Thursday, November 29, 2007

Evil tonsillitis

Tm is down with tonsillitis. And he has to be quarantined! Both of us are paranoid. We won't let the virus a chance to get close to the kids. So Tm stayed in his room whole day long and wore a mask all the time. The three of us avoided him, we maintained at least a 2m distance from him. All the things touched by him are accorded a "DANGER, KEEP CLEAR!" status and have to be cleaned before anyone can touch them. None of us wants to catch that nasty virus that makes Tm so sick. His fever shot up to 39 for more than 4 days without any sign of coming down. His throat is filled with pus that makes swallowing so difficult. Poor man, I think his worst misery is couldn't get close to the kids. He can only wave at them from a distance...

When Tm has to be quarantined, it also means I have to suffer. I am now both a Mom and a Dad. I chauffeur the kids to and from AMK before and after work. Both of them sleep with me at night. The guest room, which once was only Kai and my territory, has a new member now. Now, Xuan, Kai and myself sleep on that king-sized bed in the guest room, and I have to painstakingly strategise the sleeping position for the three of us. I ordered Xuan to sleep on one side of the bed, near the edge, with two mattresses on the floor to cushion her fall, while I sleep on the other edge, thus forming a L-shape formation. Kai sleeps within the L-formation, with a pillow separating him and Xuan, and well protected from any falls from the L-formation and the walls. Hmmm... sounds complicated, but that's it.

For the first few nights, Xuan would wake up several times in the middle of the night, asking me to sleep besides her. Sometimes, she'd also wake up to look for her favourite number 9, and telling me she wants to pee. At first I obliged and moved to sleep with her until she slept, then I crept back to the L-formation. This repeated several times in a night and I couldn't have any restful sleep. Until one day... I got fed-up and told her off.

Last night, before bedtime, I warned her again, "Please don't disturb me again tonight! Mummy is very tired and I need a good rest! You don't wake up again and ask me to sleep at your side. I need to sleep on the other side so that Jun Kai will not fell off the bed... do you understand, please help me, please...." I pleaded. A warning became a pleading. Yes... But before I can finish my sentence, she interrupted, "Ok, ok, I understand now, you no need to say anymore... don't worry mummy, I understand... it's MAGICAL!!!"

"Huh? What magical???" I was puzzled.

"I press a button..., and it will not be a naughty rui xuan anymore... Sometimes I forget to press the button, so I wake up and call mummy mummy sleep with me... now I press the button and it will be a good rui xuan. I will let you sleep tonight..."

Well, she really kept her promises. She didn't wake me up last night, only woke up to pee.

Her "magical button" really works!!!

Hee hee...
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Strange habit

Kai has a strange habit. He likes to fondle our elbow whenever we feed him milk. He seems to be deriving great solace from it. What a strange habit.
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"Double furry"

Does this makes any sense to you? Not to me either. This is apparently Xuan' favourite scolding words. It is as good as the adult's "sh*t". It comes naturally from her when she's angry. She's terrible. I wonder where she learnt it from?
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