Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hi five!

Kai turned five yesterday.
I'm sure he had a great day.
Xuan promised not to fight with him on his big day.
He had his first birthday celebration in school.
He received all things relating to Lightning McQueen from Daddy.
He got to eat his favourite lolly twice in a day...
and Cheezels, M&M, KitKat...
All these made him a happy little man.

Happy Birthday, 帅哥!
Tons of love from Mummy, Daddy and Jiejie

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Holidays fun

Holidays are over.
Here's the fun they had.

Now, it's back to the routine.
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Friday, June 24, 2011

I don't have green fingers

She is Adenium Obesum.
Also known as desert rose or prosperity flower.
This was how she looked when she first came to live with us.
Barely two months down the road,
she became critically ill.
Her flowers withered
Her leaves turned yellow
and she was almost bald.

We grieved
We googled for remedies and prayed for miracle
Then, we had no choice but to send her to the nursery
The gardeners examined her closely
But couldn't find an answer for her condition
They said she had to be put under closer observation

So now, she was admitted.
Two weeks later, she might be discharged.
We are keeping our fingers crossed and waiting for the good news ..
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

I'm not even sure if you are a good mother

Xuan came to me just now, and said doubtfully,
"Mummy, now I'm not even sure if you are a good mother."
These were her exact words, which I'd remember for life.

Calm and expressionless, I asked, "Why did you say that?"

She reasoned, "All my friends have tuition. Yee Rei (friend and neighbour) also said he went for Holiday classes. But I didn't go for anything... Why didn't you send me for tuition?"

Oh no, kids nowadays measure up by comparing what other parents are doing for their children.
Send kids for tuition = Good mother
I was speechless for a while before I explained to her the rationale of going for tuition and why tuition is not necessarily good for the kids.

Erm, but after this, I'm definitely going to send her for some tuition.
Not academic ones but spiritual ones though.
I have actually been sitting on this Rahula Sunday Service from Buddhist Fellowship for a very long time.

So, it's time I shake up my butt and start "move it move it!"
before Xuan came to me again and said "I'm not even sure if you REALLY REALLY REALLY is a good mother..."
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I love flowers. I like their cheerful colours.
I can't resist taking pictures of them but I've never thought of growing them.

On the opposite, the husband is fond of growing plants.
When he declared that he was going to grow different types of plants and flowers after we have moved to the new house, I was against the idea.
I shuddered at the thought that I have one more "baby" to look after...
I quoted "mosquitoes" as the potential hazard
Until now, I am still not sure how plants could invite mosquitoes, but, err... just to throw up any possible risk so that the idea could be dropped (BTW, I didn't study Botany and have no clues about plants)

Anyway, my hypothesis was not convincing enough to fool the man
and we headed to the nursery soon after we shifted in.
At the nursery, MY ONLY question to the gardener was "uncle, which one doesn't need water?"
OK, now you know how hopeless I was.
Anyway, these plants and shrubs and flowers came home...
and my new journey to gardening began.

We brought home pots of:- small lime tree, foxtail fern, prosperity flower (desert rose), Cantonese "lu yao yit", and a pot of bright yellow-green shrub.
I watered them everyday
and watched them grow...
I am starting to like them secretly.

Few days ago, we visited the nursery again.
I chose a pot of Japanese rose, otherwise known as the "9 o'clock flower"

The plant was amazing.
It was supposed to bloom at 9 o'clock in the morning (read: bloom when there is sunlight) and closed up when the sun set.
I was intrigued and started reading up on plants and flowers.
By now, I am pretty much inspired
I do not mind watering them everyday now
except the pest control part, I'd still leave it to the husband (haha, he is the mastermind anyway)
So next, I'm going to grow all kinds of pretty flowers
and turn the planter box into a flower heaven
something to this effect...
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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Karaoke night

Ha... finally got this out!

I tried many converters before getting this FREE one that converts my MTS file to MPEG to be downloaded here... it was a tough!

Well, I like how the kids sang their favourite "爱的初体验"
... can see they really can't wait to be "十八岁" !!!

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Learning good the hard way

Kai is not an easy child to manage.
As you might already knew, he has several weird impositions on me... Only ME.
He used to demand that I always tie my hair - "cannot let down" were his exact words.
Thank goodness, after I cropped it off, he had stopped saying that.
Since young, he has been forbidding me to pee - Whenever I emerged from the loo, he'd questioned if I had peed?!
Oh, and I'm not allowed to say "OUCH!" - it's a forbidden word.
So, whenever I hurt myself, I'd have to bite my tongue and say "ARRRHHH" instead.

Until today, he still bawls his lungs out whenever he spills his water or even drop a tiny grain of rice.
I have told him several times that it was alright to drop or spill and there was no need to cry over such a small matter.
But my words all went heedless, and all he wanted was to lick up the spillage!
So whenever he wailed, we knew he had spilt something and it needed to be cleaned up immediately.
And I hated when he cried out loud in public places.
It wasn't easy to tame him down.

So today, I let him learn to be good the hard way.
I left both him and Xuan at the hawker table while I went a few stalls ahead to buy Roti Prata for breakfast.
He was drinking his water when he accidentally spilt some on the table.
He bawled out loud as expected.
I observed him from a distance.
He refused to stop crying.
All eyes in the hawker centre were on him.
Then Xuan ran to me to relate the spillage to me.
I asked Xuan to convey to him that "if he doesn't stop crying, strangers are going to ask him what happened and bring him to the police station nearby."
Sure enough, as he continued to bawl, a Muslim stall owner who couldn't stand his cries asked him what happened and suggested to bring him to the police!"
He stopped crying immediately.
His loud cries turned to wimpy sobs.
He was scared. I was secretly happy.

As we walked home, I tried to reinforce the lesson learnt.
It was unfortunate that he needed to learn good the hard way.
I really hope he learnt his lesson.
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