Thursday, April 29, 2010


The other day while waiting to fetch Kai from school, I overheard a mother grumbling of her lousy S.A.H life to another mum. She said she gets crazy every now and then in order to let out. I couldn' agree more, cos' I was like her.

Being a SAHM (without help) to more than one child can be a tricky business. It doesn't help when the husband is always busy and doesn't understand the depressed wife who is stranded at home with the screaming and fighting kids. I am speaking for many S.A.H. mothers out there.

If you are not one of us, you are very very lucky.

(PS: For those who do not already know, SAHM stands for "Stay-At-Home-Mum", but to be more appropriate it should be "Stranded-At-Home-Mum")

Ok, enough. I think I heard an inner voice asking me to shut up and count my blessings.
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Friday, April 23, 2010


When asked if he likes Teacher J. or prefers Teacher A.
He said he likes Mrs P.
I was surprised cos' Mrs P. is not the choice in my close-ended question.
She was his previous teacher.
What amused me further was his next remark.
"Because she is pretty!"
Oh boy. I hope it wasn't his dad who influenced him.
But I had a good chuckle.
Mrs P. is the eldest among all the teachers (in her fifties).
So hmmm... his sense of beauty is questionable. (.. or maybe this is what we called beauty in the eye of the beholder)
But I can't believe my four-to-be son exhibiting the innate preference for beauty at such a young age!
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Monday, April 19, 2010


"Smile though your heart is aching
smile even though it’s breaking
when there are clouds in the sky you’ll get by
if you smile through your fear and sorrow
smile and maybe tomorrow
you’ll see the sun come shining through for you
Light up your face with gladness
hide every trace of sadness
although a tear may be ever so near
that’s the time you must keep on trying
smile, what’s the use of crying?
You’ll find that life is still worthwhile
if you just smile.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Another birthday. My birthday.
Happy that I have lived and sad that I have aged.

Nothing so fantastic about this year's birthday.
Except that I applied for a 3-hour "leave" to get away from the chaos at home,
to regain some sanity, solitude, and peace...
To indulge in some retail therapy, which has been missing since I became maidless and since my plan to put Kai in the afternoon school session together with Xuan, foiled.

Anyway, the celebration was simple.
Nothing beats a simple dinner, birthday cake and song, and making birthday wishes ...
At least I still have a chance to
Happy Birthday to ME!
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Too playful

Kai has become more and more playful and mischievous.
The teacher has complaints about him almost everyday.
He tore down her chart, pull her mat, play with her cassette player...
She warned him, gave him time-out but to no avail.

Once I peeped through the windows and saw him grabbing his classmate lunchbox without asking.
And they almost started a fight before the teacher intervened.
So after school, I asked, "Did you fight with your friend just now?"
"Yes. I snatch the boy's food... after that he become Tom (meaning fierce), after that he beat me ... you know!"
"But you shouldn't snatch his food in the first place!... blah blah blah... do you understand?"

He says yes to almost everything we ask him.
But he is not apologetic.
He'd say sorry if you ask him to, but still he is not apologetic.
After a while he'd repeat his mischief all over.

At home, he likes to flick power switches on and off, switch off the TV when we are watching, open the tumble dryer, play with the hazard-light button whenever he gets into the car, climb over to the driver's seat before I get into the car, and play with the many things which he is not supposed to.
I've explained nicely to him, scolded him, caned him, gave him numerous warnings...
Nothing works. Period.

Now I'm trying to ignore his mischief.
I find that the more I get angry, the more he'd try to test my patience, to see my reactions.
But would it convey the wrong message if I ignore his mischief?
What is the best way to teach an ultra mischievous and playful boy?
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