Thursday, February 23, 2012

February update

It's so easy to skive through the whole of February without writing a single post.
Yah, I know... this blog is half-dead.
I'm just too busy with the day-in-day-out affairs that I hardly had the inspirations to write.
I have no intention of killing it, in fact, far from it.
Even if I stop writing for a year or two, this blog will still be here,
be here for as long as I shall live.
cos' all the priceless memories of the kids are documented HERE and no.where.else.
not even in my hopeless brain, which has limited capacity :(

Life with two grown-up-yet-not-so-grown-up kids is nothing but noise
Noise everywhere..
The best happens when they talk at the same time and yet expect you to listen and respond!
As a matter of fact, I've learnt to listen with both ears - one for each child.

Left ear heard Kai's "Francesco Bernoulli is an Italian"
and I'd go "OK, Italian"

Right ear detected Xuan's "I have a lot of homework today"
and I'd quickly repeat "Hmm... homework"

Left ear hurriedly returned to pick up the last phrase from Kai "actually, I like all the cars in CARS 2 but I don't like Axelrod"
and I'd respond with a "umm..Axelrod"

This can be quite nerve-racking.
By that, I really mean hair-pulling - literally.
It needs an awful lot of patience and some witty tricks to maintain sanity
- that is,
devoting 25% for left ear conversation
another 25% for right ear conversation
and the last 50% for my own thoughts ...
"what am I going to cook tomorrow?... fried rice again? or fried bee hoon.. er.. maybe not, ABC macaroni might be wiser..., easier, ok set."
This helps in maintaining the sanity of a deprived SAHM in one way or another..

On a side note, I've finally succumbed to Kiasuism
and put Kai on a reading programme by "I CAN READ"
He refused to learn with me at home
and I was left with no choice.

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