Monday, September 22, 2008

My first day as a parent volunteer

Just came back from *** ***** Primary School (asterisks to protect sch repuation). The school next to my block. We have finally decided to let Xuan get into this school, which is the most convenient, and reputation-wise..., not too bad, at least it is the most popular in Sengkang.

We were finally enrolled into their parent volunteer scheme! We were so eagerly looking forward to their confirmation letter everyday in the mailbox... until I received an sms from the school, informing me to start the volunteer today. I was supposed to mind the children who stayed back after school as their working parents were not able to fetch them. This is what they call the "Before and After School Care" (BASC). The experience was ... BAD! I had just finished the 2 hours of blood-vomiting session with the children. I'm not sure if I should really enrol Xuan in this school afterall! The 2 hours of volunteering in the BASC has changed my whole impression of the school.

There were 4 boys and a girl, all Primary Four pupils, in the BASC programme. They were too much a handful. The teacher has already warned me before the session to set the tone right, otherwise they'd climb over my head. Indeed they did! The boys were rowdy. They couldn't sit still. They rolled on the floor, climb onto tables and chairs that were stacked high up, screamed, jumped, slid, skid and shouted... one of them never stop spitting obscene vulgarities out of his mouth. I really feel like giving him a taste of my fist! My blood pressure must have shot up during these 2 hours. Those horrifying days when I first taught in Elias Primary floated to my head. I remembered how I gave up after teaching for three days. Now I feel the same. I thought I should just stop and tell the teacher I give up being a volunteer and also the chance to get into phase 2B for my daughter... I really have that urge!

Are they the worst of the pupils in the school? They are only in P4, so what about those older ones? Wouldn't they be more out of hand? Is this the result of the lack of parental guidance at home?
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kai's protesting act

He knows nothing about pain. Whenever he wants to protest, he'd do a quick high jump and land his bum on the cold hard floor. I don't think his diaper is thick enough to cushion his buttock. I was so worried he might break his own backside! The cool thing is before he does that, he'd shout "JUMP!" Not only did he not shed a tear, he will get up and repeat the same protest again!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Xuan's behaviour

Oh dear, I find myself searching the web for all kinds of info on 5-year old's behaviour and discipline lately. Xuan has a bad temper and is getting more and more stubborn and argumentative. She gets worked up and frustrated very easily... refuses to apologise when she is wrong, instead demands the other party to say sorry! I hope I find a way to deal with her behaviour problems soon... :(
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Saturday, September 6, 2008

I want to win

I wonder how Singaporean's Kiasuism got to her. She developed this kiasu mentality lately... everything she does, she wants to win... she doesn't want to lose.

Every time, she'd be the first to dash out of the door and hurried to the lift in order to be the first to reach the lift. Then she'd happily accord a winning status to herself.

Recently her classmates gave her a pack of those colourful sticks for the "pick sticks" game. Remember the childhood game, when each of us takes turn to hold the bunch of sticks in one hand before letting go and then picking them up one by one without moving the other sticks? The one who picks the most sticks will be the winner. Xuan wanted me to play with her and that is when I learnt of her kiasu behaviour. When it came to Xuan's turn, she would hold the sticks high up in the air and smacked them hard on the floor so that the sticks would scatter far apart and makes it easy for her to pick. If I happen to pick more sticks than her, she'd turn sulky, "You cannot win! I want to win!" While having the aspiration to win is positive, but going too extreme and having the fear of losing is called "kiasu"... That is the last I want to see in Xuan.

Are all five-year olds like that?
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Friday, September 5, 2008

Daily chants

Both Xuan and I have our daily chants. I nag the same old thing before she goes to school every morning and she chants the same old note before i go to bed every night.

Mine goes:
Remember to stay away from people who cough and sneeze!
Don't put your fingers in your mouth.
Don't touch your nose and eyes. Remember har!

I didn't realise this routine nagging has an effect on her until yesterday when we were in the lift of Gleneagles Hospital. A boy coughed. Xuan opened her eyes wide in dismay! Next she let out an "Oh NO! The boy coughed!" and quickily turned her back around, away from the boy. OMG! So embarrassing!

Hers goes:
Good night mummy!
Sweet dreams. I love you.
I love you so much.
Have a nice dream.
Have a nice sleep.
Promise to dream a dream.
What you dream today?
Ok, see you tomorrow morning!
I miss you!

This has become so routine that she chants without any emotion... :-(
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Kai's MMR vaccination

Kai was down with fever for the past two days. We suspect it was due to the MMR vaccination he went for last week. We brought him to the doctor again yesterday as the fever shot up to 39.0 in the night. Dr Ngiam confirmed that it was a throat infection and not due to the jab. He said the fever from the jab will not be so high. Anyway, it was a relieve that his temperature came down today. But the ear thermoter was irritating, sometimes it shows 37.9 and 37.0 next... it was simply confusing. The temperature seems to vary widely depending on how you place the thermometer in the ears. Anyway, anything not exceeding 37.9 should be quite safe.

Some information on the MMR vaccinations:

Another one about how vaccinations work:
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