Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Potty training

Potty training Kai has not been successful until recently due mainly to my inconsistent effort to toilet-train him. On lazy days, I simply put on the diaper for him and change him until it is about a kilo heavy. On days when I feel like cleaning up messes for nothing better to do, I will put on his shorts and ask him to pee in the potty whenever he has the need. That is why potty training has not been successful.

However for the past two weeks, I was quite determined to be a more hardworking mum. I put on his shorts every moment for every single day, other than nap and night time. I tried to remind myself to bring him to the potty every 1/2 to an hour. When I forgot, I would face the punishment of having to clean up the messes. Slowly, he got used to going to his potty and would announce to me that he is urgent so that I can bring him to the potty. And for the first time yesterday, he went to the potty himself, pulled down his shorts and shot into the traditional red bin (no fancy potty, sorry Kai).

With that I am happy.

I hope there will be no more day-diapers for Kai very very soon!
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Friday, September 25, 2009


The keyword I found lately to counsel Xuan is "easy-going". I was really upset over her not-so-easy-going temperament and her eager to win attitude. She gets upset over small matters and expects everyone to please her every now and then. (For the benefit of my non-Chinese friend, this is what summarises the previous post on 六岁的萱 )

I found that it was not useful to just talk sense into her after each undesirable behaviour. Beacuse she'd repeat it the very next moment - get upset, sulk and sob over little comments passed on her, or gets real nasty after Kai accidentally hit her or pushed down her numbers. "Not easy-going" is what I found to best describe her character. I hope she can change. I am really worried that she will have no friends in primary school beacuse of her nature.

Tried as I might, all the heartbreaking talks and effort to transform her seemed fruitless. My dead brain cells started to work yesterday and I thought of another way to help her. We both agreed that she is not "easy-going" and she must change for the better, so that she will have lots of friends and everybody will love her. It was our mutual agreement. To help her change, we have a diary to keep track of her progress. The rule of the game is: for each day on the calendar diary, I will draw a sad smiley each time she gets upset over a little thing/comment. On the other hand, if she doesn't get angry or upset, she will get a happy smiley. At the end of each day, we will see whether she has more sad or happy smileys, which will remind her to change and improve. If she gets all happy smileys at the end of the day, she will receive a small surprise from me. I have hinted to her that it is not so easy to change within a day or two and she cannot expect to get all happy smileys so soon.
She nodded.

I hope this method works.
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Thursday, September 24, 2009





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Friday, September 18, 2009

First haircut at the barber

I can finally relinquish my role as Kai's private hairstylist from now on. Yeah!
He went to the barber for his first haircut yesterday, together with daddy.
I was expecting some barber-anxiety and razor-fear from him.
But to my surprise, he behaved very well throughout the haircut!
There were no fuss to gripe about.
Although his head tilted too low for the barber and his body tilted to much to the sides till he almost lost his balance...
I guessed his fear from the first encountance with razor was there but he just didn't display it.
I couldn't help but felt a little proud of him.
It was like a milestone achieved!

Xuan, on the other hand, was the least pleased.
Due to too much attention showered on her little brother during the haircut.
She sulked like an angry *Tom and said she wanted to have a cut as well! Sigh!

*Her favourite show is now Tom and Jerry.

His long hair before the cut (hee..)

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