Friday, October 19, 2012

Will you let me write a different story Kai?

Whenever it comes to teaching Kai, my energy depletes fast, patience drains, and all loving kind words gone with the wind... okay, to be fair, this happens mainly in his writing tasks.

He couldn't concentrate. Asking him to copy out a few sentences is akin to ... I don't know... a snail climbing a mountain... er okay at least the snail keeps moving and will reach its destination, not a good analogy... but for Kai, he would write a few letters (not even a word yet) then stopped - talked- meddled with his pencil - disturbed his eraser- went away - lay on floor- rocked his chair - wrote again ... only to realize that he wrote wrongly, so - erased - talked - meddled with every other things - demonstrated Oppa Gangnam Style... until...

'Do you want to turn me into a mad woman again?' I snapped, with fire in my eyes.

He knew the mad woman is terrifying... so he continued to write. But not long.

Sigh... this was such a tragic story to tell... But I had to... because I want to know whether tomorrow Kai will allow me to tell a different story altogether.

Yes? Jun Kai, please...
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spiderman or Mummy-man?

Okay, I like this drawing that is full of details... especially the Spiderman at the top right... hee... he looks more like a mummy to me! A cute mummy!

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