Monday, June 30, 2008

His first birthday presents

These 4 Tomica vehicles are his first birthday presents. I don't remember buying him any presents on his first birthday. He was too young to know anyway. Kai likes cars, so we thought these would be the best presents for him. I didn't know there are such interesting gadgets for little boys until I found them at Kiddy Palace. We bought him some new outfits as well. The big boy buy himself a long sleeve T-shirt, exactly like the one we bought for Kai for a father-and-son lookalike. I couldn't believe he could find his size there!
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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday is a happy day but not today

Today is Sunday. Kai has went over to Xuan and pulled her hair hard. The poor girl cried and said in desperation... "Why Jun Kai always don't make my happy day complete??!!"

Kai has been a big bully of late. He likes to go up to Xuan and pull her hair by surprise. Often, few strands of hair would be pulled out each time. The other day, I saw him sneaking quietly up behind Xuan, who was in deep conversation with her number blocks. Slowly and carefully, he lifted one of his legs up to his chin and pointing it at Xuan's butt -- just nice to kick her with. He is so cheeky! I wonder what's up on his sleeve next.
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Monday, June 23, 2008

A ride on the flyer

We went on to the flyer yesterday. Of all days, why on the last day of the June holidays? I must be guilty of cooping Xuan up in the house for the whole of her school holidays. So determined was I to bring her out somewhere. She was thrilled and has been looking forward to it since I told her last week when we planned to bring her there but had to postpone due to the rain.

There were altogether seven of us - the two kids, parents-in-law, maid, husband and myself. The Singapore Flyer is simply a hardworking big wheel that never rest at work - it goes round and round from 8.30am to 10.30pm without stopping. Yes, that means the flyer is also moving when we board it. Thank god it's slow, otherwise my in-laws would have problems boarding. Each one of us needs to go through the security check point before we board the flyer. At one part of the queue, we were in some simulated capsule and were instructed to (1) step forward, (2) look up and (3) smile, without knowing what is happening. Before we knew it, we heard a click and snap, and our photo taken. We are not at all impressed - they should at least tell us that they're going to take our pictures so that we can smile and pose for the camera! But everything flashed by under half a minute - by the time they had told us to smile, the shutter has already snapped! Some of us were blocked and not even know our picture has been taken at all! It cost $29.50 each for a 30 minute ride on a 360 degree rotation in a capsule attached to one giant wheel called the Singapore Flyer. We went for the sake of the experience. Don't think I'd go back again as I don't think it is worth the money to sit in an empty capsule for a not-so-great scenery.

The two kids were thrilled nevertheless. Xuan was very happy and put up various poses for the camera on board the flyer. Kai went stomping around the capsule and screaming "WEEEEE..." while in it! Don't fall for his trick, he's too exaggerated!

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mad house and mad woman

I had prayed very hard that I would not have a son like my uncle's when my mom told me that his is very hyper, always prancing around like a monkey, jumping, climbing, running, and best of all - without any sign of fatigue!

As expected, the more I fear, the more it would happen to me. I have a son now who behaves exactly like my uncle's! This boy who is turning two in 6 day's time, is always full of energy. He is always running, climbing and jumping... worse still - diving!

He has dived from the bed at night and landed on the cold hard floor once when he was under 1. I believed he had wanted to throw himself towards me while I was in deep sleep, but have missed and landed on the floor instead! Poor child! I only woke up to the bang after he landed. Luckily he didn't cry too much, but I was scared stiff! Two nights ago, he rolled down from the bed again. But his time, I have put a mattress on the floor, so he wasn't hurt.

In the day, he will dance to the songs and music on TV, hops and jumps around the house, squeezes himself into little corners, pushes away the sofa (yes, he has the strength) and hides behind it or screams and runs after Xuan!

The home is like a mad house and I am behaving like a mad woman - screaming my lungs out the whole day -- to get them to S.T.O.P.
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Family photo

This is one of the photos produced by Seletar Broadway at our last family photoshoot. Wasn't very pleased with the effect :-(
Kai is struggling, sad to say all the photos are taken with this effect.
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Xuan's Chinese

Xuan's Chinese is very "terok" (if that is word for miserably bad). She's already in K1 and doesn't even know simple chinese characters. I taught her 人、头、口、日、月、上、下、大、小,and recently added 高、山、白、云、我、你、他、们、有、的、很、家、手,...but she forgets them very easily. I write "日" and she scratches her head... then says it looks like a window.

Blame it on me. I didn't train her from young. Now I'm struggling to teach her. She's also doesn't understand simple Mandarin, not to mention the ability to speak comprehensibly...

Five months ago when I asked her"你几岁?" She replied "好!" She thought I have asked her "你好吗?". Well, at least now she understands this simple question. Is this some kind of consolation for me...? Hiya. 惨了!

I think I'm in deep trouble now. I wonder how she's going to make it to primary one? Cham liao!
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Monday, June 16, 2008

个= umbrella

Xuan was pointing the Chinese character "个" to Kai and desperately teaching him by repeating the word, "个", "个", "个"...

Kai looked at it and said "umbrella!"

Good imagination huh?!?
(well, of course he pronounced umbrella as "lueluelue.....LA"
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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Office prayer

I left my previous department because the boss then did not behave too much like a human. Now I heard from my colleagues who are still there said the boss don't allow them to talk to one another. I just need to dig out some stuff to cheer them up. Here it is... enjoy!

