Monday, December 31, 2007

Nose drama

I don't think this would ever happen to a parent. And I never never expect it to happen to me. Yes, I have been very reckless, letting Kai bump his hard rock head against my nose every now and then... but I never expect it to be so serious this time.

It happened on 29 December 2007 night when I was so dead tired. Kai has been waking up in the middle of the night several times for these two weeks now. And I had a hard time trying to put him back to sleep every night. So my energy was drained and I wasn't so alert when night dawns. Kai and I were both on the bed. I was lying down closing my eyes, taking a short rest. Suddenly I felt a full force smacked right onto my face and nose. The next thing I knew was that I sprung up and sat up on the bed, clutching my nose and groaning in pain. Tears rolled down my cheeks uncontrollably. I opened my eyes and saw my whole hand streaked with blood and droplets of red were dripping uncontrollably from my nostrils! The bedsheet and my clothes were stained with blood.

Oh no! My nose is broken! I thought to myself.
Could I be disfigured from now on? Do I have to go for a nose surgery to join back the bones? Will I lose too much blood and die?
All kinds of fearful thoughts floated to me all at once.

Luckily the dad was also at home. He ordered me to lie down flat and don't move! Next, a few pieces of tissue was stucked to my nose to prevent the blood from flowing out. I lied down immediately as instructed. I can sense the blood flowing down the back of my throat instead. I had to breathe through my nose. I lay in bed that night without moving, all the way till the next morning. That night I was relinquished of all child care duties (a blessing in disguised?). The dad came to check on me every now and then to ensure the blood has stopped. It has stopped flowing out but not flowing in... well anyway, I still wake up the next morning. My nose wasn't deformed. I survived the nose drama!

I remembered the first question I asked the dad after the nose attack was "Check if Kai's head is alright."

Xuan visited my room a few times that night, and has been asking why I covered my nose.

Most accidents happened unexpectedly.
All things started with "I thought this would never happen to me."

2007 is a bad year for me.
I wish I can put an end to all the bad things that happened this year.

Tomorrow is the start of a new year.
I wish 2008 will be a good year for me and my family and everyone else...
May all sentient beings be well and happy.
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Monday, December 3, 2007

Uncivilised habit

After spending a few nights with Xuan, I observed that she also has a weirdy uncivilised habit of digging her nose before she sleeps...
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