Monday, October 25, 2010

My two telephone operators

I bet what the kids didn't tell me, was their ambition to become nimble telephone operators when they grow up. Their recent hospitality towards anybody who called, was a robust testament. Whenever the phone rang in the living room, both of them would drop all their tasks and dash to the phone without fail. It was like whoever pick up the phone first will win a prize! Then they'd go "I talk first!"... "No, I talk first!", leaving the other party on the phone baffled. Sigh!

Think I'm gonna miss this when they become teens. That is when I'd have to beg them to help me pick up the ringing phone!

As of now, they are still at the stage of fighting to answer calls.
Each of them get his/her turn to talk to the caller (be it a property agent, a wrong caller, or friends or family members) for a good 5 minutes, before I get my chance to talk.

The other day, my mom (po-po) called and Kai answered it...

Po-po: 你的咳嗽好了没有?
Kai: (nodded his head) 阿,我冲凉了。

Po-po: 不是,我问你咳嗽好了没有?
Kai: (nodded his head again) 阿,有。我有吃饭。。。

Po-po: (surrendered) 你在做什么?
Kai: 妈妈在Kitchen啦!

I was amused at his ability to sustain a conversation like this!
Funny boy.
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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Best drawing ever!

Kai likes cars.
So the best way to encourage him to draw is "draw cars, draw cars!"
- cars with eyes and mouths though (thanks to his favourite Cars movie)

After a while, I assumed it was about time to start him on drawing some decent human beings - even a stick figure with skeletal arms and legs would be good, I thought.
So I said, "draw mummy, draw mummy!"

And this was what I got.

[with some guidance - I've asked him to include a nose and more hair for me]

Despite my limbs being replaced by wheels,
I was still happy.
Cos' this was his best drawing ever!
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

SIMPLE Chicken Soup for the soul

Anything that says "SIMPLE" pleases me to no end, especially cooking recipes.
So, that day when I saw the mention of a SIMPLE and yummy chicken soup in Jayne's blog, my eyes sparkled.

It was indeed simple. I mean, it can't be that difficult when you just need to boil a whole chicken in a pot of water with ginger and wolfberries. The difficult part to me, however, is to overcome the psychological barrier of working with a dead poultry.

You know, after reading the post, I was so inspired to try it out. I went to Sheng Siong Supermarket, inspected a few pre-packed packets of whole chicken, and discovered to my horror that the chicken heads were all intact. Well, I know it's not that difficult to comprehend the meaning of "whole chicken" - my brain was just fused that very moment. Anyway, I almost wanted to back out when I saw the heads! The thought of having to meddle with a flimsy neck and a chicken head with eyes staring at me, yikes me out. The idea of chopping up the chicken (if I don't want to work with the whole chicken) was equally horrifying.

Just when I was about to give up, mom's words rang in my ears, "you can always get the poultry man to chop it up for you..."

So I did just that.
As there were no poultry man, I got the fishmonger to chop it instead, with special instruction to the "uncle" (who was obviously younger than me) to discard the chicken head. With that, I thought the most difficult problem was resolved...

Back home, I realised there were still the chicken feet! And I was supposed to cut off its toenails!!! Oh no! It was as appalling as chopping off the chicken head. So I discarded the chicken legs in the end. I had to cross my fingers that without these essential parts, the chicken soup would still taste as yummy.

Haiz... that was a long story.

here comes the chicken soup!

Cooking in progress (steam + unseived oil )...

Mmmm... it was indeed YUM YUM!
Even without the head and legs :)

Whole chicken (de-skin)
Pot of water
Ginger (5-6 slices)
Wolfberries (a handful)
Salt to taste

Note: Boil for 3 hours. Quantities of ingredients may vary according to individual's preferences.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First "earning" at age 7

No, there's no child labour syndicate here.
Hear me out.

Xuan's art submission for the Colgate Global Art Contest "My Bright Smile" won her a S$50 cheque and a Colgate hamper! It was a consolation prize.

We didn't expect her to win anything, cos' it was a nationwide contest, you see.
We bet there were more talented artists out there!

The prize came as a terrific surprise.
Xuan was thrilled!

I've totally forgotten to snap a pic of her masterpiece!!!
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Writing and colouring milestones

Kai is four. Checked.
In fact, 4 years 3 months.

He knew how to hold the pencil correctly. Checked.
No more flying hands above the writing paper.

He succeeded in tracing numbers 1 to 10 legibly. Checked.
No more alien doodles to decipher. Happy.

He managed to use colours other than RED in his colouring. Checked.
No more blotches of red in colouring books.

Did you see the 2 shades of green in this grasshopper?

It was a great milestone achieved!
Despite a little late.
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Consequences of sleeping like a PIG


He cried out loud.
I scrambled to the floor to pick him up.
A big ba-lu-gu popped out, almost as immediate.

The consequence of sleeping like a PIG!
Not the first, neither the second, nor the third...
I confessed.
Mercy please, don't kill this sleepy pig.

P.S: Xuan said I need to write this down in my 'journal' (so that we know who is accountable in case of brain fuse).
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Last night, I came to a subtle realisation that I have crossed half of my journey in life. If nothing goes wrong - if I don't wake up one day with some innoxious pain that is diagnosed as cancer, that is, and if I don't recklessly drive into a divider or big tree, that is, I may get to live for another 30 years, maybe.

The first half of my journey is all about growing up - from a malnourished skinny girl to a whiney mother-of-two with stubborn baby bulge. It saw me emerging from a protected shell of a little schoolgirl, to slogging in the corporate world earning meagre bucks, before landing on a ship which calls home and giving birth to little Miss Fiery and Mr Mischief. It was very much a typical life of any women born into this earth, this space. A life that was not exciting, ... absolutely dull and pretty much lifeless. In a nutshell, a life void of happening and pampering. I've never been to a disco, not tried the bungee, not yelled to the world on the top of my voice to get crazy... (not that I yearned all those (haha!), it's more to illustrate the boring life I had). I've never treated myself to any spas, massages (other than the Malay postnatal massage), facials, hair colours, manicures, pedicures, and the like. I've just led a simple life.

Now the second half...
I would spend some time watching the kids grow, worrying about their overall well-being until they settle into their own families, spend little time looking after my grandchildren perhaps, and finally...
I will become old and wrinkly, frail and senile. I will be plagued by illnesses, patronising the hospital on a daily basis and finally being chucked into the nursing home until the day I bid "bye, see you next time."

What a realisation...
Is that the meaning of life?

Wait!! Before I go, I've got to see the world and do my bit for the less fortunate!
Still have time, 30 years I hope.


oh by the way,
There is a very meaningful event coming up on 31st October 2010 (Sunday) at Hort Park. It's called Happee Day for Children with Cancer, organised by awesome Mom-of-two (and counting...), Daphne and her husband and the Children’s Cancer Foundation, with hope to bring smiles to these brave kids. Find out more by clicking on the banner below!
Give your support!

This is the least I can do to help for now...
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Friday, October 1, 2010

I like RED

I really do!

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