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Singapore flyer

I'm thinking of bringing the kids to the Singapore Flyer. Went into it's website but was put off by this irritating popup promotion advertisement on 10% off Signature Cocktail Flight. There's no way I can close it without having to click on "more info" and going deeper into it . Oh dear, I think they're going to lose more customers than earning more!
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Friday, June 6, 2008

Germaphobe parents

I'm a germaphobe, thanks to the kids' dad. I'm one of those people whom you'd call nuts when you see them use tissue paper to press the lifts, wipe plates and cutleries in foodcourt before using them, quickly sneak up behind the person who opens the toilet door so that they don't have to manage the knob, never sit on public's toilet (don't ask me how they use it), became edgy when someone knead their babies' chubby cheeks and always carry a hand sanitiser in their diapers' bag.

I'm sure there are people like me. Please tell me you are one of them... :P
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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Girl, you want to be a model?

My husband has been bugging me to go for a family photoshoot lately. He suggested that we go to the one his family used to patronise - Seletar Broadway Studio. I hesitated when he mentioned the name. I was expecting some kind of modern, fun-filled poses in the family portrait until he said Seletar Broadway.

The family portrait in my parents-in-law's living room immediately flashed in my head. The stiff and old-fashioned poses of the 70's came vividly to my mind. I saw how the parents were seated on the gothic armchair and instructed to hold hands, while the children all stand in a row behind the old couple. I refused to imagine the four of us doing the same.

However in the end, I had to agree to his suggestion, as Seletar Broadway's package fitted our budget. I asked my husband to negotiate with the boss for better terms, before booking an appointment. So he asked the boss if he can throw in some makeover and outfits like what other professional studios do, for the photo session. NO, was the boss reply. "老兄, 你自己没有衣服meh?"

Anyway, the photoshoot went well last week. I refused to use the gothic armchair, so they used a sofa armchair instead. I insisted on a brighter backdrop and they obligued. Kai didn't create too much havoc during the session. I was expecting him to pull Xuan's hair when she stood near him, but he didn't. He was distracted by all the "click-clocks" from the clogs, which the photographer used as he called out "弟弟,看这里!!!" Xuan also had a fun time posing for the camera, although they were just sit or stand poses. She was so friendly with the two photographers until they asked her at the end of the photoshoot, "Girl, 你要做model 吗?"
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Is TV really bad for the kids?

Sometimes I'm not sure if TV is really bad for the kids. Xuan grew up watching Hi5, Fun Song Factory, Thomas, Teletubby, Mickeymouse Clubhouse, Harry and the Bucket full of Dinosaurs, Make way for Noddy,...she remembers the episodes, the dialog, the acting, the gestures, the expressions, the dance and steps... And best of all, she learns her English from there. Many times I was surprised by the words and phrases she uses. I think she learns more from the TV than from me. So I thought TV is not that bad for kids afterall. Just need to choose the right programmes. Here are some which I feel are the good ones on Playhouse Disney channel.

Little Einsteins
Little Einsteins features four children (which include two boys and two girls) — Leo, June, Quincy, and Annie — along with their intelligent and transformable "Rocket". In each episode they embark on an adventure (or "mission") to solve some problem or help a new friend. These missions take them to far-flung locations including foreign countries and "extreme" environments such as Antarctica, underwater, or outer space. The show was designed to teach art and music appreciation by integrating famous or culturally significant art works and classical music into the scenery, plot, and soundtrack of each episode.

Mickeymouse clubhouse
Mickeymouse clubhouse is one of Kai's favourite. This show which stars Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy and Pluto focuses on interacting with the kids to stimulate problem solving. Each episode will aim to "solve a specific age-appropriate problem utilizing basic skills, such as identifying shapes and counting through ten." Mickey and friends also get aid from a computerized flying machine named Tootles, who brings "Mouse-ka-tools" to them, where one of the tools is a "Mystery Mouse-ka-tool", which Mickey and friends will prompt the kids to guess what the surprise tool is.

Hi-5 is a children's television program, based on the original Australian TV show. The show was so popular in Australia that an American group assembled to form its very own Hi-5. The band comprises 5 cast members who perform to preschoolers. Their shows are made into DVDs and aired on Playhouse Disney channel. Each show has its specific theme like Senses, animals, machines, adventure, and wonderful songs and dance.

This one is cute! Pocoyo is a fantastic pre-school animated cartoon series about a young boy who dresses in blue and who is full of curiosity, loves to play games and discover new things. Kids are encouraged to recognise situations that Pocoyo is in, and things that are going on with or around him. Pocoyo's world is set in a 3D space, with a plain white background and has no backdrops. Pato, Elly, Loula and Sleepy Bird are his friends! The show teaches good morals like sharing things with friends, say sorry when you are wrong, etc. Each character has its own distinctive dance, and most episodes end with the characters dancing.

Danny & Daddy
This is my "best-est" show of all. Danny & Daddy is an interactive animation series in which Danny, a boy with a lot of imagination draws pictures starting from very simple drawings, and gradually creating what will be its final form, and Daddy and audience must guess what he is drawing. Each episode is a single picture full of ingenious creativity that stimulate the imagination of children. Xuan learns all her beautiful drawings from there!
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Monday, June 2, 2008

See-saw on my legs

I was rocking Kai up and down on my legs when Xuan came jealously to me and said she also wanted the "see-saw". I said she's too heavy for my legs but obligued anyway. On the sixth count, I gave up and said "Ok, I have to stop now. You are too heavy for me."

"Alright. Six is my favourite number!"

And I smiled.

Next, she whispered into my ears, "Mummy, actually 6 is not my favourite number. I said it's my favourite number because I know you are tired and I let you stop and rest. Actually my favourite number is 9. But I know you are tired..."

She's so lovely.
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Old wives treatment for salivating

Kai is coming to two this June. Yet, he's still salivating. His clothes are always wet. There's this myth from the seniors that when you use a table cloth in your mum's kitchen to wipe off his saliva, he'd stop drooling forever. I'm contemplating of trying this out. Hee...
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