Monday, August 27, 2007

Innocent kids

Now every morning, I take a private bus from home right to the doorstep of my workplace at Changi South. It is a convenient ride.

There is this plump Malay woman who also takes the same bus. She has three kids, age 2, 4 and 5. Every morning, without fail, the three kids and the maid will send the plumb Mummy off, waving enthusiastically at the mummy while she boards the bus and until the bus zooms out of sight.

Today, I saw the plump mummy and her three kids again, as usual. They were a bit late. The bus was waiting. Then I saw the three kids emerging from the HDB void deck, running towards the pavement, to where they usually stood to wave at their mummy. When they reached the spot, they started waving happily at the bus. But the poor mummy was still running behind them, catching her breath. Now then I realised the kids have been waving at the bus all along, not their mummy :-(
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Monday, August 13, 2007

Babysitting hazards

The idea of babysitting Kai freaks everyone out! Looking after Kai is one big challenging and extremely tiring task. He is learning to walk now, so we have to handhold him where ever he goes. We have to monitor his every single step very closely.

Kai is terribly active, forever reaching out to grab hold of things and smashing them, eagerly running after the balls and kicking them... Running with this energetic chap is no kid! A lot of standing up and sitting down, bending forward and backward. I don't have to go to the gym, babysitting Kai is already a complete workout for me. No wonder I can slim down so fast (everywhere except my tummy), maybe Kai should help me exercise my sit-ups. HA!

The only time of relief for me is when he naps. So whenever possible, I will try to drag his nap time longer. In a way, it helps to save my little back.

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