Friday, December 23, 2011

Dreadful December

I didn't know how to write this.
It took me a long while...
I was waiting for things to settle before I start recalling and documenting...
At this point, things weren't settled as yet.. but I thought I should just write something cos' I was living like there's no tomorrow.

The whole of December was emotionally draining.
Since his birthday in November, the husband has been feeling lethargic with coughs.
The coughs went on and off and dragged till December. Then on 5th December, he felt the pain in his tummy. He thought it was just mere gastro discomfort. But we started to suspect something when the pain dragged on for the entire week, without diarrhea. I made him see the GP on the 10th. That day, after the GP, he called back to say he needed to go for a CT scan at the specialist. That very same day, after the specialist, he called back again to say that he had to go for an operation for appendicitis at 5pm. Everything happened in a short span of few hours. But he procrastinated. The husband, with extraordinary high pain threshold, thought that the pain has gone and he should just take some antibiotics to treat the "mild" appendicitis. He didn't go for surgery that day.

We were torn by the suggestion to go for appendicitis surgery. He said that his symptoms were improving and didn't think his appendix will rupture. He lived on Milo and antibiotics for the next two days, hoping that the appendicitis will go away. He had occasional chills along the way. I had fever too but mine was an isolated flu case. I went to see the same GP (our family doctor) for my fever and cough on the 12th. The GP was worried for the husband. He called him personally to go for a blood test on the 13th. That very same day, he finally had the operation to remove his appendix. The laparoscopic appendectomy operation marked the beginning of a "long" hospital stay. He was hospitalised from 13th to 17th. The stay was long and draining for both of us. His post-surgery infections were bad. He was in severe pain the following day after the surgery and had fever. He was nauseous and vomited. He had delusions and he couldn't sleep. He was badly dehydrated. It was an ordeal for him and emotionally draining for me...

Now he is back home..
but not all well
he is still having low grade fever
He still needs to go for a blood test 2 months down the road.
His white blood count was exceptionally high when he was in hospital...
and the doctor advised him to check his WBC again after he is well, to be sure that all is indeed well...

It was a dreadful December.
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Monday, November 21, 2011


I think life is fair.
When you have a disciplined kid who gives you the least worry, you'd also have one who is exactly opposite on the scale. Yes, I'm referring to Kai.

I'm not sure how he is going to survive in Pimary 1.
He only responds to words like "cars", "play", "TV", "iphone" - he is especially deaf to words like "learn", "read", "write"...

Seriously, I am worried sick when it took ages for me to persuade him to sit at the table to do some writing.
"Come, come here, come and sit here, ... come now, sit here, right NOW!"
"Here, hold this pencil, hold it ... hold it NOW!"
"You just need to trace this alphabet, trace only... don't have to write it yourself"
"Ok, start tracing now."
"start now..."
"what are you doing?"
"I said trace this alphabet"
"hold the pencil properly"
"start tracing now... please"
"put your pencil here... here, here.... start here, at this point... start tracing, start... START!!!!!!!"

I'm serious.
It was this bad.
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

So exciting

Everyone is getting so excited about tomorrow.
Yes, tomorrow. Not because it's the last day of school.
Well, sort of..., but more importantly, there are two significant events -

1. We are invited to Xuan's school for the 2011 Award cum Graduation Ceremony!
Yeah! She has done tremendously well and we are so proud of her.
We are going to smuggle her doting grandparents into the school as well. Shhh... don't tell, ok.

2. Immediately after that, we are all heading to Resort World Sentosa for a short staycation!
The kids are so happy. They have already packed their own backpack. Kai has been jumping up and down the whole evening just now... he is still chatting with daddy right now (10 min to 12 a.m.) and is too excited to sleep.

Let's hope everything goes well tomorrow.
Good night.
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Saturday, November 12, 2011


Listening to songs, singing or croaking for that matter, can be so therapeutic. Really.
Many times, I find myself lost in the kids' world - forgotten about this enjoyment.
I was contented just living each and every day drowning in noises...
until one day, when I was driving home alone from the kids' school, I pressed on the wrong disc player, which miraculously played all the songs I used to love.
The best thing was, for the first time, it wasn't playing Kai's favourite "爱的初体验" on disc 3 track 9.
And I fell in love with these oldies once again.

