Thursday, July 19, 2007

The two kids

Kai is one and Xuan is four. Unlike other siblings, these two little wonders don't get along well.

Kai attempts to kick Xuan and snatch away her number blocks whenever she is playing with them. Xuan will hit Kai's hands whenever they approach her favourite blocks, and will scream on the top of her voice before those mischievous hands can even reach them!

Kai then shakes his head violently in disapproval. He can't talk but he is capable of making angry noises to show his discontentment. I wonder what would happen if Kai can talk and walk! I'm pretty sure there will be big fights everyday!

Kai is learning to walk now. He babbles and salivates a lot. His clothes is always wet with his saliva and needs to be changed every now and then. He likes to play peek-a-boo and laughs heartily whenever we spring out from somewhere to surprise him!

Xuan is a very conversational big kid now. Her pool of vocabulary has certainly grown without my knowledge. She is saying things like "I am so excited about it!", "I can't wait for it!", "Thanks for reminding me...", "It's ok, I will wait for you!", "We are now travelling on ...", "me either!", ...

Her sentences have become so adult-like, and I'm surprised that they are all used in the right context!
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