Friday, February 27, 2009

Flashback: Interesting encounters

Then... 6 Apr 2006
Xuan... 3y 2m old

One day, Xuan went to her toy box to retrieve her book but the book was too heavy for her. She called out “Help me… help me…”

I was busy and could not attend to her. So she continued, “nobody help me. WHY? Why nobody help me?”

So cute and funny!

On another occasion when the maid was still around. Maid wanted to carry her but may have pulled her clothes instead, so Xuan said, “Don’t pull my clothes! You must carry me, not pull my clothes, wait my clothes spoilt…”

There’s another day when I called her “Darling, come here”, she replied saying “Darling busy ah…”

She is very adorable. But sometimes she is just so mischievous. She would repeat every single word that I used to warn her and tried to be funny. She is very chatty and fun. Sometimes she would simply ask questions repeatedly or pass some innocent remarks and construct sentences that amaze you! She is a good companion!

(Note: This is the last post in the flashback series. Thanks for bearing with me.)
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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flashback: Long leave

Then... 5 Apr 2006
Xuan... 3y 2m old

I will be going back to work next Monday. Have been on long leave for three weeks now. The third maid has been sacked. We are waiting for the fourth to come. Maids are big headache. It is hard to find a good one. After the first one went back after her two years contract, we have been changing maids one after another. The second one was too slow and could not communicate with my mother-in-law. The third one was weird - smiled and talked to herself, wanted us to call her ibu (meaning mother – kind of respect for her), and kept calling Xuan "nani"... do not know what that means tho. Anyway, I had a kind of funny feeling with her around and do not feel safe. Moreover she has an evil look - the photo given by the agent was deceiving. So instead of waiting for a new maid to come and then sending her back to the agent, I decided that we sent her off and I take leave to look after Xuan myself.

Time with Xuan at home has been busy but fun! She’s quite independent now. I can leave her at the computer and she will play and navigate the Sesame Street website by herself. I was amazed! She actually saw me clicking a few times in the beginning and later after calling me to help her but to no avail, she did it herself. I would always be in the kitchen cooking her porridge, and she would always keep shouting for mummy to help her navigate to the next game on Sesame Street. I would shout back from the kitchen asking her to wait. After a while, she didn’t bother to shout for me anymore. She did it herself! She knew the explorer icon is to surf the net. She knows how to operate the VCD, put in and eject disc, play and stop movies. It saves me lots of trouble having to move to and fro changing discs for her – especially with a big tummy!

Last Saturday (1 April), we went to the SAF Yacht Club. Stayed one night there and I must say she enjoyed playing the big swing and the slide.

Now she dares to walk into the lift, get up and down the car without anyone helping her. She has been forced to do this under such circumstances when her mummy cannot carry her anymore. She is such as darling. I have also been giving her lots of porridge, now she eats more then what she used to. I’m very happy!

Her daddy has also gone for a three-weeks in-camp reservist. Now it is home alone for me and Xuan. Some days, I would bring her to ma-ma house in order to relieve myself. Overall, the three-weeks leave has been worth it. But there is no news of the maid yet and I have to go back to work on Monday. All my leave has almost been taken up! I hope ma-ma is able to handle her alone.
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Flashback: Happy Birthday!

Then... 29 Jan 2006
Xuan... 3y old
"Happy Birthday to you; happy birthday to you..." That was the song sung by both of us to our precious daughter. It was a quiet birthday celebration - just a Disney princess ice-cream birthday cake from Swensen, three candles and a birthday present from me.

After the song, Xuan was asked to blow her three little candles but she refused. She asked me to blow for her. Alas, she still can't blow candles! Anyway she was happy to receive the little present.

Xuan's BD celebrations have always been very simple. We have never held any big celebrations for her.
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Flashback: Tumbletots days

Then... 14 Jan 2006
Xuan... 2y 11m old

Now, Xuan goes to Tumble Tots every Sunday, starting last Sunday. She seems Ok with the environment, cos' we stayed with her throughout the 1.5 hrs session. It was mainly play, with some songs, art and craft and storytelling. She was very bad in physical play despite the fact that she was the oldest among the kids. She doesn't know how to jump. Dare not crawl across the tunnel, dare not do summersault (aided). When the teacher encouraged her to do so, she fiercely replied "NO"! Even the teacher is scared of her. Other than that, she seemed to enjoy herself.