At home, I quickly checked out the Yamaha theatre system and the Blu-ray player but started to curse its inability to play CDs!!!
What was the use of a sophisticated sound system when it couldn't even perform the most basic function and provide the simplest pleasure???

I was about to dismantle it to pieces when I spotted a USB port on the blu-ray player.
So I inserted my thumb-drive, which contained all my favourite songs, and...
Voila! It worked!

BTW, I was never good with all these sound or Tech gadgets - how they connect to each other - which way in and which one out...
But somehow, with lots of button pressing, a myriad of determination and a great deal of desperation, I managed to do it!
It felt good.
Really good
- to bring music back to my life again.
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

SA2 2011... her first exam

Results for SA2 main papers came back.

English 60/60
Maths 100/100
Chinese 69.5/70

So proud of you, baby!
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The time reads 2.50 p.m.
HOORAY! The exam is officially over!

Today Xuan sat for her last paper - Mathematics.
She must be very happy by now.
I can imagine the exhilaration and happiness showing on her face NOW.
Yes, right now.
YEAH...! It's over!

*Erhem* If she was happy, I would be 20 times happier!
For the past week, and especially the day before each of her exam paper, I had read through, ingested and digested all her school textbooks, workbooks, worksheets, test papers... to help her with her revision. I highlighted all her mistakes to her, without her going through her entire stack of school work. I WAS the one revising!
[I can see your head shaking vigorously now. Don't judge.]

Occasionally, I would be questioned by the "invigilator" who did a surprise check and slapped a question like "How come she didn't know her punctuations, I thought you already went through with her?" in my face.

When she was in school for her examination. I watched the clock.
When the clock read 1.20 p.m., I told myself, "exam starts.."
When it ticked 2.50 p.m., I heaved a sigh of relief, "one down.."

Well, this was the first time she sat for her exams - REAL examinations - not those bite-sized assessments or short tests.
It was also my VERY FIRST EXAM after my last departure from school, when I had long forgotten what it tasted like to be EXAMINED. All of a sudden, scent of the burning mid-night oil came gushing back to me. And those mountain-high stack of lecture notes. Oh, oh... how could I forget that it almost cost me my sanity, when I forgot momentarily how to write or even spell for that matter - my.very.own.NAME, on the exam paper! That moment was really scary.
So you can't exactly blame me for my anxiety this time, can you?

Anyway, I am so thrilled that it was all over.
But I can't get over the fact that I have to sit through this sh*t exam-anxiety for the rest of her academic years.
Err... by the way, did I tell you that she is only in Primary TWO???

P.S.: Actually, Xuan has been doing consistently well in her studies this year. That was why I did not attempt to drown her with the entire year's school work for revision. During her examination period, she could even afford the same amount of play. No less. She was very disciplined. She needed minimal supervision. I could not even hold a candle to one-twelfth of her willpower at her age.

We are going to celebrate today.
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

How their baby faces have changed

I was doing some housekeeping on the PC the other day and came across some old photos

and a recent one...

and realised how time flies
and how I missed their baby faces...
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Friday, October 21, 2011

Kai's temper tantrums

I am exceptionally happy with Kai today.
Simply because he is behaving very well.

Let me put this on record.
In fact, I have been having a very difficult time with Kai these few days.
His temper tantrums were getting worse.
He got upset easily.
He hit and kicked, whenever things went against his will.

This time, I'm attributing it to the iPhone again.
And I am blaming the Dad for giving him the phone after it has been renounced for a long while...
yet now iPhone has become an everyday demand whenever dad's home.
There wasn't any educational apps... but his all-time favourites -- Temple Run, Traffic Rush and the like, that could stir up his adrenaline too easily.

There must be a way to stop all these before it become worse.
You heard me, Daddy?
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Playing cars together

Nowadays, Xuan has turned to playing cars.

She likes playing cars as much as her younger brother does.
And she likes to play them together with him.

Instead of the usual Barbie and Ken chatting, shopping, and the mundane day-in-day-out activities, she actually enjoyed using Lightning McQueen, Mater, Francesco, Shu Todoroki in the cars play - talking, arguing, racing, winning... and more often than not - crashing, injured, rushed to hospital, and stuff. OK, to be fair, the crashing parts and the more violent plots are often dictated by Kai. Xuan's are mostly of sleepovers, cars performing on stage... sa ma ma ma la la la la...

