Thursday, July 30, 2009


Once calling her devil, now calling her angel.
Life is as such.

Out of the blue, she said "Mummy, there are five things I have to do everyday."
Then stretched out all five fingers on her right hand, she said "First is eat very fast; Second is read books; Third is do work; Fourth is help your parents; Fifth is don't let your parents scold you."She said she'd check if she complete all tasks at the end of each day.

I'm very happy with her new initiative.

There are just some days when Xuan is simply an angel.
She helps me hang all the laundry.
She helps me fold the clothes and put them into their respective places.
She puts the toys into their respective storage boxes.
She tidies the beds. She eats super fast.
Her record time for finishing her meals is 30 minutes!
She never display that fierce evil witchy look.
She talks gently.
She hugs me and promises to be a good girl.
And she does it!
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kai's behaviour

If Xuan's behaviour is bad, then Kai's is worse.
Sigh... seems like I have too many negativity to report.

His temper tantrums are really bad!
If he couldn't manage his toys or I reacted too slow to his demands, he'd spin and dash all over the house, threatening to bang the walls! The more I said "NO" to any of his destructive actions, the more he'd do it! (Xuan was never like that at his age)

Parenting is too much a challenge! *sweat*
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Definition of spoilt

Wordnet defines it as "having the character or disposition harmed by pampering or oversolicitous attention.

Xuan has always been a cry-baby. But she changed for the worse recently. She cries over small trival things, and it has become a problem. So I couldn't help but check up various sources on the definition of "spoilt," which I believed is the reason for her behaviour.

Sometimes she can be ultimately rude, pointing fingers at me and gets really fierce. With each bad behaviour, I'd give her a stern lecture, which she'd regret for a while before she repeats it again the next day...

I'm at loss...
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Selective potty training

Just when I was so proud to announce that Kai is finally ready for potty, his selective toilet-training is driving me crazy.

He knows when he is urgent but he still prefers to pee conveniently into his pampers. However when we are out of the house, he'd always clutch his pampers and said he wants to pee in the toilet. It really makes me wonder what is the reason for his selective toilet-peeing. Maybe he wants to explore the toilets outside (just like his sis who is a fan of toilets and has this crazy toilet-visiting spells when we got out of the house).

So I still put on the pampers for him at home. Sometimes when I took them off, I'd warn him that he cannot pee in his pants but must go to the potty. I wanted him to get use to not wearing pampers but I wasn't quite prepared for all the hassle of cleaning up his messes. There was once when he peed onto the floor, stepped aside to pull down his wet pants and jumped back into his pool of urine, slipped over it and still laughed at his silliness. Then he sat naked-bottom in that pool, spread both hands on the urine around him and sweep them all over the place! You should have seen the smoke fuming out from the top of my head when I saw him doing that! I didn't know what better ways to teach him than to give him a few slaps on his thigh, followed by "NAUGHTY..." x 10 to the power of infinity (I was lost for words, what a shame!) - OK, please pardon me, this is to illustrate a case of bad parenting.

I think it will still take some time before he knows the difference between what is "clean" and "dirty". And before he can be more obedient and listen to me.
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Monday, July 6, 2009

Junk collectors

Xuan is a "junk collector", just like her dad.
She likes to keep "things".
You can call her sentimental.

I am the opposite.
I like to throw away "things", especially things I call junks.
But things I call junks, they call them treasures!
So I have to secretly throw them away without their knowledge, kekeke (*evil laughter*)

The other day, I was putting away Xuan's piles of scribbles into the recycling bag while she was away.
She spotted me when she stepped into the house.
Arrhhh... too late!

"What are you doing mummy?"
"What is that? Let me check first... why you always like to throw away things?... wait you don't throw these..."
So in the end, she picked them all up from the recycling bag.
And there goes my effort of clearing the karang guni house!
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