But the timing is not good. It started at 5.15pm. So every Sunday, we need to rush through her dinner before sending her to Tumble Tots­ and she'd always end up with little porridge or no porridge at all :(

Xuan only attended a few months of tumble tots. It was more to expose her to physical activities and socialisation. But she cried and did not like it in the end :(
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Monday, February 23, 2009

Photo meme

Frankly speaking, I have no idea what this meme is all about until I was tagged by Angeline on this. It can be quite contagious if no one breaks the chain *laugh*

The rules are:
1. Go to your Picture Folder on your computer or wherever you store your pictures.
2. Go to the 6th Folder and then pick the 6th Picture.
3. Post it on your blog and tell the story that goes with the picture.
4. Tag 5 other glorious people to do the same thing and leave a comment on their blog telling them about it.

So, for the fun of it, here is my sixth picture in my sixth folder:

Xuan's first birthday in ma-ma house. She's getting sleepy. Struggling to open her eyes to look at the birthday cake *laugh* Notice her favourite playtoys - "goun goun" on the birthday cake and her "best friend" - mitten in my hand? Those were the days!

Well, anyway here are the 5 mommies I tag:

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Flashback: Birthday coming

Then... 7 Jan 2006
Xuan... 2y 11m old

I missed writing my Journal for a few months. I guessed I was busy and there were more important things to take care of. I was expecting. Since October. Xuan has been psycho-ed that mummy is expecting a di-di. Everybody is hoping that it will be a boy this time round. I'm also pressured with such expectations.

Xuan's Birthday is approaching. It coincide with the first day of Chinese New Year this year. She was too young to know what she wanted for her Birthday. When I asked her, she said she wanted "presents". Last time when I asked her what Birthday cake she wanted for her birthday, she replied "bolster cake" with "strawberry flavour".

Now: Actually now she likes chocolate cake, just like me.
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Flashback: Her bedtime ritual

Then...11 Aug 2005
Xuan... 2y 6m old

Xuan has outgrown her bottle and silicone nipple. Now she is using bottle with straw... that means she can't go into sleep using the "basket" anymore. Now she goes to bed after finishing a bottle of milk. I'm glad she can sleep without the basket now. It is another milestone to me!

Nowadays her bedtime ritual goes like this...
After a bottle of milk with straw, she'd go to the bedroom and lie on the bed. After a session of tossing, singing, talking by herself, she'd wriggle down the bed, sit on daddy's mattress and ask him to bring out the weighing machine that is placed in front of the bed.

First, she'd stand on it to weigh herself. "xuan xuan ten K-G", she said. Then pointing to daddy, "Daddy, u stand... see how heavy" (daddy stands on the weighing machine) "Daddy is sixty-four!"

After she is satisfied, and would proceed to the next item on the routine agenda - the purse and coins. "Give me the coins!" she demanded. Happily, she'd sit on daddy's mattress and lay out the coins nicely in a row.

After the weighing machine and coins ritual, she'd stand up and walk out of the bedroom insisting that the daddy go with her. When she saw that the lights are off in the living room, she'd finally accept that it is time to sleep.

Again she'd toss in the bed..., but this time, she'd sleep.
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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Flashback: It stinks!

Then... 10 Aug 2005
Xuan... 2y 6m old

"Mummy, can u read this - The magic porridge pot, ... so nice". Then she took out another story book and said, "I read the Emperor's new clothes".

Now (as I am typing this), she is standing besides me with eyes wide open, staring at me. I told her yesterday that I was checking my email, so now whenever I am in front of the computer, she will say "Mummy check email".

Slowly, her stare starts to turn guilty as she mumbles, "Mummy say cannot poo-poo pampers". For a second, I knew the stool has already took shape inside her pampers.... to be cont'd later...

Alas, cleaning her stool is such a pain! They stink!... I must have given her such good food that she shits almost everyday with such terrible odour. Xuan is old enough to be toilet trained, yet she is not. All kids around her age are toilet trained, or at least giving it a try. Xuan isn't. She resisted and refused to sit her butt on a potty! However I always console myself that "she'd do it sooner or later, it's just a matter of time", she can't possibly grew up wearing pampers always :)
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Friday, February 20, 2009

Flashback: Home alone with Xuan

Then... 10 Aug 2005
Xuan... 2y 6m old

The maid has gone back to her hometown for a week. So I took a one-week leave to be the temp maid and at the same time a babysitter. It was a tiring - both housework and taking care of Xuan.