But Kai will protest, "the cars don't want to go to the performance"
Instead, "You see..., Jiejie, Lightning fly up, there's a river here... WEEeee, and SSsplashhhh!
Well, they'd reach a win-win compromise somewhere somehow

But in the end, towards 11.00pm every night...
"Why Francesco races so fast??!!!"
"No! Lightning wins..."
"No, he wins..."

Exhaustion kicks in
No more compromises
One of them will cry

And that calls for the end of the play,
the end of the day.

Not a good way to end the play.
But without that, NO WAY are they going to end the day.
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fever fever go away!

The week that passed was hectic and exhausting with the duo taking turns to fall sick with fever as high as 40.4 deg. Celsius. That was 1st October. Kai got it first. Three days later, Xuan caught it. The fever was really scary - it didn't go away after three days - it stayed for a good 7 days. No joke!

We had to dose them with Voltaren suppositories and I became an expert in pushing that stub into their butts overnight. Without those suppositories, I wouldn't know what would happen. The fever had made them vomitted, especially for Xuan. She couldn't take the oral Nurofen prescribed for high fever. A few seconds after she has taken Nurofen, she'd vomit - it never failed. It was messy.

Well, I'm glad it was over although there are still lingering coughs here and there...
I just have to pray hard that she doesn't fall ill again on her exam days.
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Primary 2 examination

In most primary schools, children are "streamed" according to their academic abilities at the end of P2. So the pupils from the first 3 classes in P3 are so-called top of the cream. No matter how much we parents disagree, it has become a reality that we have now came to accept, especially when your kids are currently in P2, as in my case. The system might change for the better, but we won't see the light that soon. Schools are still very much in the competitive mode.

Xuan is in P2 this year. She will be sitting for her year-end "streaming" examination in end October, which is like... one more month down the road!! Schools, principals, teachers, parents are all very competitive. It's not easy being a child at this age. There is nothing much we can do except to revise with her and help prepare her for the examination.
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Chest pain and aches

It all started with an innocuous pain on the left lower chest. Then it turned into sharp pounding pain with each deep breath. Next, the pain spread to lower left back. The pain was aggravated with each movement. I could hardly twist or turn. I could hardly walk straight. I could not lie down.

I had fever.

The best and wise thing to do was to see the doctor.
The doctor could not identify the cause and advised me to go for a chest X-ray and blood test.

X-ray showed pleural effusion, which is explained as excess fluid that fills up the fluid-filled space that surrounds the lungs.

There are many causes for pleura effusion.
One of them is pneumonia.
But it couldn't be pneumonia as I didn't have any cough.
So the GP advised me to see a chest specialist.

Oh yes, and I remembered that I crashed my chest into the marble counter top in the kitchen while doing work the other day. But there was no bruise in sight. So this cause was also ruled out. (btw, I have concluded that I should wear an armour when I work in the house..)

At the specialist, I was told to do another blood test for mycoplasma.
The result was negative.
So it couldn't be fungal infection.
Maybe it was other unknown bacteria.

I was prescribed with Avelox, an antibiotic which made me nauseous, giddy, blur, sometimes high, sometimes low, and more..
The pain was gone immediately after I saw the specialist.
The side effects of the drug was still there nonetheless.

Then, on the fifth day of antibiotic, I woke up with the pain on the right side of my back.
It couldn't be bacteria then.
And this warrant an immediate visit to the specialist.

Another X-ray taken...
The hb was with me all these while.
He was worried.
I knew he was thinking what I was thinking.
But we never spoke about it.

I tried very hard to focus on the positive.
But I broke down and cried when no one was around.
It was the thought of separation that brought me to tears.
the thoughts of leaving behind my hb and two young kids..
the regrets of not doing enough for the kids..
the agony of not able to watch them grow up..

That was even before I took my second X-ray.
I was so silly. But the thoughts were depressing.
We never know when in life we are going to fall ill and die.

Thankfully, the second X-Ray showed improvement in the pleural effusion.
Phew. It wasn't as bad as we thought.

I am well.
The rest are history..
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Talking too much

I'm not sure whether it is the age problem
but at 8, Xuan really likes to talk
She can go on and on and on... about the same topic, non-stop, until I had to say "ok, that's enough of talking."


