Monday, January 31, 2011


It was 6pm. I was darn tired and sleepy. I thought there was a good half-an-hour for me to rest. So I summoned Kai to the bedroom with me for a short rest. I didn't want to leave him unattended in the living room.

I plonked onto the cool cozy bed. The weather was good for the sleepy head. It has been raining the whole day and so the bed was cold. I could hear Kai's talking... but soon, I heard nothing. I was fast asleep.

I wore my watch to bed. So that I could keep a tab on the time. I didn't realise that it couldn't wake me up if I fell asleep. Stupid me.

When I finally woke up. The time was 6.40pm. I had slept past the half-an-hour allowance. Shucks! I went into a panicky mode. Then I saw Kai sleeping sound asleep on the bed too! Double shucks! I quickly carried him on my shoulder, grabbed his slippers, and hurried out of the house with quick big steps. I couldn't run with a sleeping Kai. I was extremely guilty. I felt really bad. This was the second time I didn't fetch Xuan on time. My mobile rang. Xuan had called from the school's General Office. This time she didn't cry. "I'm very sorry Xuan. I'm on my way right now!" I assured her.

I was panting heavily by the time I reached Xuan's school. I was very apologetic. I apologised to Xuan profusely. When she knew what had happened, she said it was OK. "Don't worry mummy. I will not cry because I am in Primary 2 already. I will wait for you in the General Office. You don't have to panic, OK?"

That was a very sensible reply.
My girl has really grown.

Back home, when I looked into the mirror, I realised my hair was still in a mess.
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Friday, January 28, 2011

New routine

The new routine, which started since the start of the year, has worked out pretty well. I'm glad I didn't have to switch Kai back to morning session like the last time. He has taken to afternoon session and doing it without naps rather well. But I do feel guilty when he became more short-tempered towards the end of the day due to nap deprivation. Other than that, he seemed to be adapting quite well.

Now with both kids in school at the same time, I finally get to have 4 hours of precious time to myself. I get to do marketing in peace, without two playful kids in tow. I get to complete more housework and home-work without any disruptions, like dropping the dirty dishes and dashing out to the fighting kids who cried foul... In short, I get to enjoy 4 precious hours of P.E.A.C.E. What a luxury!

Another treat about this new routine, is the revival of dating with the husband - something which we missed since the kids came into our lives. It was like going back in time some 14 years ago. The feeling of being in love again is good.

Well, coming up next, I'm going to make time for the gym and do some justice to health.
Sometimes, those 4 hours seemed to vanish in a blink.
Oh well. Life is good. I shouldn't be asking for more.
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Throw it away

Seems like a good way to start the spring cleaning for CNY, with this "throw it away" phrase from Kai. Unfortunately, his "throw it away" has nothing to do with spring cleaning and none of them is applicable.

"Ok, it's time for bed. Look at the clock, it's very late already"
"I don't want! Throw the clock in the rubbish bin!"

"Today is Monday. You have to go to school."
"I don't like Monday. Throw it into the rubbish bin!"

Kicked the corner of the sofa accidentally.
"I don't like this sofa. Throw it into the rubbish bin."

Slipped and fell in bathroom.
"Naughty floor, throw it away!"

Seems like everything that falls into the "naughty" category has to be thrown away in his spite of anger!

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Kai's dry lips

For the past six months or so, Kai's dry lips has been our biggest worry. His Pediatrician said it was due to frequent licking of his lips. That it was difficult to recover and that it would recur. He advised us to use lip moisturiser on Kai. We did as told but his condition didn't improve.

We bought a humidifier and turned it on every night so that the air conditioner would not dry out his lips. We bought a good vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter to vacuum his bed, in case of dust mites. We cut down his milk intake, in case of cow's milk allergy. We gave him more barley water, in case of heatiness. I made sure he drinks 1200ml of water daily, in case of dehydration. We thought of all possible causes. But his condition didn't improve. Sometimes, his lips cracked and bled. Skin around his mouth were dry and flaky. It was painful to see. But he never complained of pain. Friends and relatives all questioned about his lips...

It was long after that, that we saw our family physician for a second opinion. He pinpointed to some form of allergies. He prescribed some mild steriod and antihistamine to treat his lips. And we finally saw some improvements. We were so happy. This is how his lips look like now.

We have missed his soft healthy lips for the longest time.
However, until today, we still do not know the exact cause.
We pray hard that it will never recur again.
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Do-it-myself skirt

Xuan grows taller every day and outgrows her dresses at lightning speed.
Most of the dresses bought for her were worn only once or twice.

I prefer to buy her skirts nowadays.
Cos' she can pull it lower and wear as a low-waist skirt even when she grows taller. Ha!
And that is a lot of money saved from buying more dresses to compete with her ever-growing height.

Recently, I was even desperate to alter her old dresses and transform them into skirts. This was the result of my alteration. I was so pleased with myself.

From this...

... to this

Here are the steps:

1. unpick the dress at waist

2. sew in the elastic waist band

3. add a little decoration using ribbon and the old button

4. laced the edge of skirt with ribbon

And that's a new skirt, that would last for 2 more years, perhaps.
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Separation anxiety... not again!

I never expect Kai to go through the same separation anxiety process again since it was the same preschool with the same teacher, although there were changes in classmates. Oh well, these two days, he was like clinging to my thighs with all his might, refusing to let go, until I had to release his grasp by force.

Luckily, all was well, after I disappeared behind the closed door.
When I peered through the window, I could see him participating in the activities.
It was then that I felt better.
I knew this kind of feeling too well.

There was this piece of advice that helped me cope better:




As parents, we never stop worrying about our children.
But it is so important to give them our blessings instead!
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Saturday, January 1, 2011


This year, the best place to catch the beautiful fireworks, was no other than home.
Yes, home.

There was no crowd to jostle with,
no stampede to worry about,
no exorbitant hotel bills to fork out.

These were the views we got for free, just outside the house.

The best part, however, was the camaraderie shared by the neighbours, as we counted down to 2011. We shook hands and wished one another as we ushered into the new year. There was never such affiliation before. It was awesome.

Happy 2011 everyone.
May all be well and happy.
May there be lots of love, joy, peace and bliss...
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