Saturday, May 30, 2009

Issue of death again

We returned to the topic of death shortly after the last one ended. The dad was quick to twig the issue to focus on life after death (rebirth) this time round. And she clearly was more amiable to his explanations. However after that, the inquisitive girl started asking questions like, "Will I be a boy or girl next time, after I come out as a baby again?" ... "Will I be called Rui Xuan?" At some point, I was even overwhelmed by all her questionings.

There was once when we were talking about road safety in the car. After I have explained the safety issue in great details, she started to ask me worriedly, "Will my parent next time teach me all these things? What if they don't???.... I wish you can be my parent again..."

At that point, I wanted very much to tell her, "I wish for that too, Xuan, I really wish ... "
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hygiene in school

Sometimes I think I've gone overboard in getting the little her to observe the strict hygiene orders in school! In the past, I had to because she always fall sick. Now I have to because of the HFMD, H1N1 influenza and whatever not...

"Never never put your hands in your mouth. Turn your head away when anyone near you coughs or sneezes and quickly cover your mouth and nose with your handkerchief! Don't feel shy (I know she would) about it, because when you fall sick, you are the one who suffer, nobody is going to feel sorry for you!"

My words are harsh to the young heart. But she is used to them and has taken them well in her stride. I know she observed these rules, especially when she replied with "Yes, I DID! Really! SUPER REALLY!!!!" to my interrogation of "DID YOU???"

The only thing I'm worried of now is whether her EQ will be compromised.
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Friday, May 22, 2009

Siblings' love

From jealousy, rivalry and fights, to love, affection and lots of hugs.
Xuan has come a long way in learning to appreciate the birth of a little brother and the gift of a loving playmate.

The siblings are happy to have each other's company now. They are playing and laughing together, jumping and running around madly - often threatening to knock down vases and bang into walls. The quiet moments however, saw the duo sitting closely on the sofa reading books. Xuan will teach and Kai will repeat every words after her. To him, it is play -- IT IS FUN! He likes to imitate everything the big sister does. The most treasured moments are those when the duo hug each other affectionately after each play...


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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blueberry cheesecake

My latest attempt in the kitchen was a no-bake blueberry cheesecake.
It was very much inspired by the yummy one made by my sis.
I set out to buy all the necessary ingredients from Phoon Huat.
And I did an unbelievable task!
For I made the cheesecake without an electric mixer
nor a handheld mixer
but my bare hand and the labourious mixer.
You must think that I am insane.

Even experts on said I need to use at least a handheld with a good motor, otherwise I risk the burnout of the motor.
Even experts from Phoon Huat said I will have to beat with bare hands till the next morning.

I simply did the unbelievable!
The outcome was a cheesecake that was half the thickness made by my sis, even though I use her recipe.
The result was not very satisfactory though the cake was whacked up by the very next day.
The consequence was a tougher and toner muscular arm... sigh!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What's that, mummy?

Kai shoved me the thing he held in his hand and asked, "What's that, mummy??"

It was a cockroach I saw.
It was fake I knew.
Until a crisp hairy leg dropped onto my leg.
"Yeeeekk!!! It's a cockroach!" I yelled.

Thank goodness it was dead.
Thank goodness it was not a dead lizard.
Please don't ever play this kind of TRICK on me again, Kai!!!

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Improvements in Chinese

Xuan's Chinese have improved, I must say.
Not tremendously, but at least she is now able to converse in simple mandarin.
She is able to string words together to make sentences, which she couldn't in the past.
Her mandarin is now more "understoodable" although her vocabulary still needs lots of improvement.

爸爸昨天没有做工。。。课 when she wants to say daddy didn't go to work yesterday. I was very happy when she spoke that sentence until she uttered "课". Sigh! Sometimes, she still needs me to be the translator when she wants to convey some difficult messages to ma-ma. Otherwise she is able to converse with her ma-ma now.

She is gradually learning to appreciate the language more.
I'm very happy to see an improvement in her Chinese.
I was thrilled, even by simple sentences that she uttered,
She's more ready for the language now.
It is not only achievement for her but for me as well, especially when she told me "Mummy, now I love Chinese!"

She has completed the whole course of hanyu pinyin that I taught her.
I guessed that is the reason why she is beginning to love the language...?
Of course her mandarin-speaking classmates in PCF help!
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Cheeky fellow

Kai is getting more and more cheeky.
Remember the supreme mantra I taught him?
Now he is chanting it this way:
我爱potty!!! " followed by tons of laughter and giggles.

He is also asking and repeating questions like:

Who bought this car?
Who bought this shoe?
Who bought this book?
Who bought this, who bought that???

Last night, while he was trying to lug my elbow to sleep, he asked "Who bought this???" (pointing to my elbow)

Now, I really doubt if he comprehends the meaning of his own questions?

Saturday, May 16, 2009
Update: Today, he pointed to his own elbow and said "Who bought this elbow?"
Then, followed by "buy from the shopping centre!" *slap forehead*

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More cards

Xuan is a cards person.
She loves to make cards - greeting cards, birthday cards, and special occasion cards.
I received them on my birthdays, mothers' day, valentines' day... and on each occasion, she didn't just give one or two, she gave more... to a point that I was scared of receiving them. Really. *very bad right?*

So on mothers' day, other than giving me the ones she made in school, she gave me two more... err.. in fact three more -- of the same designs and drawings!

For the third and the last one, she brought it into my room when Kai and I were about to sleep and have switched off all the lights (on mothers' day). So she stood in the dark and wave the card at me, but said, "I made another mothers' day card... but it is not for you!!!
"Then for who?"
"For myself!" *giggle*
"But you are not a mother..." *giggle*
"I keep it first, then next time I will have children and I will be a mother what??!!!"

Funny girl.
She knew I'm phobic of receiving more than one card.
Haha... :P
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Saturday, May 9, 2009

You are the best, Mom!

She couldn't wait to show me her proud art work in school yesterday.
So she showed them to me but asked me to "forget" about them as she is supposed to give them to me officially tomorrow on Mothers' Day!
That IS my funny girl.

A special dedication to all mothers out there:
You are the best Mom!
Happy Mothers' Day!

To my own mommy:
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Monday, May 4, 2009

Simple joy

Joy is ...

stopping to admire these simple flowers as you walked past...

making time to enjoy these simple food with your loved ones...

strolling in a simple park with your family, enjoying the breeze...

learning to swim with this kickboard and hearing the little child said "mummy, you ROCK!!!!"


Simplicity is joy.
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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Otar Otar

I love otar - the more spicy, the more shiok!

"Come and look at these!" I wanted to show Xuan what my favourite food is.

"These are Otar - mummy's favourite food" I explained.

"Next time when I grow old, you must remember to buy these for me ok?"

"Har? You can ask Daddy to buy what?" She said. *roll eyes*

"But when I grow old, Daddy will also grow old, how to buy for me?"

"Ok, next time I will buy things for you." she said.

"No, I don't want other things, I only want you to buy Otar for me." I have to stress.

"OK, Otar.... where they come from...???" ... followed by a whole series of questioning...

I regret telling her my old-age desires.
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