Friday, August 26, 2011

Colouring and CARS

Kai loves cars so much that he has been colouring, painting and drawing them!
He especially loves the cars in CARS movie. His favourite is Lightning Mcqueen.

Recently, he was colouring the cars in his colouring book when I saw him coloured Mater wrongly. Mater was supposed to be brown in the CARS movie. So I asked,"Why do you colour pink here?"

His reply was "This is called ART!"

Btw, we caught CARS 2 as soon as it hit the theatre's screen on 25 August. Both kids were equally excited. Kai had been looking forward to that day. He kept chanting that it was his 'happy day'! We went to Shaw Theatre at NEX and watched the 3D show from 9.30pm to 11.30pm. On the whole, I felt that CARS 2 was more action-packed and its pace too fast for me. Hee.. I am those slow-by-few-beats type. So I still prefer CARS 1.

Throughout the show, Kai kept asking me what was going on.
"What did they say???" he probed almost every other second.
Well, he enjoyed the show nevertheless.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lizards' stuff

Adventures with lizards continued even as we shifted to this new house few months ago.
I was so looking forward to a fresh start---life without lizards!
But things just didn't work that way.

Everytime I dream about lizards, they'd come and greet me the very next day. It's that mystical. It's creepy! It was rather unfortunate that I seemed to dream about horrifying lizards very often recently. Sigh! But in a way, the dreams helped me to be on high alert.

By the way, I have tried very hard to keep the house lizards-free. Other than religiously cleaning the house and eliminating lizards' food source, I've also tried:

  • hanging empty egg shells near windows;

  • mixing TABASCO sauce with water and sprinkling them all over the house - err.. lizard-frequent spots, that it;

  • using PEST-STOP 5000 - electronic pest repeller that uses ultrasonic technology to chase lizards away; (this one is supposed to scare away cockroaches and mosquitoes as well)

  • Non-toxic RIDSECT repllent - deters the lizards ability to cling onto the surface and therefore prevent them from going back to the same spot; (I'm pretty sure this one works, cos' the other day I saw this little lizard that dropped to the floor after passing through the sprayed spots and it had to hop out of the house.. tsk tsk tsk, already told u not to come in!)

  • And finally, the rubber door seal to prevent lizards from crawling into the house. (The same tiny lizard mentioned above apparently resided in the corridor. It loved to visit me. It has came into our house a few times through the main door, despite being chased outside by a stick. I had quite an adventure with it. Now with the rubber door seal, I hope it will not come into the house again.)
Anyway, I'm not sure which of the above "smart technology" works best. Cos' it seems like I've used them all almost at the same time. Too smart. *shake head*

However, if you are as terrified and paranoid of lizards, just try them.
They are harmless methods anyway.
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Best friend

Kai's best friend in school is a girl - Jenny, who is very popular in class. I've seen her, she is very sweet and friendly - the next-door-girl who is every boy's dream. There is something special in her that attracts. I just couldn't tell.

Hmm... my son has taste. He told me he wanted to marry her. Haha...
There was a little small talk among the four of us (Xuan, Kai, Jenny and Me), outside Kai's school today.

Jenny: Hello Jun Kai.
(Being a shy and quiet boy in school, Kai just smiled and kept quiet)

Me: Hello!!

Me: Do you partner him? (pointing to Kai)

Jenny: (nodding her head) Yes, when I partner him, I smiled.

Me: Do you like him? (What a question!)
Jenny nodded her head.

Me: He said he likes you too!

Xuan to Jenny: Who is your best friend?
Jenny thought for a while and pointed to Kai.
Then, she held his hand and led him into the classroom.

Aww... this attractive little girl has stolen my heart.
Think I couldn't wait for her to be my future daughter-in-law... hahaha!

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Friday, August 12, 2011


Just when I was about to feel smart for choosing black ceramic tiles for the floor to camouflage dropped hair, I start to shed the whites...
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