Before I took leave, I surveyed on all possible story-telling sessions @ the library, and activities for kids... I even compiled them into a list - ALL READY & PREPARED! I thought I would spend the one week meaningfully, bringing Xuan to talks and activities to enrich herself. WHO KNOWS! I never expect the one week to turn out this way! I never had the chance to bring Xuan out at all!

From morning to night, I'm all tied up with housework and preparing feeds for her, clearing up messes on the floor, mopping, sweeping, cleaning, washing, ironing... and finally crashed down onto my bed -- half-dead! The chores are already a big headache, but there are other creatures that add on to my miseries! One of the most irritating is the ants, they never seem to get out of my sight. They even climbed into the tins of sugar, and I had a very bad time cleaning up the mess they've created!

Xuan is taking her afternoon nap now. Good thing she does that. For a while, I can complete all the housework as quickly as I can without hearing her shouting for "Mummy" every split second. Actually I feel guilty. I have not been playing with her except during feeds when I was forced to sit down to feed her. She has been coming to the kitchen to look for me and I would always tell her "Go and play... Mummy is very busy!" *Sigh*

All because of the chores! Who knows in heaven there're so many mundane chores on earth?!?

Err... did I say I will go without maid after September this year when the last maid finishes her contract? Yes, I did. I hope I will thrive better than this.
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

I found them!!!

Guess what!??
I've found them!!!
I thought I lost all the clips and photos forever with the lost of my old HP...

You know how disorganised I was when it comes to photos, video clips, etc. etc. I have tons of them, downloaded and saved everywhere, many folders, many unintentional duplicates (cos' I forgot whether I've downloaded them before)... same photos but different file names (simply blur sotong)... everything is in a great mess!

I really thought I've lost all those good old memories of Xuan's development when I lost my old HP....

Hey, but NO, I haven't!
I found some of them (not all, unfortunately) which I've downloaded onto the PC before I lost the mobile!

Yeah!!! I'm overjoyed!
How blur am I!

Anyway, below are the two clips that are supposed to go with the flashback series.

Monkey-lah, Singapura!

Xiao He Shang

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Flashback: Monkey-lah Singapura

Then... 3 Aug 2005
Xuan... 2y 6m old
Oh dear, I thought I better not make this the title, but that was exactly how Xuan sings when she's patriotic to her country!!!

National Day is drawing near. Singapore is celebrating her 40th birthday! I was very surprised when Xuan actually participated in the joyous occassion. She has been singing the national anthem these few days! I wonder who taught her. It was later found out to be the TV itself. Every morning, she'd watch the TV and that's where she learn her national anthem which was played every day in the morning show! I saw her singing the national anthem and waving the national flag and capture that on my camera phone... it was ultimately cute!
(unfortunately, I lost all these clips with the lost of my old HP *sob*)

Her version of national anthem is complete, except for some phrases, which apparently was too fast on the TV for her to catch! Instead of "Majulah Singapura", she sings "monkey-lah Singapura", and the part on "cita cita kita yang mulia...", she replaces the "cita-cita" with "mmg-mmg" ... I don't think anyone would hold this against her, she is so innocent and cute!
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Her six teeth

Xuan has dropped 6 teeth by now.
Two upper front and four lower front.
Now she looks like a "boh gei" nanny *laugh*
I quickly snapped a few shots of her at this stage
Cos' she'd probably miss this for a very long time
At least for another 80 years
before she sees herself in this natural state again... :)

Her collection of dropped teeth... hee!
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Flashback: 小和尚

Then ... 30 July 2005
Xuan ... 2y 6m old

Xuan has been watching lots of VCD. She is capable of singing many songs, both Chinese and English. I like it when she sings the "小和尚" (little monk). Her pronunciation for some phrases is perfect, especially, "菩萨!保佑!保佑我平安的当和尚!" - that was the most adorable part of the song :)
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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Flashback: Scared of everything

Then ... 25 July 2005
Xuan ... 2y 5m old

Kids at her age are "not afraid of heaven or earth" (不知天高地厚), but this little Xuan is scared of everything.

She is scared of the little hole in the door. When she plays, she makes sure she does not sit with her back facing the door... perhaps she is scared that some monster might just jump out from that little door hole.