Xuan: "Mummy, do you think mechanical pencil is better or normal pencil is better?"

Me: "I think mechanical pencil is better, I like mechanical pencil"

Xuan: "I also like mechanical pencil. But I think normal pencil is better... Do you know why? Because it is thicker. Some mechanical pencil lead are very light, but normal pencil lead are always darker."

Me: "That's not true, normal pencil also have lighter lead like HB, just like mechanical pencils"

Xuan: "Oh is it? Then I think mechanical pencil is better. I can write in nice handwriting using mechanical pencil. But sometimes, I still think normal pencil is better because........................"

If I'm not wrong, for the next 8 minutes, she was still on the same topic.
*slap forehead*
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Friday, August 26, 2011

Colouring and CARS

Kai loves cars so much that he has been colouring, painting and drawing them!
He especially loves the cars in CARS movie. His favourite is Lightning Mcqueen.

Recently, he was colouring the cars in his colouring book when I saw him coloured Mater wrongly. Mater was supposed to be brown in the CARS movie. So I asked,"Why do you colour pink here?"

His reply was "This is called ART!"

Btw, we caught CARS 2 as soon as it hit the theatre's screen on 25 August. Both kids were equally excited. Kai had been looking forward to that day. He kept chanting that it was his 'happy day'! We went to Shaw Theatre at NEX and watched the 3D show from 9.30pm to 11.30pm. On the whole, I felt that CARS 2 was more action-packed and its pace too fast for me. Hee.. I am those slow-by-few-beats type. So I still prefer CARS 1.

Throughout the show, Kai kept asking me what was going on.
"What did they say???" he probed almost every other second.
Well, he enjoyed the show nevertheless.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lizards' stuff

Adventures with lizards continued even as we shifted to this new house few months ago.
I was so looking forward to a fresh start---life without lizards!
But things just didn't work that way.

Everytime I dream about lizards, they'd come and greet me the very next day. It's that mystical. It's creepy! It was rather unfortunate that I seemed to dream about horrifying lizards very often recently. Sigh! But in a way, the dreams helped me to be on high alert.

By the way, I have tried very hard to keep the house lizards-free. Other than religiously cleaning the house and eliminating lizards' food source, I've also tried:

  • hanging empty egg shells near windows;

  • mixing TABASCO sauce with water and sprinkling them all over the house - err.. lizard-frequent spots, that it;

  • using PEST-STOP 5000 - electronic pest repeller that uses ultrasonic technology to chase lizards away; (this one is supposed to scare away cockroaches and mosquitoes as well)

  • Non-toxic RIDSECT repllent - deters the lizards ability to cling onto the surface and therefore prevent them from going back to the same spot; (I'm pretty sure this one works, cos' the other day I saw this little lizard that dropped to the floor after passing through the sprayed spots and it had to hop out of the house.. tsk tsk tsk, already told u not to come in!)

  • And finally, the rubber door seal to prevent lizards from crawling into the house. (The same tiny lizard mentioned above apparently resided in the corridor. It loved to visit me. It has came into our house a few times through the main door, despite being chased outside by a stick. I had quite an adventure with it. Now with the rubber door seal, I hope it will not come into the house again.)
Anyway, I'm not sure which of the above "smart technology" works best. Cos' it seems like I've used them all almost at the same time. Too smart. *shake head*

However, if you are as terrified and paranoid of lizards, just try them.
They are harmless methods anyway.
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Best friend

Kai's best friend in school is a girl - Jenny, who is very popular in class. I've seen her, she is very sweet and friendly - the next-door-girl who is every boy's dream. There is something special in her that attracts. I just couldn't tell.

Hmm... my son has taste. He told me he wanted to marry her. Haha...
There was a little small talk among the four of us (Xuan, Kai, Jenny and Me), outside Kai's school today.

Jenny: Hello Jun Kai.
(Being a shy and quiet boy in school, Kai just smiled and kept quiet)

Me: Hello!!

Me: Do you partner him? (pointing to Kai)

Jenny: (nodding her head) Yes, when I partner him, I smiled.

Me: Do you like him? (What a question!)
Jenny nodded her head.

Me: He said he likes you too!

Xuan to Jenny: Who is your best friend?
Jenny thought for a while and pointed to Kai.
Then, she held his hand and led him into the classroom.

