Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Naughty Kai

Kai has two hair-whorls on his head. According to Chinese beliefs, a kid with two hair-whorls is very very naughty. I can’t agree better. Whenever Kai can’t get what he wants, he’d put up a fight and struggle. He’d throw his head backwards until his upper torso is bent more than 90 degrees backwards and his head nearly touching his heels. Imagine a China kid doing acrobatics! That’s exactly what Kai will do when he protests. When he was younger, we all thought he was supposed to have a milder temperament. He smiled at everybody and we thought he was good in PR and is going to be a successful person with high EQ in future. Well, none of his parents had this trait, so they had hope it in the kids. Ha ha! Anyway, his character changes as he grows. We can only hope for the better.
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So many things had happened, I just didn’t have the time to write.

First I hit my car against a pickup, then few days later, Tm hit the same car again against another pickup. Well, the car suffered some minor injuries. We still don’t have time to send it for repair. Will just leave it as it is, a bit ugly but alright lah, there are more important things in life!

Back to the kids: Xuan fall ill – down with fever, running nose and cough. But she recovered pretty fast. I asked her not to go close to Kai, which I know doesn’t help. If one gets it, the other one will also get it. So few days later, Kai fall sick with the same flu, but his cough is bad, and his recovery was much slower. He was very clingy, so I was dead tired. He threw out all his milk on each cough. It was very messy and he has thinned down quite a bit.

I wondered where Xuan caught the culprit virus from, as it was towards the end of the one-week semester break that she fall ill.

So I asked her, and she replied, "I got the virus from Ye Ye!"

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Yes! Because YeYe every time coughs." She argued.

The cute thing about Xuan is that she will not hide things or keep any secrets. The only time when she helps you keep a secret is when she completely forgets about it. Otherwise when an incident strikes her and she remembers, she’d pour it all out!

The other day she told me, with demonstrations, "Mummy, that time PoPo was here looking after Jun Kai ah (action: kneeling on bed), then her knees pain pain and blood come out. Then the bed also got blood and Po Po quickly take a cloth and wipe it."

I don’t remember my mom telling me about it. So I asked, "How did Po Po get the blood?"

"I don’t know, I think Jun Kai is naughty!"
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