Xuan dares not walk into the lift... she insists that I carry her in. She's scared that she might drop into that gap when she crosses over it.

No, actually she does not provide reasons for all these mysterious fears.
She is a very timid kid. I think I need to read up on how to help her overcome all these fears.
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day, Mummy!

That was the first greeting from Xuan early this morning when she came into my room to give me a hug. I was waken to a pleasant surprise *smile*

She also has a card for me (if you still remember the three "secret" cards she made for me). So this morning she unveiled her first card. Then she drew another later in the day and I ended up with two cards for Valentine's Day :)

Thanks Xuan, my sweet daughter!

She said she doesn't know how to spell "Valentine's", so it's just a "Happy Day" card!

The other card was drawn later in the day.

The inside of the card drawn today. She made the yellow envelope too!
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Flashback: Where is my best friend?

Then ... 23 July 2005
Xuan ... 2y 5m old

Has been pretty busy lately.
Xuan's best friend is her favourite mitten.
I asked her the other day, is goun-goun your best friend?
She said "No! Mitten!!".
Now whenever she wants her mitten she'll ask, "Where is my best friend?"

She is growing up. She is pretty tall for her age and she looks like a three-year-old kid rather than a two-year-plus. Whenever I reached home, she would have lots of things to tell. "The lizard huh, there ah, so fast..." or "Xuan xuan drink milk ah, don't want porridge, mouth open small small like that..."

Indeed, she knows her own problems. She has been eating porridge with small mouthful... I really have no patience for that! This is the biggest headache thus far for now, at this stage!
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Friday, February 13, 2009

Excursion anxiety

Xuan went to the National Museum on Wednesday.
With her PCF friends and teachers.
Her over-protective dad was thinking of dissuading her from going.
For reasons like Xuan getting lost (err.. ok, a valid concern).
Or being abducted by strangers (I guessed).
I had to persuade him to let her precious daughter go
for the sake of greater exposure
fun exploration
inquisitive learning
So in the end, she went.

But before she went
daddy wanted Xuan to memorise his mobile number
so that she can call him in case of emergency.
He also wrote both our numbers on a piece of paper for her to bring along.
Constantly reminding her to follow the teachers closely
So on Wednesday morning, she went.

When I went to fetch her at 12pm
the excursion bus failed to return on time.
I started to get worried.
Could something have happened to my little girl that the whole group was caught up?
Could she really has gone missing?
My thoughts ran wild just because the bus returned late! *sigh, buai zai*
At last the bus came and I saw Xuan hopping down.
I heaved a big sigh of relieve!
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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Flashback: The weekends

Then ... 27 June 2005
Xuan ... 2y 4m old
A series of photos taken during the weekends. Ooohh.... forgot her Barbie doll house set which we bought for her on Sunday. The kid is obsessed with it! She played until midnight and refused to go to bed!!!

The amusement park for all goun-gouns

Imitating her mummy reading the papers

Trying to brush her own teeth.

She asks me to take a picture of her "pi-gu" - very naughty!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Flashback: Her collections and pretend play

Then ... 11 June 2005
Xuan ... 2y 4m old

These are her favourite goun-goun, queueing up to buy tickets to the amusement park! Each ticket cost $2.

Ticket seller (Tin): Hello! How are you?

Buyer (Xuan): I'm fine!

Seller (Tin): What's your name?

Buyer (Xuan): goun-goun! (apparently all the buyers have the same name- all of them are called goun-goun)

Seller (Tin): How many tickets do you want?

Buyer (Xuan): Six!

Seller (Tin): OK, there you are, $12 please!

Buyer (Xuan): nah! (and off goes the goun-goun with the tickets)

Seller (Tin): ehhh, you forgot to say thank you!

Buyer (Xuan): Thank you! Byeeee....!

Seller (Tin): OK, enjoy yourself

These are Xuan's collection of fairy tales. The first one is The Magic Porridge Pot.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Big yellow car

Daddy bought me a car.
A big yellow car!
I saw it sitting in the living room last night.
Yes, in my living room, not in my auntie's!
It looked like the one in my auntie's when I visited her during the "ah cai ah cai" (read: gong xi fa cai)
But hers was spoilt and daddy said I couldn't play in it!
I was mad.

