Saturday, July 30, 2011

What's happening on the homefront

Has been pretty busy for the past several days.
The motivation to work harder and earn more income has somehow kicked in..
Guessed I was guilty for submitting too little indexing records for the past few months.
Partly also motivated by people around me who are earning 5-6K a month.
Oh well...

Some quick updates:

All is well on the homefront... except

Kai developed a new bad habit - licking his hands and fingers!!! He was all finger lickin' good and you wouldn't believe that he has never tasted KFC.

He has more cars than ever. All his cars were stored away and only rationed at appropriate times. So everybody thought he didn't have cars and kept buying more cars. Even he himself thought so. So whenever, an old worn-out and almost forgotten car made its appearance, he was happy as a lark. I used that to motivate him to write his ABCs and 123s, and to try new food.

As for Xuan, she came home from school, telling us:
so-and-so whispered something bad about her
so-and-so ganged up against her
so-and-so was so funny
so-and-so always get scolded by the teacher
and more often than not, she also came back telling us that she forgot to complete her homework...

She was having more nightmares than usual, especially after watching some playbacks or screenshots in school relating to racial disputes, or some poor limbless souls with great perserverance, or the loyal dog who stayed true to its dead master... the school just wanted to put across the values and morals, but those didn't seem to work on Xuan. She became fearful instead.

Last but not least,
boths kids are waiting anxiously for CARS 2 to made its debut here.
Read that it'd be 25th August.
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Friday, July 15, 2011

The start of Kaisu syndrome - feeling pressured

Yesterday, I chatted with the maid of a classmate of Kai. In the past, when I had maids, chatting with those 'made-your-blood-boil talents' was almost impossible. I had only secretly wished that they got flushed down the toilet bowl when they took hours to clean it - if only there was one big enough for them. Now, I treat maids as friends - we talk and chit-chat, just like what aunties do. When I'm not their employer and they are not my maids - it's a different story altogether.

Now, back to the story. This maid was telling me that the girl (classmate of Kai) went for tuition at Kumon. She said the girl also knew how to spell. Then I recalled the other day, the grandma of another classmate of Kai told me that her grandson was learning piano and English enrichment... immediately, i could feel the pressure. OMG, the K1 kids are all going for enrichment, piano, phonics, hanyu pinyin, Chinese, ...

What about Kai?
He only played cars at home!
Will he lose out in the rat race?
Then I started to contemplate if I should also send him to some kind of enrichment... you see, this was how the whole Kiasu syndrome arose... out of conversations, out of chit-chatting with fellow aunties. Scary.

But no. I am going to stand firm. I shall not waver. I shall not be pressured. As the wise saying goes, "Children are young only once". So Kai has the privilege to enjoy his childhood.
Before you knew it, I'd be standing next to him with a whip and forcing him to write his ABC's and 123's... ahahaaa !

Life's a contradictory constant.
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Friday, July 8, 2011

Crying before school ritual

Kai's crying before stepping into school has become a ritual.
He simply doesn't like to go to school.
He used to just cry and try grabbing a part of me so that I couldn't go.
sometimes, it was quite dramatic
other parents looked on in wonder..
I could hear sympathetic sighs

Now he is a bit better.
He still teared but can bid me farewell.
yup, these few days, he added a bitter-sweet message to spice up our little parting:

Bye Mummy
See you later
Be careful

Good luck!

Then his eyes turned red..
I wonder why the need for "good luck"
i guessed "it" was for me to be well so that I could fetch him from school later

Anyway, I'm already immune to his crying by now..
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