Friday, December 23, 2011

Dreadful December

I didn't know how to write this.
It took me a long while...
I was waiting for things to settle before I start recalling and documenting...
At this point, things weren't settled as yet.. but I thought I should just write something cos' I was living like there's no tomorrow.

The whole of December was emotionally draining.
Since his birthday in November, the husband has been feeling lethargic with coughs.
The coughs went on and off and dragged till December. Then on 5th December, he felt the pain in his tummy. He thought it was just mere gastro discomfort. But we started to suspect something when the pain dragged on for the entire week, without diarrhea. I made him see the GP on the 10th. That day, after the GP, he called back to say he needed to go for a CT scan at the specialist. That very same day, after the specialist, he called back again to say that he had to go for an operation for appendicitis at 5pm. Everything happened in a short span of few hours. But he procrastinated. The husband, with extraordinary high pain threshold, thought that the pain has gone and he should just take some antibiotics to treat the "mild" appendicitis. He didn't go for surgery that day.

We were torn by the suggestion to go for appendicitis surgery. He said that his symptoms were improving and didn't think his appendix will rupture. He lived on Milo and antibiotics for the next two days, hoping that the appendicitis will go away. He had occasional chills along the way. I had fever too but mine was an isolated flu case. I went to see the same GP (our family doctor) for my fever and cough on the 12th. The GP was worried for the husband. He called him personally to go for a blood test on the 13th. That very same day, he finally had the operation to remove his appendix. The laparoscopic appendectomy operation marked the beginning of a "long" hospital stay. He was hospitalised from 13th to 17th. The stay was long and draining for both of us. His post-surgery infections were bad. He was in severe pain the following day after the surgery and had fever. He was nauseous and vomited. He had delusions and he couldn't sleep. He was badly dehydrated. It was an ordeal for him and emotionally draining for me...

Now he is back home..
but not all well
he is still having low grade fever
He still needs to go for a blood test 2 months down the road.
His white blood count was exceptionally high when he was in hospital...
and the doctor advised him to check his WBC again after he is well, to be sure that all is indeed well...

It was a dreadful December.
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