Yet last night I was thrilled!
I have a big yellow car!
I could sit in it!
I could step on the accelerator.
I could drive to and fro!
I could steer to the left and to the right!
I could honk the horn!
And it played songs!
I couldn't stop playing...

But my joy was shortlived.
I could see daddy's exhausted face.
He was chasing after me as I drove happily in the car.
The house is small.
When I drove forward, I hit the wall.
When I drove backward, I hit the piano.
I was happy nonetheless.
Daddy obviously was not!
He lamented that buying the car was a mistake.
Mummy added that it was a BIG mistake!

At 10.30pm mummy decided that it was too much!
She told me it was enough and carried me out of the car.
I cried and cried, refused to budge.
So I got my way and played until eleven.
Finally, I was carried out by force!
I bawled and kicked up a huge fuss!
Until I slept.

This morning,
I woke up to look for my big yellow car!
No where was it in sight!
Mummy decided that it will be out of my sight forever
till I learn be reasonable.

Signed: Kai
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Monday, February 9, 2009

Flashback: WHERE? The Noose ah... because the Porridge

Then ... 10 June 2005
Xuan ... 2y 4m old

That was her first exclamation when the porridge gets to her nose instead of her mouth while I was feeding her. Whenever something hits her or she hits some objects accidentally, her first word is always "WHERE?!?" Then I would point to my elbow which has accidentally knocked her head, or my foot which she nearly tripped over... what a mother am I...

I must admit I'm really blur and careless. Once I knocked her down while I was walking towards the window (in the house), without noticing her in my path... She cried out very loud but she didn't realise it was my fault. She blambed the window instead. I was very guilty. On another occassion, she fell to the floor while trying to reach for my handphone. She knocked her heads on a few occassions all because of my recklessness. I hate to confess.
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Flashback: Say 'cheese'

Then ... 7 June 2005
Xuan ... 2y 4 m old

This morning Xuan saw me using my handphone when she woke up. She immediately sat herself up in bed and said "Xuan Xuan take picture". This is the photo I took using my K700i and that is her favorite pose! Just like this one below, when I asked her to pose for my camera phone.
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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Flashback: Everybody... clap your hands!

Then ... 6 June 2005
Xuan: 2y 4m old

Xuan didn't sleep well again last night. I hope it isn't going to be another sleep problem phase again! She cried in her sleep a few times, sat up in bed... but luckily I managed to lie her down again. She's seemed to be having nightmares... she has been talking and crying at the same time but I couldn't recall what she said.

Last evening at MIL house, she sang to all of us... she stood proudly in the centre of her supporters (Tm, myself, MIL) and sang ABCs, London Bridge, etc... and at the end of each song, she said "everybody... clap your hands!!!" She's so adorable! We clapped of course!!!

On our way home, in the car, she wanted daddy to play her favourite songs. The amazing thing was that she knew which tracks her songs were. "I want Barney song, number 8"; "Baa Baa Black Sheep, number 10"...
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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Flashback: ABCs

Then ... 5 June 2005
Xuan ... 2y 4m old

Good thing that I jotted these down in my draft box whenever I'm bored with work... Here's Xuan's ABC when she was one year old! These were her straight-forward answers. Nowadays, when you ask her, she'd paused and not tell you, or purposely give a wrong answer. Those were the days...

Tin: A is for...? Xuan: apple!

Tin: B is for ...? Xuan: banana!

Tin: C for...? Xuan: cat!

Tin: D is for...? Xuan: dou-fin! (dolphine)

Tin: E is for ...? Xuan: eeee-leephant! (elephant)

Tin: F is for ? Xuan: fissssh! (fish)

Tin: G is for ...? Xuan: girl!

Tin: H is for..? Xuan: house!

Tin: I is for ...? Xuan: ice-cream!

Tin: J is for ? Xuan: jam!

Tin: K is for..? Xuan: *puzzled*

Tin: kite! Xuan: kite! pheeew, (action and sound of flying)

Tin: L is for? Xuan: leeion! (lion)

Tin: M is for? Xuan: mitten!

Tin: N is for? Xuan: nooose! (nose)

Tin: O is for ? Xuan: ORRR-enge! (Orange)

Tin: P is for? Xuan: payaya! (papaya)

Tin: Q is for..? Xuan: *blur*
Tin: queen!

Tin: R is for? Xuan: xuan xuan (Rui Xuan)

Tin: S is for...? Xuan: star!

