BD
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Friday, June 8, 2007

Old water heater

The water heater in the bathroom of AMK flat looks so old, the bracket holding it is so rusty... as if it is going to come crushing down anytime. Xuan is terrified of that scary rusty thing. She refused to bathe in the bathroom, kicking a fuss whenever the maid wants to bathe her.

So, each time before her bath, the bathroom door will have to be shut and she bathe outside the bathroom. YES, outside the bathroom so that the scary rusty thing is no where in her sight! She sits in the bathtub used for Kai. And she can still fit in! Her hair is washed in the same way as you get your hair washed in a salon. She sits and lie back on a blue chair, towel over her shoulder, head over a basin of water behind and gets her hair treated.
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