Saturday, August 29, 2009

Xuan's favourites

Plop! They dropped into the toilet.
She hurried to me with her favourite "numbers" in her hands. Wet.
She looked worried. "Mummy, my numbers dropped into the toilet."
"YYYEEEeeeeeeeee...." (I couldn't help it)
"But I washed them with soap already."
"YYYEEEeee.... you go and wash them again, Go, Go!"
Next moment, I saw her drying up her favourite number blocks with a piece of tissue.
Then she wrapped them up with another tissue and placed them by the window.
She apologised to them profusely.
"Sorry numbers, I dropped you in the toilet just now. I was very careless. I'm so sorry. But don't worry, I wash you with soap already. Now you sit here and let the sun dry you up. I'm very sorry..."
"It's ok, Rui Xuan!" (said the numbers)

I was amused.
By the way, her love for the numbers is likened to Kai's love for cars.
With simple props.
And an innocent heart.
She lives in a world of her own.
She is happy.

Xuan's heavily battered number blocks.
Number 9 is her closest!
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Monday, August 24, 2009

I hate YOU

I hate to write about you.
But I wanted to let you know, through some 7th sense or ultrapathy whatsoever, how I feel about you.
So that you make a million-mile distance away from me, and don't ever appear in my life again.

For your information, I was not born to hate you.
It was a childhood incident which made me detest you to core.
I hate to recall that incident. You can ask your ancestor buddy about it. I'm sure he's dead.

You have been making several appearances in my house of late.
You sprung out from underneath the rice cooker when I opened the lid to put rice.
You shot up from the biscuit tin when I opened it to get biscuits to eat (and I don't even know when and how you get into it in the first place when it was so tightly closed!)
You scampered to hide behind the cooking utensils when you saw me coming into the kitchen.
The more I'm terrified of you and the more I hated you, the more you wanted to appear in front of me and the more you wanted to ridicule me.

Last night you appeared again.
You tried to scamper away when I went into the bathroom.
You were big, fat and slimy.
I could vaguely see your internal organs through your translucent body.
I yelled and frozed when I saw you.
You frozed too when I yelled.
Our eyes met.
I hopped into a pail of soapy water.
I cried. Cos' you didn't want to hide and I couldn't move.
I was shivering with fear.
I couldn't get out of the bathroom.
I was so scared you'd drop on my head if I moved a inch.

My HELPFUL husband came with a BIG UMBRELLA for me to shelter my head.
I yelled when I saw the umbrella and commanded him to freeze as well.
I don't want any movement to scare you and cause you to lose your balance.
I stood there for a minute with tears streaming down my cheeks.
You also perched there for as long as I stood.
You must be hilariously amused to see me in such spot.

I decided I shouldn't be laughed at for too long.
I plucked up my courage, shut down all senses and dash out of that dreadful place.
Why must you choose the BATHROOM???
A place which I frequent most in the house, day and night!
I hate you! I really do.
Please don't come to me again!!!

Dear folks,
if you know how to get rid of house lizards, do share with me please. Your kindness will be deeply appreciated. THANK YOU!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Our society. Our education system.

"My daughter got three A's and one B and she came in the 33rd position in her class. (equates to the rest of her friends in her class are all full marks scorer). Very competitive. (I couldn't agree better). She has tuition for Maths, Science, English and Chinese (isn't that practically all subjects?) She is in P4. (isn't she stressful?)"

That was what a mother told me in a recent conversation. I pity the child.

Another one told me that the best class in the school is a congregate of selfish kids.

What kind of society are we talking of now? A highly competitive one! Which nurture lots of kiasu Singaporeans. Nobody wants to lose out in the rat race. Which give birth to a lot of kiasu parents who want their kids to be the BEST. Nowadays our children do not go to school to learn, they go there to compete. What is there to learn when they have already learnt before the teachers teach? BUT what is there to compete when everybody else gets the same 100 marks? School is no longer a place to learn but a place to compete??? There are lots of question marks in my head right now.

Really. What has our society evolved into? What kind of new citizens is our educational system generating? World class citizens or selfish citizens?
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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kai at 37 months

He now sits on the high chair for his meals. No longer run all over the house to be fed. Finishes his meals within 30 minutes. Yeah! Feeding problem solved. He still refuses fruits and other new food. But he eats the vegetables that go into his porridge. He is game for certain medicine and the rosehip syrup (vitamin C supplement). He can finish his meals without the TV too! Sometimes he feeds himself with ready-scooped porridge, otherwise he doesn't feed himself independently.

He is not so terrified of doctors anymore, although still a bit tensed. His stranger anxiety is still as bad. He froze when a saleswoman said hi to him at the door.

He likes to imitate his sister. Whatever she says, whatever she does. He likes to run with her, jump with her. He shouts when he wants attention, thinking he can get his way through it. He likes to sprout nonsensical phrases and expect me to repeat after him.

