Saturday, March 24, 2012


Progressing to Primary 3 is easy, but surviving through it is another issue altogether.
There are tons of homework everyday. On Friday, it's worse. The school thinks that you should slog through the weekends with more homework. I can't imagine what life is like for those kids who have tuition or enrichment everyday. I wonder how they cope. Xuan, who is tuition-free is already struggling. Poor kid.

Something is very wrong with the entire academic system.
The teachers expect the students to know the answers to questions on topics which haven't been taught. Perhaps they think everybody goes for tuition and have progressed beyond the current level. Perhaps they think parents at home should do some homework. What is the whole point of going to school when parents can do their job?

The difficulty of P3 subjects is akin to that of Sec 3 in my era.
You are expected to know what is a lease agreement and the lease tenure of 5+2+1
You are supposed to know what are invertebrates, molluscs, annelids, and the like.
You are to debate whether an unfertilised egg is a living thing.
You have to know which plants float and which submerge in water, which birds can't fly and which fish can't swim.. (oops.. I'm getting a bit nonsensical here)
tsk, tsk...
Poor children.
Poor child.
Poor me.
The school has given me lots of homework.
And I'm struggling to find the correct answers..
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Thursday, March 22, 2012


The best thing about photofunia is that your wrinkles are almost invisible after the super-imposition and you can use it to deceive yourself that you still look youthful.
with fond memories..

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cars drawings and colourings

He is very much into drawing and colouring..
erhem.. but all related to cars..
His colouring and drawing skills have matured a lot

from amateur ones like these

to these...

I am happy.
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Friday, March 16, 2012

Wedding anniversary

Today marked our tenth wedding anniversary.
In the morning, I gave him a good handshake.
"Happy Anniversary! Good job!" I said with a broad smile.
"Happy 10th Anniversary! GOOD JOB!" He returned.

Ha! We are silly like that.

But seriously,
Happy Anniversary dear,
you have been a great husband for the past 10 years..
May there be more 10 years to come.

Great job! Keep it up.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Feng shui

Bad things didn't seem to stop happening.
So frequent that I couldn't help but think it must have to do with the
So now...
we are..
contemplating on
selling this house..
moving back to where we once belonged..
perhaps some time down the road..
we will move again..


if only roads were this smooth

and days were this blissful
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Skin and bone

She is now reduced to skin and bone.
The other day, she asked me about her BMI.
I taught her how to calculate and wanted to show where she was on the BMI graph chart...
To our horror, we realised she wasn't anywhere on the graph.
Not even in the underweight or severely underweight spectrum.

And now that she is down with extremely bad phlegmy cough, severe vomiting and fever lasting for 7 days (again)... you can expect nothing but a skeleton.
It was one of those bad coughs again, which started on Friday (2 Mar).
She was put on two bottles of Augmentin and two bottles of Zithromax, and was hooked on to the usual steriodal nebuliser. She vomited so many times and I was ready to hospitalise her any time. She even had a chest X-ray taken in case of lung infection.
That was tough.
She was absent from school for the entire week.

Oh well, back to BMI..
I am pretty determined to put her back on the BMI graph again.
Now, I really need to get serious into monitoring her weight.
I'm going to get a digital weighing scale
so that every 0.1kg can be closely monitored.
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