Friday, May 27, 2011

A peek at the new house

We have kinda settled down in the new house and adapted to the new living... more or less. I'm pleased to have a brighter and airier kitchen. Both Xuan and Kai are happy to have their own bedrooms. And we are all contented with our new home location.

Take a peek.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Siblings' fights

Xuan and Kai have been fighting. Everyday.
They fight over everything -- from being angry with each other for saying the wrong things to competing to be the first to press the lift, buckle the seat belt in the car...
They fight at home. They fight in the lift. They fight in the car.

Each time they fight, they'd be 'entertained' by the cane.
I've lost the patience to talk and explain things to them nicely.
Those talks never work. They always fall on deaf ears.

Sigh! Life's not so good at present.
I hear fightings everyday.
and at this moment, everyone is sick.

ps: June holidays' coming! HELP!!!!
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Past two months

Life for the past two months was crazy. First, it was the renovation. Then, there was the big clean-up after the renovation. Next, I had to carry bags and bags and BAGS of stuff to the new house. Err.. yes, we hired a mover, but since the distance from the old house to the new house was not too far away, I thought I could start by transferring some stuff over first... by myself. That was really a crazy act. We should have let the mover do it ALL on a single day. To think that I moved the stuff over for 10 continuous days, with load of 8kg on right shoulder, 7kg on left shoulder, 6kg on left hand and 8kg on right hand on each single trip, I must be insane! So currently I am suffering from extreme fatigue symptoms.

And by now, we have finally shifted.
Life was a bit disoriented.
The cleaning continues in the new house cos' everything is sparkling new and you don't want to see any dust on it. You get really upset over small scratches on the new dining table, and you scream at the kids for dragging the chairs all over the polished floor...

Damnit. Life is truly crazy.
It will take a while before I loosen up and life gets back to normal... thank you.
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