Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy lunar new year

The lunar new year has come and go. I kept my fingers crossed all the way until New Year Eve, as I was so afraid that Xuan would fall sick again this lunar new year like the previous years.

She has some sneezing a few days before the new year... and this send her paranoid mother to search frantically on the web to see how many times should a child sneeze on average in a day without indicating that she is down with flu or cold. I found out to my amazement that a normal person can sneeze up to 13 times in a day. Phew, I was relieved as Xuan sneeze up to six times only! Nevertheless I forbid her to go to school three days before the CNY. Don’t you think I’m mad?

Anyway, this is the best lunar new year I’ve had. The reunion dinner and all the CNY visitings went on smoothly without any hiccups. Hooray! No one is sick this lunar new year!
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