Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Xuan's "little sprouts of wisdom"

Parachute Vs Hot air balloon
One day, Xuan's Dad pointed to the hot air balloon on TV and exclaimed "Look at the parachute!" (erhem, it's embarrassing, I know)

Xuan corrected, "No Daddy, that's not a parachute, it's a hot air ballon!!!"
Daddy pondered for a while...

"You see, the hot air balloon goes up, the parachute comes down one, u know??!!" Xuan explained.

Next she asserted, "Sometimes my daddy and mummy don't know things!!!"

I was speechless. It was certainly embarrassing for the Dad, but how did I get dragged into the picture???!!!

Slow Lorry
I was driving Xuan home from school and there was this terribly slow-moving lorry in front of us. I couldn't help but kept "cursing" - "This lorry is SOOO SLOW!!!" Guess what Xuan said?

"Mummy, you don't scold the lorry, the lorry don't know anything, you must scold the driver!!!"

To be continued... when more little wisdom sprouts :-)
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Monday, August 11, 2008

Bits and pieces from Xuan

Rain rain go away
It was raining so I sang to Kai "Rain rain go away, come again another day..." Xuan heard it and said,"Mummy, you see, you always sing come again another day, that's why it rain now. You must sing don't come again forever..."

Trying to teach
The title of her goodnight story was "The beautiful mysterious box", so she asked,"Do you know what is mysterious?" I just kept quiet and she continued,"it means nobody knows what is inside..."

Xuan said to her Dad on a Sunday night,"Why Pak-Pak has to work until so late on Sunday?... You are very lucky Daddy, you don't have to work on Sunday, and I am very lucky too! I don't have to go to school on Sunday!!!"

Tired tune
I was humming a gloomy tune when Xuan was having her porridge. And she reacted immediately, "Mummy your song makes me tired you know, wait I can't finish my porridge, wasted you know!!!"

Don't say "you see"
Kaka (calling the maid) you don't say "you see" - that makes me very silly, you know!!!
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Monday, August 4, 2008

The infamous rocker

This rocker forms a significant part of Xuan and Kai's sleep. It gives them the comfort, puts them to sleep but tires me out. It started out with Xuan, who has sleep problem from birth until three years old. The rocker works like a magic each time she's grouchy and couldn't fall asleep. But it needed great strength, patience and endurance to rock her, which could last for as long as 30 minutes before she fall into deep sleep.

The rocking ritual consist of Xuan in the rocker and me carrying the rocker in my arms standing and swaying the big clumsy thing from left to right and right to left. The most frustrating part is that if you stop half way while she is in the non-REM sleep, she'd kick a big fuss and the whole rocking process will start all over again.

This ritual became history after I expected Kai. I tell myself that history will not repeat itself again. I almost wanted to throw away the rocker so that I would not have to suffer the pain, but thought it would be such as waste, so I retained it, just in case it might be put to some other use... But... soon after Kai was borned, the same ritual revived! It was just too tempting to use it to soothe him to sleep.

Kai is two and I'm still using it, what a big failure am I!
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Saturday, August 2, 2008

A new phase of life

I've finally ditched "the ugly corporate jacket and unearthly court shoes" (yah, as if I wear those to work)... yesterday was my last working day, I've denounced the corporate world and now entering a new phase of life. I'm going to be a SAHM (Stay at home mom), not tai-tai unfortunately. I'm actually excited about it... my in-laws are even more excited. Yesterday, I received a call in the office from FIL asking if they can go on a cruise from 31st Aug to 4th Sep. This was the first time I gave the most affirmative answer, "YES, go head... I'm not working anymore".

I will be looking after the two kids and have all my plans laid out. I've planned for Monday, Wednesday and Friday to be family days, while Tuesday and Thursday my freelancing or relaxing days. I won't be out of job so abruptly, I will still be contributing a lil' to family income, through indexing and other freelance work. I'm glad my expertise is pretty marketable as I've got a few persons asking me to do freelance work for them. I believed it's worth turning down the headhunted job offer a year ago and heading to indexing, which has provided me the opportunity to do freelance in my free time. Most importantly it has given me the chance to spend more time with my kids.

Yesterday I told Xuan about my new plans. I told her I'd be ferrying her to school everyday and I could immediately see the beaming smile on her face. Then she started to query...

Xuan: "Are you going to promise you will come and fetch me at 12 every day, just like Daddy?"

Me: "Yes I promise"

Xuan: "Are you going to buy apple juice for me everyday just like Daddy when he comes to fetch me from school?"

Me: "Err... ok, on some days I will buy for you, not everyday... because on some days I will bring Jun Kai along, so I can't go and buy"

Xuan: " OK, but you must remember this, if it's a dirty auntie, you don't buy for me, only when it's a clean auntie then you can buy (OMG, I bet this must be from his daddy!)... but sometimes, if you don't have time, it's ok"
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