Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Coming to an end

The year is coming to an end.
Overall, not exactly a fabulous year...
see, I'm going to whine again.

Looking back at the old entries, I discovered that the not-so-good things always happened around the last few days of the year.
Last year (2009), I encountered a Mischievous Kai.
The year before last (2008), I bashed myself for being a fiasco parent.
In 2007, I suffered a bad injury to my nose!

This year, with no exception, my "blur" nature has gotten me into some detestable "trouble"...
Well, I must not forget to count my blessings.

I wish everyone a peaceful year in 2011.
Let us all be blessed
with the wisdom to think
a heart to reflect
and a voice to give thanks

Happy New Year!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bubble fun


This slideshow couldn't load properly.
Sigh, this is the best I can do...

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Friday, December 17, 2010

School holidays means...

The house will be in a constant mess
the sofa is forever occupied by cars and toys
everybody sat on floors only...

The "sua-gu" kids get to fulfill their first excursion on Singapore buses and MRT.

They get to watch Rapanzel in 3D.
It was the first time they stepped into the cinema too!

The kids had fun at the Lego Competition.

We tried the Sentosa Luge and I 'sweated my palms' out on the skyride. Don't laugh!

... some insects-watching at the Butterfly and Insect Park.

There were more gatherings and outings with families...

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Prata hotcakes

Sounds cool?
Self-invented dish.
It's failed culinary transformed into something weird - that's why the funny name.

The kids have always loved hotcakes from McDonald.
Before the hoo-ha's about the never-rotting burger, we had treasured our Sunday family breakfast time at McDonald - Hotcakes with hash brown were most well-loved.

So I thought, since we have now bade goodbye to McDonald, and the kids must have missed the hotcakes, why not I made some for them - to make up for the loss.
"They will be jumping for joy," I imagined.

The recipe I saw was easy.
Flour+Sugar+Eggs only
Stir the mixture, fry in wok, that's all.

And as expected, the outcome was disastrous.
But the worst misery was - MY GUINEA PIGS FAILED ME!!!
"EEeeee.." was their first reaction.
They zipped their mouth, refusing to try.

I had no choice but to bite the bullet and ate a few bites.
Then I had to trash them.
What a waste.
But I guessed it was wiser to waste ...
(errm. Actually, I've taken a picture of my prata hotcakes but it was a shame to show)

OK, I promise
From now on,
I'm going to store my wok in the cabinets for good.
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Monday, December 6, 2010

Talking to a child can be therapeutic

Especially if you pick those cute, chatty and innocent ones to talk to.
More so, if you choose those who would yank out the juiciest gossip or the most embarrassing secrets of their parents... "Mummy hugs her smelliest pillow to sleep every night" or "Daddy drools in his sleep until my whole bolster is wet" something of that sort.

If you want that, try talking to Kai.
This boy talks incoherently whenever outsiders initiate a chat with him.

To start the humor, the two most popular questions, "What's your name" and "How old are you" - he will answer wrongly.

When asked "How old are you?", his reply was "My name is Jun Kai."
I bet he already assumed that everyone would asked for his name in their first question!

You won't feel bored talking to him.
He'd go on and on, talking and divulging bits and bytes, without you having to ask or said anything!!??!

"I have a new car at home."
"My Ye Ye's birthday is in August."
"Just now, the boy peed in the bushes."
"My father is . . . "

I'm afraid one day, I might have to intervene and said, "Alright, that's too much info..."
Yes, no boredom, no awkward silence.
He'd keep you entertained.
He has done that many times, much to the amusement of those lucky people who has talked to him.

He is simply too friendly and too cute to be true!
To me,
that's the beauty of the innocent mind.
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My kids

I always thought I hated the fighting, the squabbling, the noise
until one day...

I deprived Kai of his afternoon nap,
and made both kids sleep early that night.
Real early. As in 8.30pm.

Then all of a sudden
noises died
laughter ceased
fighting stopped

I thought I would be enjoying the peace and bliss of my lifetime...
a strange feel of loneliness overcame me...

They have never slept this early
They have always played and fought late into the night.
I missed the noise all of a sudden...

At that moment
I knew my life will never be complete without these two kids...

PS: It reminded me once again that, we take too many things in life for granted until we lost them...
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