Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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"Call you later, I'm busy right now..."

"Don't snatch my Thomas!"

"We are on good terms again"
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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Is life beautiful?

The kids have been down with bouts of flu every now and then. Every month, there’s bound to be one episode. I’m still trying to adapt to the anxiety when they fall sick. As parent, I couldn’t help but feel distress. I just pray that Xuan doesn’t catch the vicious HFMD that’s going around virulently.

For me, I have been experiencing pain all over my body lately. I guess it’s the age factor. The joint pain on my left knee is most worrying. I have to bear with the pain when I bend my knee while trying to sit or get up. I can’t remember spraining my knee or causing any injuries to it. I hope I’m not losing the lubricant that cushions the knee joints. But my pain is nothing compared to my grandma’s. I can’t imagine my grandma enduring a much serious joint condition for years. She has serious arthritis and couldn’t walk now. She has no appetite to eat anything lately, has been feeling nauseous. She has been going in and out of hospitals for a month now. It’s really sad to see her in this state.

Sometimes I wonder why must we go through old age, pain and illnesses in life? Is life beautiful?
It may be sometimes… but, one day we will need to let go of life no matter how beautiful.

I remember Xuan telling me the other day when I complained of my knee pain to her, and that I won’t be able to walk, just like grandma, “But you still have a long way to take care of me and Jun Kai!” I guess life will still be beautiful for a while, before it vanish...
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