Tin: T is for...? Xuan: *blur*
Tin: tiger, table...

Tin: U is for...? Xuan: umm-bela! (umbrella)

Tin: V is for ...? Xuan: (don't know)
Tin: violin!

Tin: W is for...? Xuan: water!
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Friday, February 6, 2009

Flashback: Her first passport

Then ... 3 June 2005
Xuan: 2y 4m old

Xuan has a passport at last! This was one of the photographs I took of her for her passport but was rejected by ICA. She likes to pose for the camera, but she'll always tilt her head. Her passport was made two weeks back. We thought of bringing her to HK disneyland sometime in November. Just a thought, I don't think it'd be fulfilled. Bringing her abroad is a big headache, I can't imagine how stress we will be.

Last night, Xuan didn't sleep well again. She was crying in her sleep, shouting for mummy. The bad dreams seemed to repeat three times, as I remembered having to stroke her gentling thrice, to assure her that I am around. Tm also sprung up from his mattress on the floor to console Xuan. He is still as anxious about her precious daughter as ever.
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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Flashback: Stadium

Then... 2 June 2005
Xuan... 2y 4m old

We brought Xuan to the stadium last evening. She didn't jog of course, she cannot even walk properly, not to mention jog! Yes, she is slow in her motor skills, but everything else like speech, she is pretty advance. She can sing many songs and can change the lyrics of songs to funny ones, and in tune!!! It's amazing to listen to her sing.

Tm and myself jogged. I stopped after one round. It's been eons since I last jogged. After one round, I brought Xuan to practise the staircase. She enjoyed going up the stairs but afraid to come down. I'm pretty worried. I recalled that she dared not even walk into the lift because of the narrow gaps below her feet. I'm wondering how long she would take to overcome all these fears?

Now ...
She still haven't overcame her fear of coming down a flight of stairs!!! She still quivers and shivers and hold on tight to the railings!!! Do you know she only dares to jump at age 3+++??? She is the total opposite of Kai!
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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sweet old memories

I don't know how I landed onto those old diaries which I wrote about Xuan. They brought back so many sweet memories. And I was rudely awaken to how much Xuan has grown! Aww... now I fully understand why people said "treasure those times when they were young"!

Anyway, I'm thinking about how I should document the old memories here - being the one-stop place for all dear memories of Xuan and Kai.

Hmm... well, I guess the next 20 something posts will just have to be a flashback series to capture those moments in time. So please bear with me!
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cards for me?

She made three cards for me at one go.
All in one envelope.
And very secretive.
She doesn't want me to look at the cards.
"I'd give you when the day arrives," she grinned.
"One is for Valentines' Day, another one is for your Birthday and the last one is for Mothers' Day!"
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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Loo-frequenting habit

Xuan likes to visit the loo whenever we dine out. Especially those clean and big ones. Even more so for those equipped with auto-tap. Fascinated and sua-ku. And she goes at least twice in a row.

The other day during a family dinner, she displayed her habitual loo-frequenting trait again. The first time she went in, she was full of awes! The toilet at Airport Hotel was indeed spacious and clean! I was impressed too! The auto-tap of course thrilled her sua-ku-ness to bits! After 30 minutes, she whispered into my ears again, asking me to bring her to the loo! I casted a glance at her and asked, "Are you sure you're urgent? If not urgent, wait first lah!" (*terrible mommy*)

"Wait for how long?"

"Until I finish this!"

Few minutes later, she soothed her little bladder and looked at me pitifully. I suddenly realised she might really be urgent! However, when I brought her to the ladies, she only peed a little. I was a little mad and warned her that if she bluff me again, I'd not believe her in future.

On the way back to our table, she told me how nice the ladies was compared to the gents, which has a picture on the door that looked scary. I didn't pay much attention to her as I thought it was just some passing remarks.

At the end of the whole dinner, I offered to bring her to her favourite hangout to clear her bladder before making the long journey home. Instead of getting excited, she started to jump up and down, eyes beaming with tears, refusing to go to the loo!

The 360 degree change was quite shocking. Anyway, we found out that it was the mosaic on the gents' door that has frightened her. "There was a man with scary mouth!" she cried.

With that, everything that happened after her second toilet visit fall into place: she complained of tummy ache, couldn't finish her rice and looked upset. The decorative art must have quite a bad effect on her!
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