Monday, November 21, 2011


I think life is fair.
When you have a disciplined kid who gives you the least worry, you'd also have one who is exactly opposite on the scale. Yes, I'm referring to Kai.

I'm not sure how he is going to survive in Pimary 1.
He only responds to words like "cars", "play", "TV", "iphone" - he is especially deaf to words like "learn", "read", "write"...

Seriously, I am worried sick when it took ages for me to persuade him to sit at the table to do some writing.
"Come, come here, come and sit here, ... come now, sit here, right NOW!"
"Here, hold this pencil, hold it ... hold it NOW!"
"You just need to trace this alphabet, trace only... don't have to write it yourself"
"Ok, start tracing now."
"start now..."
"what are you doing?"
"I said trace this alphabet"
"hold the pencil properly"
"start tracing now... please"
"put your pencil here... here, here.... start here, at this point... start tracing, start... START!!!!!!!"

I'm serious.
It was this bad.
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

So exciting

Everyone is getting so excited about tomorrow.
Yes, tomorrow. Not because it's the last day of school.
Well, sort of..., but more importantly, there are two significant events -

1. We are invited to Xuan's school for the 2011 Award cum Graduation Ceremony!
Yeah! She has done tremendously well and we are so proud of her.
We are going to smuggle her doting grandparents into the school as well. Shhh... don't tell, ok.

2. Immediately after that, we are all heading to Resort World Sentosa for a short staycation!
The kids are so happy. They have already packed their own backpack. Kai has been jumping up and down the whole evening just now... he is still chatting with daddy right now (10 min to 12 a.m.) and is too excited to sleep.

Let's hope everything goes well tomorrow.
Good night.
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Saturday, November 12, 2011


Listening to songs, singing or croaking for that matter, can be so therapeutic. Really.
Many times, I find myself lost in the kids' world - forgotten about this enjoyment.
I was contented just living each and every day drowning in noises...
until one day, when I was driving home alone from the kids' school, I pressed on the wrong disc player, which miraculously played all the songs I used to love.
The best thing was, for the first time, it wasn't playing Kai's favourite "爱的初体验" on disc 3 track 9.
And I fell in love with these oldies once again.

At home, I quickly checked out the Yamaha theatre system and the Blu-ray player but started to curse its inability to play CDs!!!
What was the use of a sophisticated sound system when it couldn't even perform the most basic function and provide the simplest pleasure???

I was about to dismantle it to pieces when I spotted a USB port on the blu-ray player.
So I inserted my thumb-drive, which contained all my favourite songs, and...
Voila! It worked!

BTW, I was never good with all these sound or Tech gadgets - how they connect to each other - which way in and which one out...
But somehow, with lots of button pressing, a myriad of determination and a great deal of desperation, I managed to do it!
It felt good.
Really good
- to bring music back to my life again.
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

SA2 2011... her first exam

Results for SA2 main papers came back.

English 60/60
Maths 100/100
Chinese 69.5/70

So proud of you, baby!
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The time reads 2.50 p.m.
HOORAY! The exam is officially over!

Today Xuan sat for her last paper - Mathematics.
She must be very happy by now.
I can imagine the exhilaration and happiness showing on her face NOW.
Yes, right now.
YEAH...! It's over!

*Erhem* If she was happy, I would be 20 times happier!
For the past week, and especially the day before each of her exam paper, I had read through, ingested and digested all her school textbooks, workbooks, worksheets, test papers... to help her with her revision. I highlighted all her mistakes to her, without her going through her entire stack of school work. I WAS the one revising!
[I can see your head shaking vigorously now. Don't judge.]

Occasionally, I would be questioned by the "invigilator" who did a surprise check and slapped a question like "How come she didn't know her punctuations, I thought you already went through with her?" in my face.

When she was in school for her examination. I watched the clock.
When the clock read 1.20 p.m., I told myself, "exam starts.."
When it ticked 2.50 p.m., I heaved a sigh of relief, "one down.."

Well, this was the first time she sat for her exams - REAL examinations - not those bite-sized assessments or short tests.
It was also my VERY FIRST EXAM after my last departure from school, when I had long forgotten what it tasted like to be EXAMINED. All of a sudden, scent of the burning mid-night oil came gushing back to me. And those mountain-high stack of lecture notes. Oh, oh... how could I forget that it almost cost me my sanity, when I forgot momentarily how to write or even spell for that matter - my.very.own.NAME, on the exam paper! That moment was really scary.
So you can't exactly blame me for my anxiety this time, can you?

Anyway, I am so thrilled that it was all over.
But I can't get over the fact that I have to sit through this sh*t exam-anxiety for the rest of her academic years.
Err... by the way, did I tell you that she is only in Primary TWO???

P.S.: Actually, Xuan has been doing consistently well in her studies this year. That was why I did not attempt to drown her with the entire year's school work for revision. During her examination period, she could even afford the same amount of play. No less. She was very disciplined. She needed minimal supervision. I could not even hold a candle to one-twelfth of her willpower at her age.

We are going to celebrate today.
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