Aww... this attractive little girl has stolen my heart.
Think I couldn't wait for her to be my future daughter-in-law... hahaha!

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Friday, August 12, 2011


Just when I was about to feel smart for choosing black ceramic tiles for the floor to camouflage dropped hair, I start to shed the whites...
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Saturday, July 30, 2011

What's happening on the homefront

Has been pretty busy for the past several days.
The motivation to work harder and earn more income has somehow kicked in..
Guessed I was guilty for submitting too little indexing records for the past few months.
Partly also motivated by people around me who are earning 5-6K a month.
Oh well...

Some quick updates:

All is well on the homefront... except

Kai developed a new bad habit - licking his hands and fingers!!! He was all finger lickin' good and you wouldn't believe that he has never tasted KFC.

He has more cars than ever. All his cars were stored away and only rationed at appropriate times. So everybody thought he didn't have cars and kept buying more cars. Even he himself thought so. So whenever, an old worn-out and almost forgotten car made its appearance, he was happy as a lark. I used that to motivate him to write his ABCs and 123s, and to try new food.

As for Xuan, she came home from school, telling us:
so-and-so whispered something bad about her
so-and-so ganged up against her
so-and-so was so funny
so-and-so always get scolded by the teacher
and more often than not, she also came back telling us that she forgot to complete her homework...

She was having more nightmares than usual, especially after watching some playbacks or screenshots in school relating to racial disputes, or some poor limbless souls with great perserverance, or the loyal dog who stayed true to its dead master... the school just wanted to put across the values and morals, but those didn't seem to work on Xuan. She became fearful instead.

Last but not least,
boths kids are waiting anxiously for CARS 2 to made its debut here.
Read that it'd be 25th August.
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Friday, July 15, 2011

The start of Kaisu syndrome - feeling pressured

Yesterday, I chatted with the maid of a classmate of Kai. In the past, when I had maids, chatting with those 'made-your-blood-boil talents' was almost impossible. I had only secretly wished that they got flushed down the toilet bowl when they took hours to clean it - if only there was one big enough for them. Now, I treat maids as friends - we talk and chit-chat, just like what aunties do. When I'm not their employer and they are not my maids - it's a different story altogether.

Now, back to the story. This maid was telling me that the girl (classmate of Kai) went for tuition at Kumon. She said the girl also knew how to spell. Then I recalled the other day, the grandma of another classmate of Kai told me that her grandson was learning piano and English enrichment... immediately, i could feel the pressure. OMG, the K1 kids are all going for enrichment, piano, phonics, hanyu pinyin, Chinese, ...

What about Kai?
He only played cars at home!
Will he lose out in the rat race?
Then I started to contemplate if I should also send him to some kind of enrichment... you see, this was how the whole Kiasu syndrome arose... out of conversations, out of chit-chatting with fellow aunties. Scary.

But no. I am going to stand firm. I shall not waver. I shall not be pressured. As the wise saying goes, "Children are young only once". So Kai has the privilege to enjoy his childhood.
Before you knew it, I'd be standing next to him with a whip and forcing him to write his ABC's and 123's... ahahaaa !

Life's a contradictory constant.
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Friday, July 8, 2011

Crying before school ritual

Kai's crying before stepping into school has become a ritual.
He simply doesn't like to go to school.
He used to just cry and try grabbing a part of me so that I couldn't go.
sometimes, it was quite dramatic
other parents looked on in wonder..
I could hear sympathetic sighs

Now he is a bit better.
He still teared but can bid me farewell.
yup, these few days, he added a bitter-sweet message to spice up our little parting:

Bye Mummy
See you later
Be careful

Good luck!

Then his eyes turned red..
I wonder why the need for "good luck"
i guessed "it" was for me to be well so that I could fetch him from school later

Anyway, I'm already immune to his crying by now..
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hi five!

Kai turned five yesterday.
I'm sure he had a great day.
Xuan promised not to fight with him on his big day.
He had his first birthday celebration in school.
He received all things relating to Lightning McQueen from Daddy.
He got to eat his favourite lolly twice in a day...
and Cheezels, M&M, KitKat...
All these made him a happy little man.

Happy Birthday, 帅哥!
Tons of love from Mummy, Daddy and Jiejie

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Holidays fun

Holidays are over.
Here's the fun they had.

