Thursday, November 22, 2012

Updates@ Taiwan, kids

We'd be flying to Taiwan in a week's time. After much deliberation, the hb has finally mustered the courage to fly again. Since that Tokyo trip, I've figured out that travelling with two kids and two elders on  F&E was too much of a hassle... so this time we're going on a tour. But I know it has its own problem. See... I'm this pessimistic.

Anyway, some updates on the kids:

Xuan has done extremely well in her exams again. She has never disappoint us. I'm especially proud of her Chinese results. From someone who has never conversed in Mandarin at home since young, her achievement in Chinese is pretty shocking. Her Chinese overall for the year was 97% - the highest for her level. And she scored a distinction for higher Chinese. I still remember she told me that 二月 was' two moons' - that was in her K2! But it seemed that my worries for her Chinese was unfounded. Phew! All is well for her Chinese.

As for Kai, he is still as playful as ever. His new trick now is to flick off the light switches so as to leave the poor fellow in the bathroom in total darkness. He laughed so hard at all his mischief and I was pretty sure that he was not capable of doing anything serious. However, he proved me wrong in his K2 Graduation performance. He was really a no-nonsense on stage - 100% focused and engaged. Every move and action was carefully and seriously maneuvered. I was touched. He made me proud!

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