Thursday, April 14, 2011


Every year, on my birthday, a special woman would call
That is my mom.
She never fails to call me on my birthday to send me her birthday wish.
That is how lovely my mother can be!
"祝你生日快乐, 祝你生日快乐,祝你生日快乐,祝你生日快乐。"
Birthday is not only time to celebrate ME but also to celebrate MOM
the most important person without whom, I won't be here today.
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Going shopping with Kai

I enjoy going shopping with Kai.
He is such a darling when it comes to shopping "alone" with me.
Yes, shopping with 'just me' and shopping with 'Dad and sis' are two different stories altogether. When it comes to shopping in a 'group', he tends to be more grouchy. But when he shops with 'just me', he is sooo obedient and good.

Earlier this afternoon, I brought him to NEX. We went shopping for some bedsheets at Isetan but unconsciously stepped into the kids department. His eyes widened when he saw so many toys in front of him! "Wow, here also have Toys"R"Us!" (to him, any place with toys are called Toys"R"Us). I was like OH NO! He's going to bug me to buy cars! But to my surprise, he didn't. He just looked at all the cars admiringly, showing me all the variations of Lightning Mcqueen and how they worked. When I accidentally knocked down some cars from the shelves, he helped me arranged them back neatly. When I said it's time to go, he just put his favourite Lightning Mcqueen back to the shelf and left quietly without any fuss. He didn't make a single request to buy anything AT ALL.

Next, we had a field trip to the newly opened Serangoon Public Library. BTW, he was supposed to follow his school on this field trip today, which I didn't allow as usual, unless I can also tag along, which the teachers didn't allow as usual, because they said I was 'too big' for the trip. Oh well, the main reason for not allowing him on the school field trip is out of fear that he might get lost and that I lost a son in the process, ha... paranoid parenting, don't bother! Anyway, I told Kai that he will be able to go on school field trips next year in K2... And to cut the story short, I ended up being the teacher conducting the tour to my only student. I registered him as a Library member and he was very happy to own a card with his name 'WOO JUN KAI MR' on it! He told me that the library had his name printed wrongly. "It should be 'MR WOO JUN KAI'!" he said. Well, he treasured the card so much that he held it tightly against his shirt pocket until I asked him to relax and assured him that it would not drop out. Altogether, he borrowed six books -- all about cars and trucks, after my attempt to sneak in a book on 'rabbits' failed! After the library field trip, we sat down for some quick snacks at Long John Silver's, his favourite fast food outlet, before heading home.

He was on his best behaviour throughout the whole trip, holding on to my hands all the time, sitting absolutely still on the train, obeying all my instructions and miserable imposition - "just look, cannot buy." Shopping with Kai can be such a pleasant experience if he behaves like this all the time.

Kai's request:
As I was typing this, he reminded me to write down about the part where 'an auntie called him a sweetie'... hahaha! It was a casual remark but had such a deep impression on him.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Updates on Xuan and Kai

Xuan has been getting a lot of phone calls recently... from boys! Er... I mean boy. It's always the same person who call. At night, after 10.30pm, sometimes as late as 11.30pm. Arrhhh! She is only 8.

She was nominated as the class monitress this year, which is good. With that, she has become more outspoken and has made more friends.

Her school is giving her homework everyday. And almost every other day, there are bite-size tests and assessments in school! Recently, she came back from school and drew this Math test quiz which she just had. She said that she was quite stressed as she couldn't solve it. Well, I was stressed too, I also don't know the answer. At least she managed to solve one of the ?. Until now, I am still clueless. OMG, she is only in P2! Take a look. Solve it, anyone?

As for Kai, believe it or not, he still cries everyday before he steps into school. But once he steps in, he is as quiet as a mouse. Phew! He is learning a lot of songs in school. His command of Chinese is better than Xuan at the same age. I think school plays a big role. His school taught him Chinese when he was in Nursery, unlike Xuan who only learnt the language in K1. The Chinese songs that Kai learnt in school were also appropriate for his age, unlike Xuan's, whose Kindergarten taught her oldies like 《兰花草》、《乡间的小路》、《茉莉花》。。。

So nowadays, Kai came back home from school reciting:
小白兔 白又白
爱吃萝卜 爱吃菜
蹦蹦跳跳 真可爱

大乌龟 小乌龟
前面爬 后面爬

He has also been doing lots of drawings on rough papers, and has added more details to them. This is one of his favourite. He brings it wherever he goes.

Last but not least, he is behaving very well in school :)
When asked if he was a good boy in school, he replied,"I'm more than a good boy."
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Sunday, April 10, 2011


I've seen different types of people. Not all. My hb has seen more.
There is this short-tempered type, whom I loathe
who looses his/her temper at the slightest irritation
who lashes out at people and never gets any snap back
who lacks empathy and has extremely low EQ.
The people who were snapped at were all surprisingly subdued.
It upsets many people, all except the one who snapped.
It is amazing how this type of people manages to breeze through life...
yet another gripe in life
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Friday, April 8, 2011

How to fold a fitted sheet

Do you have problems folding your King or Queen fitted sheet?
I have, big time.
I folded them anyhow, which always ended up a big lump.
And I don't really have time to care...
until today, I looked up in google and found this wonderful video.
It solved all my problems in folding a fitted sheet!
No more mess.
No more lumps.
Now I'm able to fold all my fitted sheets with pride..
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Cheers to Youtube and the wonderful people who made up the videos!
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