Now, it's back to the routine.
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Friday, June 24, 2011

I don't have green fingers

She is Adenium Obesum.
Also known as desert rose or prosperity flower.
This was how she looked when she first came to live with us.
Barely two months down the road,
she became critically ill.
Her flowers withered
Her leaves turned yellow
and she was almost bald.

We grieved
We googled for remedies and prayed for miracle
Then, we had no choice but to send her to the nursery
The gardeners examined her closely
But couldn't find an answer for her condition
They said she had to be put under closer observation

So now, she was admitted.
Two weeks later, she might be discharged.
We are keeping our fingers crossed and waiting for the good news ..
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm not even sure if you are a good mother

Xuan came to me just now, and said doubtfully,
"Mummy, now I'm not even sure if you are a good mother."
These were her exact words, which I'd remember for life.

Calm and expressionless, I asked, "Why did you say that?"

She reasoned, "All my friends have tuition. Yee Rei (friend and neighbour) also said he went for Holiday classes. But I didn't go for anything... Why didn't you send me for tuition?"

Oh no, kids nowadays measure up by comparing what other parents are doing for their children.
Send kids for tuition = Good mother
I was speechless for a while before I explained to her the rationale of going for tuition and why tuition is not necessarily good for the kids.

Erm, but after this, I'm definitely going to send her for some tuition.
Not academic ones but spiritual ones though.
I have actually been sitting on this Rahula Sunday Service from Buddhist Fellowship for a very long time.

So, it's time I shake up my butt and start "move it move it!"
before Xuan came to me again and said "I'm not even sure if you REALLY REALLY REALLY is a good mother..."
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I love flowers. I like their cheerful colours.
I can't resist taking pictures of them but I've never thought of growing them.

On the opposite, the husband is fond of growing plants.
When he declared that he was going to grow different types of plants and flowers after we have moved to the new house, I was against the idea.
I shuddered at the thought that I have one more "baby" to look after...
I quoted "mosquitoes" as the potential hazard
Until now, I am still not sure how plants could invite mosquitoes, but, err... just to throw up any possible risk so that the idea could be dropped (BTW, I didn't study Botany and have no clues about plants)

Anyway, my hypothesis was not convincing enough to fool the man
and we headed to the nursery soon after we shifted in.
At the nursery, MY ONLY question to the gardener was "uncle, which one doesn't need water?"
OK, now you know how hopeless I was.
Anyway, these plants and shrubs and flowers came home...
and my new journey to gardening began.

We brought home pots of:- small lime tree, foxtail fern, prosperity flower (desert rose), Cantonese "lu yao yit", and a pot of bright yellow-green shrub.
I watered them everyday
and watched them grow...
I am starting to like them secretly.

Few days ago, we visited the nursery again.
I chose a pot of Japanese rose, otherwise known as the "9 o'clock flower"

The plant was amazing.
It was supposed to bloom at 9 o'clock in the morning (read: bloom when there is sunlight) and closed up when the sun set.
I was intrigued and started reading up on plants and flowers.
By now, I am pretty much inspired
I do not mind watering them everyday now
except the pest control part, I'd still leave it to the husband (haha, he is the mastermind anyway)
So next, I'm going to grow all kinds of pretty flowers
and turn the planter box into a flower heaven
something to this effect...
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Karaoke night

Ha... finally got this out!

I tried many converters before getting this FREE one that converts my MTS file to MPEG to be downloaded here... it was a tough!

Well, I like how the kids sang their favourite "爱的初体验"
... can see they really can't wait to be "十八岁" !!!

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Learning good the hard way

Kai is not an easy child to manage.
As you might already knew, he has several weird impositions on me... Only ME.
He used to demand that I always tie my hair - "cannot let down" were his exact words.
Thank goodness, after I cropped it off, he had stopped saying that.
Since young, he has been forbidding me to pee - Whenever I emerged from the loo, he'd questioned if I had peed?!
Oh, and I'm not allowed to say "OUCH!" - it's a forbidden word.
So, whenever I hurt myself, I'd have to bite my tongue and say "ARRRHHH" instead.

