Thursday, December 31, 2009


Life flows
2009 has slipped, another year passed...
life moves on and it waits for no man

Let us all be blessed
in the new year
with the wisdom to think
a heart to reflect
and a voice to give thanks

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Mischievous Kai

I've seen how kids bawled their lungs out to demand things from their parents.
I've seen how they rolled all over on the floor in their protest fits.
I have never had a qualm when I witnessed these behaviours... I've never believed that my children would behave the same way.

BUT recently, I had a taste of how bad real misbehaviour was like.
How testing to one's limit it can be.
And for information, I am least proud to say that 'cane' is the only weapon I sought to discipline Kai now.
How sad it is to resort to using cane in this new age of parenting?
Unfortunately it is the only thing that can instill some fear and deter unwanted consequences from Kai at this stage.

Although he doesn't bawl or roll in his protest or demand, his unique style of mischief is equally hair-pulling and heart-thumping.
He never stop fidgeting when he was out (in shopping malls)
He touched this and pulled that, grabbed this and moved that.
That day, at POPULAR, he swept all the books within his reach onto the floor, without any warning. We were shocked.
He continued to do that after being reprimanded.
We were completely lost.

If I were to sum up the characteristics of Kai at this stage - he is extremely playful, mischievous and destructive.
The least I wanted to know is ADHD.
I hope it will NOT be in him.



BUT no matter what, I still love him LOTS...
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All ready

We got her a big study table and chair; a big Tom & Jerry schoolbag, which she chose; a brand-new princess pencil case, new pencils, ruler, eraser, crayons...

Thus created a mini-asset and space, which she called her own.
Just because she is going to Primary One.

Aren't children nowadays lucky?
I only got my first study table in my secondary school days.

Anyway, she was elated!
She marvelled at her new work station and sat there 'doing work' (solving puzzles) for almost an entire day.

I hope this novelty doesn't wear off as soon as she starts school...
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Friday, December 11, 2009

Laziness vs sickness

I have been falling sick more often as SAHM than when I was in the workforce. How strange, isn't it?

I thought I should be more prone to those viruses flying all over the place out there, while kept safely sterile at home. But the many sick episodes proved me wrong. Tm accorded it to overtiredness. I'm glad he thinks that way.

As far as I know, laziness has set in for me.

I have been sitting on that pile of home-work for so long, hoping that golden eggs would hatch out of them. The already-miserable target of 50 records per month seems far beyond my reach now. And I have not been mopping the floor and washing the toilets as often as I used to (but trust me, they are still in usable condition).

So I doubt overtiredness is the culprit.
Er, but it's ok. It's good to think it that way.
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Monday, December 7, 2009


I just need some insomnia to get some posts up and running. If you didn't see any updates here, it means sleep has been good :)

A related post from my Chinese blog below:

探一探一切是否安然 . 平静 。。。

我看是"失眠症" 赐给母亲这份荣耀吧!
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

OCD (cont'd)

After more reading up and research on OCD, as well as observing Xuan for the past few weeks, I am quite relieve to say her symptoms are mild. It was unfair to conclude that she has the "disorder". She may have obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours like many people, but it does not mean that she have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Like what was mentioned in, "Just because you have obsessive thoughts or perform compulsive behaviours does not mean that you have OCD. Many people have mild obsessions or compulsions that are strange or irrational, but they are still able to live their live without much disruption."

Many of her behaviours are actually routines becoming habits, with some become rigid habits, which will take some time to change. Her bedtime rituals started with just a simple "goodnight" when she was young, and later became more complicated when we slept in different rooms. So the repetition of "goodnight" could have some separation anxiety in it. Last week, when she slept in the same room with me, the ritual was back to the simple "goodnight," without any repetition. I was elated!

For her worries about eartthquakes, war and death, I was able to ease her fear with the right reasoning. She does not talk about fear of those disasters any more. It is normal for children to fear of the unknown. I learnt that it is important to ease their fears the moment they creep into the little minds.

Lately, she developed the habit of tidying up the house before she goes to bed. I was put on alert when she insisted on clearing up the mess in the living room before heading for bed. It was supposed to be a good habit I should be proud of. Instead I was worried. Sigh, life is full of contradictions. But I know she is just rigid about her routines. There is nothing bothering her. And by the way, I was the one asking her to tidy up the house from time to time, in the first place!

I have continuously encouraged her to be more "flexible" in her daily routines and actions. Few days back, she told me she does not need to switch on the lights anymore in broad daylight! That was another habit changed! I was happy.
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