Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Xuan is 9

Xuan celebrated her 9th birthday a couple of days back.
All our birthday celebrations have always been simple affairs.
We never throw parties. From young, I only had "mee sua" to eat for my birthdays and I think those were great blessings.

But kids nowadays expect more than just cake or "mee sua".
Xuan was quite disappointed that we didn't plan anything special for her birthday.
She was expecting that we book the function room, invite some family members over and have a small celebration. But we didn't. Frankly, she wasn't expecting too much. It was us who expected lesser.

Anyway, in the end, we just had a simple tim sum lunch at Red Star restaurant with her grandma/dad. We cut the ice cream cake and sang her a birthday song. At the end of the day, she was quite happy about it. I think the six presents we gave her helped! They were small ordinary gifts wrapped up separately to make her think she had many presents!!!
oh well...

"Nine" is a special number.
It is her favourite number.
Since young, she has been playing with her favourite yellow toy block called "number nine"

At nine, she is now in a development period of major transition as she stands on the cusp of adolescence. She is supposed to be developmentally mature enough to handle most responsibilities and situations without adult intervention. Unfortunately, she is becoming more forgetful and careless. She lost her story book in school, forgot to bring back her Chinese textbook, lost her eraser, forgot to write her name in her book before handing up to teacher, forgot to bring her textbook and pencil box to school...

Well, I shouldn't be complaining.
Xuan is still the sensible child.
We are awfully blessed to have her.

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Year of Dragon

So fast.
Tomorrow is already Lunar New Year eve.
So occupied with so many stuff that I have forgotten Xuan's Chinese Birthday!!! Tsk tsk tsk...
It was only when she asked me this morning that I quickly checked the calendar and discovered that it was YESTERDAY! Very guilty.

Kai started having fever this morning.
What a way to start the Year of Dragon!
Well, it was kinda of expected... festive celebration always (if not 90% of the time) turns out this way. I'm just so "lucky!"

Here are some recent photos to go with the update.
I wish my family, friends and YOU a blissful and healthy Dragon Year.
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Saturday, January 7, 2012

A better year please

Things are up and running
more or less.

Life in the past weeks was scary
You lived in a world that seemed to have stopped while everyone else moved on..

The year has passed
I didn't have time to bid it goodbye
The new year has begun
I didn't have time to welcome it
Anyway, I hope 2012 will be a better year for the whole family.

The kids are back to school and the husband is back to work
I am back to fetching the kids and husband to and from school and from work.
Life is back to mundane...cleaning, washing, and cooking..
Living a mundane life is a blessing..
Unfortunately, we are governed by impermanence
This mundane is always broken by something unusual
I just hope it won't happen too often..
I don't need an exciting life. please, thank you.
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