Until today, he still bawls his lungs out whenever he spills his water or even drop a tiny grain of rice.
I have told him several times that it was alright to drop or spill and there was no need to cry over such a small matter.
But my words all went heedless, and all he wanted was to lick up the spillage!
So whenever he wailed, we knew he had spilt something and it needed to be cleaned up immediately.
And I hated when he cried out loud in public places.
It wasn't easy to tame him down.

So today, I let him learn to be good the hard way.
I left both him and Xuan at the hawker table while I went a few stalls ahead to buy Roti Prata for breakfast.
He was drinking his water when he accidentally spilt some on the table.
He bawled out loud as expected.
I observed him from a distance.
He refused to stop crying.
All eyes in the hawker centre were on him.
Then Xuan ran to me to relate the spillage to me.
I asked Xuan to convey to him that "if he doesn't stop crying, strangers are going to ask him what happened and bring him to the police station nearby."
Sure enough, as he continued to bawl, a Muslim stall owner who couldn't stand his cries asked him what happened and suggested to bring him to the police!"
He stopped crying immediately.
His loud cries turned to wimpy sobs.
He was scared. I was secretly happy.

As we walked home, I tried to reinforce the lesson learnt.
It was unfortunate that he needed to learn good the hard way.
I really hope he learnt his lesson.
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Friday, May 27, 2011

A peek at the new house

We have kinda settled down in the new house and adapted to the new living... more or less. I'm pleased to have a brighter and airier kitchen. Both Xuan and Kai are happy to have their own bedrooms. And we are all contented with our new home location.

Take a peek.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Siblings' fights

Xuan and Kai have been fighting. Everyday.
They fight over everything -- from being angry with each other for saying the wrong things to competing to be the first to press the lift, buckle the seat belt in the car...
They fight at home. They fight in the lift. They fight in the car.

Each time they fight, they'd be 'entertained' by the cane.
I've lost the patience to talk and explain things to them nicely.
Those talks never work. They always fall on deaf ears.

Sigh! Life's not so good at present.
I hear fightings everyday.
and at this moment, everyone is sick.

ps: June holidays' coming! HELP!!!!
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Past two months

Life for the past two months was crazy. First, it was the renovation. Then, there was the big clean-up after the renovation. Next, I had to carry bags and bags and BAGS of stuff to the new house. Err.. yes, we hired a mover, but since the distance from the old house to the new house was not too far away, I thought I could start by transferring some stuff over first... by myself. That was really a crazy act. We should have let the mover do it ALL on a single day. To think that I moved the stuff over for 10 continuous days, with load of 8kg on right shoulder, 7kg on left shoulder, 6kg on left hand and 8kg on right hand on each single trip, I must be insane! So currently I am suffering from extreme fatigue symptoms.

And by now, we have finally shifted.
Life was a bit disoriented.
The cleaning continues in the new house cos' everything is sparkling new and you don't want to see any dust on it. You get really upset over small scratches on the new dining table, and you scream at the kids for dragging the chairs all over the polished floor...

Damnit. Life is truly crazy.
It will take a while before I loosen up and life gets back to normal... thank you.
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Thursday, April 14, 2011


Every year, on my birthday, a special woman would call
That is my mom.
She never fails to call me on my birthday to send me her birthday wish.
That is how lovely my mother can be!
"祝你生日快乐, 祝你生日快乐,祝你生日快乐,祝你生日快乐。"
Birthday is not only time to celebrate ME but also to celebrate MOM
the most important person without whom, I won't be here today.
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Going shopping with Kai

I enjoy going shopping with Kai.
He is such a darling when it comes to shopping "alone" with me.
Yes, shopping with 'just me' and shopping with 'Dad and sis' are two different stories altogether. When it comes to shopping in a 'group', he tends to be more grouchy. But when he shops with 'just me', he is sooo obedient and good.

Earlier this afternoon, I brought him to NEX. We went shopping for some bedsheets at Isetan but unconsciously stepped into the kids department. His eyes widened when he saw so many toys in front of him! "Wow, here also have Toys"R"Us!" (to him, any place with toys are called Toys"R"Us). I was like OH NO! He's going to bug me to buy cars! But to my surprise, he didn't. He just looked at all the cars admiringly, showing me all the variations of Lightning Mcqueen and how they worked. When I accidentally knocked down some cars from the shelves, he helped me arranged them back neatly. When I said it's time to go, he just put his favourite Lightning Mcqueen back to the shelf and left quietly without any fuss. He didn't make a single request to buy anything AT ALL.

