Friday, October 31, 2008

BPA in milk bottles

As if the melamine contamination in Chinese diary products is not enough, parents now have the BPA in bottles to worry about.

"Polycarbonate (PC) is a lightweight, tough, heat resistant and high performance plastic. It is widely used in food-contact applications such as food storage containers, kitchen appliances and baby milk bottles. PC is produced by the polymerisation of bisphenol A (BPA) and phosgene monomers. It is possible that free BPA monomers could migrate from the PC material during contact with food."

There was news that Canada prepares to take the precautionary measure of banning bottles which contain the chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) used in food packaging. There were concerns that BPA may cause abnormal development in babies.

The relieve is that AVA has given the all-clear to polycarbonate baby milk bottles in Singapore, saying they are safe for use. However they advised parents to change the milk bottles every four to six months.

This ignorant mother has been using the same milk bottles since Xuan's birth till now and using them on Kai. How terrible right?!? To make things more complicated, she has been practising sterilising the bottles by boiling them after every feeds, still thinking they are the cleanest and safest bottles to drink from!!! Wouldn't this boiling make the BPA emit from the bottles at an even faster rate??? OMG, how can she?!!!
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bonding time?

The other day, I saw a girl - same age as Xuan, carrying her little sister - same age as Kai, and thought how close the two siblings were. Xuan and Kai never have such bonding.

So, at home, I asked Xuan to carry Kai, and she did, but this is what she said, "Quick mummy! This thing is heavy!!!"

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Monday, October 20, 2008

The two-year old's vocabulary


See how watching VCDs can do wonders... haha

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Friday, October 17, 2008




女佣平时没做什么家务,主要是帮祖母按摩,还有午觉睡,傍晚六点就 “收工” 。起初来的时候,妈还买丰富早餐给她吃。有一天,妈给祖母买猪肠粉当早餐,自己则吃饼干,也给女佣饼干。女佣吃一两片就不吃了,埋怨道 “为什么我不跟祖母吃一样的东西?”

有一次,祖母发现餐桌很脏,便吩咐女佣抹一抹,谁知她竟说“我还没吃,怎么抹??” 祖母当时也还没吃呢!

另一晚,祖母起床上厕所三次,都叫女佣帮她,女佣就不爽,给脸色 - 祖母吃药时间到了也不拿药给她,等到祖母在几个小时后提起,她才把药拿给她。



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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kai sleep problems

Never expect Kai to have sleep problems like Xuan, when she was younger. He is already two plus but still doesn't sleep soundly through the nights. He co-sleep with me in the guest room.

This is our nightly routine:

10.45 pm Power on the TV in the bedroom, off the lights, sing lullaby and rock Kai to sleep. (PS: He needs some soft noise in the room, other than my voice.)

12.30 am Kai tosses in bed, search for my elbow, and my arms turned into his bolster (tried giving him the real bolster but he doesn't like!)

12.40 am Something's not right. Kai still couldn't find a comfortable position. The artificial bolster is not comfy... too skinny. Toss and turn again...

12.55 am All attempts to find a comfortable sleep position fail, Kai started to make noise.

1.00 am Quickly put Kai in his rocker and start rocking him before he makes too much noise and disturb his dad and sis in the other room.

1.30 am Kai finally rocked to ZZZ land again.

2.30 am Kai tosses again... repeats above steps all over!

4.30 am Kai tosses yet again! Repeat above steps all over!!

5.00 am Kai finally sleeps!

[in worst case scenario, he'd wake up from 4 am to 6am, repeating the above steps (tossing - rocking - carrying - rocking - carrying - tossing) at least 6-7 times altogether!!! It's simply exhausting...]

7.00 am Kai wakes up and smiles at me. I look angrily at him. This poor mummy is highly deprived of a good night sleep!

Well, somehow I read from the WWW that this inability for children to sleep through the night (defined as 7-9 hours of continuous sleep) until they reach 3-4 years of age, is perfectly normal!
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Anger management for Xuan?

I've always knew how anger can make a person lose his cool. Xuan has testified that statement every now and then. But today is the worst I've seen in her. I really don't know what got into her. She became angry with me suddenly... I'm still trying hard to recall what did I do wrong?

All I did was to ask her to go and bath after reaching mama house. Then I saw her still loitering around the house before I nagged again. Finally she obliged but went into the bathroom reluctantly. Then I heard her screaming at me from the bathroom. I went to check and demanded "Why are you so angry? What are you trying to do? ... Remember what you said in the car just now, you said you are going to eat the porridge yourself... such good girl... and now you are behaving so differently!" This statement must have hit on a raw nerve.

She finished her bath, walked past me, pointed a finger at me and screamed "You slubberfurry!!!" BTW, I had no idea what that means. All I knew was - it's some kiddy scolding words - perhaps equivalent to the adult's cursing? Before I knew it, she started to spit at me (at a distance). I was so angry and started chiding her. Demanded where she learnt that from, etc etc... Finally she broke down and cried. Before I leave the house, she asked for my forgiveness.

According to Jerry Deffenbacher, PhD, a psychologist who specializes in anger management, some people really are more "hotheaded" than others are; they get angry more easily and more intensely than the average person does. There are also those who don't show their anger in loud spectacular ways but are chronically irritable and grumpy. Easily angered people don't always curse and throw things; sometimes they withdraw socially, sulk, or get physically ill.

People who are easily angered generally have what some psychologists call a low tolerance for frustration, meaning simply that they feel that they should not have to be subjected to frustration, inconvenience, or annoyance. They can't take things in stride, and they're particularly infuriated if the situation seems somehow unjust: for example, being corrected for a minor mistake.

I have long came to terms that Xuan is a hotheaded girl. But her temper is getting from bad to worst. She gets agitated easily and like what the psychologist said - is chronically irritable and grumpy. She gets upset when she's being corrected for minor mistakes. The only comfort is that she appeared remorseful after she has hit the roof.

Today, I've finally awaken to the reality that I must read about anger management for kids... Or should I be talking to a child psychologist?
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Infection control

This infection control at home is driving me crazy... it's absolutely soul-draining. Xuan has been infected with flu from her school and has been coughing since mid-September. We decided to practice strict infection control from the very first day of her sneezing and coughing episode, so that Kai will not catch the same hateful virus.

This is what we do:
1. Everybody in the house is instructed to keep Kai a distance away from Xuan - a minimum distance which any cough or flu virus will not be able to reach (which I found from the Net to be at least 1 metre apart). But being more kiasu, I decided we keep them at least 3 metres apart - that means they are not able to stay together in the same room at the same time.

2. Xuan is told not to play or touch Kai's toys.

3. Kai has to wash his hands whenever he lays hands on Xuan's toys accidentally.

4. All toys in the house has to be cleaned before giving to Kai.

5. Kai is not supposed to go to Xuan's previous activity spot, until after 30 minutes when hopefully the virus-laden droplets has already settled down.

6. Whoever has handled Xuan will have to wash their hands thoroughly and change their clothes whenever they switch to handle Kai.

The list goes on... This infection control has worked well thus far - Kai is protected from the cough (*fingers crossed*). But the two siblings have drifted apart since Xuan's cough started. I have to constantly "shoo" Xuan away from Kai whenever she gets near. Sometimes, when she doesn't listen, I'd get worked up and screamed at her. Many times she complained that I have hurt her feelings. It was miserable and I felt sorry for Xuan. I may have observed all infection control practices to protect Kai but have neglected the most basic humane motherly instinct to look after the sick child. Sometimes, I have secretly wished that Kai get the virus soon (if sooner or later he has to get it!) so that the family can operate normally again. Atlas! How long do I have to bear with this predicament?
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