Monday, April 23, 2012

April updates

April has come and (almost) gone. I'm starting to hate Mondays. Who says SAHM doesn't have Monday blues? Getting up early to prepare Xuan for school is a chore. I had to pry my eyelid open every Monday, after the weekend of indulging over-sleep till 8.00 a.m. That is why I hate Mondays.

I am now out of my "home-based job" and I can officially declare myself as a full-time SAHM. By that, it actually means real cooking involving the pans and wok. I am now starting to dish out some decent stir-fry pork and potato stew, tomato steam fish, fried fish, toufu fish soup, peanut soup, herbal soup, deep fried prawn balls, fried bee hoon and fried rice.

As for the kids, Xuan is having her SA1 soon. I am most worried for her Chinese oral. She utters two words at a time when presented with a picture conversation. She can pause for as long as 2 minutes in between each sentence and I doubt she is able to bluff her way through with that. Anyway, it is our fault that we never converse with her in Mandarin at home.

As for Kai, he is still playing a lot at home. What's new right? But he is only allowed to play with his cars after he has completed 10 little tasks that he is required to accomplish each day - simple tasks like counting to 100, copy writing, spelling simple words, practice writing alphabets, etc. One of the tasks he enjoyed most is writing and drawing the CARS story -- "The Spooky Sound"

Let me proudly present the full set of his finished work..
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