Next, we had a field trip to the newly opened Serangoon Public Library. BTW, he was supposed to follow his school on this field trip today, which I didn't allow as usual, unless I can also tag along, which the teachers didn't allow as usual, because they said I was 'too big' for the trip. Oh well, the main reason for not allowing him on the school field trip is out of fear that he might get lost and that I lost a son in the process, ha... paranoid parenting, don't bother! Anyway, I told Kai that he will be able to go on school field trips next year in K2... And to cut the story short, I ended up being the teacher conducting the tour to my only student. I registered him as a Library member and he was very happy to own a card with his name 'WOO JUN KAI MR' on it! He told me that the library had his name printed wrongly. "It should be 'MR WOO JUN KAI'!" he said. Well, he treasured the card so much that he held it tightly against his shirt pocket until I asked him to relax and assured him that it would not drop out. Altogether, he borrowed six books -- all about cars and trucks, after my attempt to sneak in a book on 'rabbits' failed! After the library field trip, we sat down for some quick snacks at Long John Silver's, his favourite fast food outlet, before heading home.

He was on his best behaviour throughout the whole trip, holding on to my hands all the time, sitting absolutely still on the train, obeying all my instructions and miserable imposition - "just look, cannot buy." Shopping with Kai can be such a pleasant experience if he behaves like this all the time.

Kai's request:
As I was typing this, he reminded me to write down about the part where 'an auntie called him a sweetie'... hahaha! It was a casual remark but had such a deep impression on him.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Updates on Xuan and Kai

Xuan has been getting a lot of phone calls recently... from boys! Er... I mean boy. It's always the same person who call. At night, after 10.30pm, sometimes as late as 11.30pm. Arrhhh! She is only 8.

She was nominated as the class monitress this year, which is good. With that, she has become more outspoken and has made more friends.

Her school is giving her homework everyday. And almost every other day, there are bite-size tests and assessments in school! Recently, she came back from school and drew this Math test quiz which she just had. She said that she was quite stressed as she couldn't solve it. Well, I was stressed too, I also don't know the answer. At least she managed to solve one of the ?. Until now, I am still clueless. OMG, she is only in P2! Take a look. Solve it, anyone?

As for Kai, believe it or not, he still cries everyday before he steps into school. But once he steps in, he is as quiet as a mouse. Phew! He is learning a lot of songs in school. His command of Chinese is better than Xuan at the same age. I think school plays a big role. His school taught him Chinese when he was in Nursery, unlike Xuan who only learnt the language in K1. The Chinese songs that Kai learnt in school were also appropriate for his age, unlike Xuan's, whose Kindergarten taught her oldies like 《兰花草》、《乡间的小路》、《茉莉花》。。。

So nowadays, Kai came back home from school reciting:
小白兔 白又白
爱吃萝卜 爱吃菜
蹦蹦跳跳 真可爱

大乌龟 小乌龟
前面爬 后面爬

He has also been doing lots of drawings on rough papers, and has added more details to them. This is one of his favourite. He brings it wherever he goes.

Last but not least, he is behaving very well in school :)
When asked if he was a good boy in school, he replied,"I'm more than a good boy."
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Sunday, April 10, 2011


I've seen different types of people. Not all. My hb has seen more.
There is this short-tempered type, whom I loathe
who looses his/her temper at the slightest irritation
who lashes out at people and never gets any snap back
who lacks empathy and has extremely low EQ.
The people who were snapped at were all surprisingly subdued.
It upsets many people, all except the one who snapped.
It is amazing how this type of people manages to breeze through life...
yet another gripe in life
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Friday, April 8, 2011

How to fold a fitted sheet

Do you have problems folding your King or Queen fitted sheet?
I have, big time.
I folded them anyhow, which always ended up a big lump.
And I don't really have time to care...
until today, I looked up in google and found this wonderful video.
It solved all my problems in folding a fitted sheet!
No more mess.
No more lumps.
Now I'm able to fold all my fitted sheets with pride..
Share this with you...

Cheers to Youtube and the wonderful people who made up the videos!
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Our first home

So fast, we have stayed in this home for 9 years... soon we are going to bid her goodbye. Before we go, I brought the kids to the park downstairs for a last bash... we gonna miss this place!
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