Cars are still his dearest. He narrowed down to two of late - a blue and a red. He brings them everywhere - to bathe and to sleep. He made them go up a slope and exclaimed "so steep... woah.."! He made them go down a hill and screamed "Wwweeeee" Phrases like "go over the hump", "smoke come out from exhaust pipe", "red light stop", "green light go" are among his favourites.

"Gentle" never exist in his mini-dictionary; "rough" is his buddy. He zooms his cars across the dining table, knocking off all objects in the path. He bangs two cars together and shouts "CRASH"! He climbs over my head and shoulder, rides on me like a horse. Pulls my head to him and pinches my nose. He likes to play wrestle with me, hugs me and says "kiss mummy".

I am more of a buddy than a mummy.
I am very sure, if cars never exist, I'll be his DEAREST.
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Saturday, August 8, 2009


Thanks to LG KU990 (Viewty) that I am able to do this :)


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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A drive to Gleneagles

I've successfully driven the kids to Gleneagles to see their pediatrician!!!
An unbelievable task for me!
Long story...

Although I got my driving license in 2002, I didn't start driving until 2004. I was forced to do so when Tm had to go for his reservist and I need to chauffeur Xuan to her mama house. I was most unwilling to take up driving in the first place. Frankly, I was sweet-talked into it by Tm (who was my then-boyfriend).

Well, it's not difficult to understand why the once-hopeless-with-directions person would reject driving. For someone who would get lost in shopping malls, turn to the storeroom instead of exit in toilets or lost her way after going to the loo -- it's just so impossible to imagine her driving a movable object! Somehow, she decided to plunge into it.

Her driving lessons at SSDC was disastrous nonetheless (despite passing all theories and driving at the first attempt, haha!). This was how - She drove up the kerb to kiss the tree (luckily the driving instructor slammed the brake in time!). She drove the car in the directions of on-coming traffic, scaring the driving instructor out of his wits! She slammed the brake suddenly to give way to birds on the road, sending the instructor into cold sweat ! It is no wonder she passed her driving test on first attempt yah? The test instructor must have said "I don't want to see her again!" HAHA!

Anyway, after few years of driving, her skills were more polished! No more brake-slamming to give way to birds (slowing down to give them time to hop aside is a better option); no more tree kissing (only minor backside kissing with other vehicles); no more driving to on-coming traffic (only occasional merry-go-round driving when she lost her way). Her routes were more or less limited to few places on Singapore map, with rare attempts to new destinations.

She was most scared of driving to Orchard Road. That is why she was so proud to boast her successful drive to Gleneagles to the whole world. Going through Orchard Road was a nightmare, with numerous slip roads, junctions, and strict traffic rules of no u-turn, right-turn, whatsoever, everywhere. It's so impossible not to get lost! Well, getting lost is trival; having an excessive bleeding pocket is grave if she were to have merry-go-round in Orchard Road (with so many ERP gantries)! The other deterence is the narrow carpark of Gleneagles Medical Centre. There were so many scratches everywhere along the wall in the carpark. That is why for many years, she refused the idea of driving to Gleneagles herself. "Not familiar!" is the excuse she gave. She was always the passenger when Tm made the countless drives to Gleneagles with the kids.

But lately, she relented. She decided to give it a try when Xuan's stubborn fever refused to subside. She took a deep breath when she entered Orchard Road. She held her breath when she entered the carpark all the way until she found a tiny lot in B3!!! The car emerged safely from the carpark - free from bruises - and finally reached home in one piece!

Oh YES! She did it!
(Hee... I'm so proud of her).
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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kai sleep problems again

Kai's sleep problem is something that I've been battling with for the longest time.
It keeps coming back, never go away...

Now I don't use the rocker (I call it "basket") for his night sleep. He don't feel comfortable in it anymore since he is growing too big to fit in (but strange enough, he still uses it for his afternoon naps). On one hand I'm happy, on the other, it means there goes my rescue at night when he couldn't get to sleep. The basket was a saviour as Kai would fall into sleep within minutes he was in it! (I know it's time to train him to sleep independently, he's already 3!!!)

Without the basket, he couldn't sleep. He's tired. He's exhausted... just couldn't sleep. I can see him yawn. I can see his tired eyes. But he just tosses in bed. For at least an hour. And I wish it's as simple as that. NO! He rolls over my head from left to right, then from right to left. Next, he'd put his feet on my face, slam his arm on my head, press on my hair as he sits up, fall down again, toss and roll over my head and body again. Of course I dodge with each playful attack. I'd get up and shift to a new position on the bed, away from him. But he'd move closer to me again, repeating all those horrifying acts of tossing and rolling over me. Non-stop. Really. Seriously! AAArrrgghhhh...

I don't think any of you have this kind of painful experiences, have you?
Tell me what I should do... please!

Note: Perhaps he is getting his revenge on me for rocking him violently when he was once helpless... (Post: Putting Kai to sleep). Oh dear, I think it is Karma taking effect!
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