Friday, December 13, 2013

Here we go again!

We are setting off again.
Royal Caribbean - Mariner of the Sea, here we come! More updates after the16th!

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Melbourne 25-30 November 2013

We are back from Melbourne! The trip was tiring and rather traumatising! Thanks to the flight back that suffered a freefall due to bad turbulence in the bad weathered skies. The SQ Plane we were in, dove vertically down like a roller coaster for at least 10m in 4s before stabilising. We were all shocked! My heart stopped beating for a brief moment and my lips turned pale. I thought we were going to die like that! Everyone on the plane went "ARGHH.." and Kai still had the cheek to say "That was excellent! " at the end of the dive... sigh... I was trembling. I started chanting the Buddhist Mantra after that.
I told myself this was going to be my last flight... for now. HA!
Back to the itinerary, first thing immediately after we landed in Melbourne after our night flight was a farm stay arranged by our tour. Our farm hosts, Peter and Brenda, were friendly, warm people in their 70's. They were a loving couple and were extremely strong and healthy despite their age. We were shown around in their goat farm, brought to see the kangaroos at dusk, and were treated to nice homecooked meals. The kids got to feed the goats but the flies that kept attacking us were very annoying. We were fidgeting and shooing throughout in the farm! The farm stay was certainly an experience!
On the third day, we joined back the tour group and visited the Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Gardens,  strawberry farm and a winery. 
The fourth day was another unforgettable day. Tim woke up with a bad stomach and headache. After much hesitation and my persuasion,  he finally decided to stay back in hotel to rest while kids and I went ahead with the planned itinerary with the tour group to Phillip Island. Yes, our Philip couldn't visit his Phillip Island... it was an irony!  Poor Tim, I could see that despondency in his eyes...
That day was a long day at Phillip Island,  cold and wet. It was drizzling whole day and I had to manage two kids two backpacks and a broken umbrella! The kids had fun nevertheless. They enjoyed the chocolate factory thoroughly. They giggled amusingly when they milked the cows and were excited to see the penguins waddled back from the sea. Those tiny penguins were so cute! By the time we returned to hotel, it was already 11.30pm. Tim was waiting anxiously at the entrance!
He was much energetic on the fifth day after a full day of rest in the hotel. That day was a Free and Easy day. We went to the Queen Victoria Market by the free City Circle Tram. It was a whole day of walking and shopping. It was tiring. At night, we walked to Crown Shopping for dinner and to catch their 9pm 'fire' works!
On the sixth day, which was the last, Kai woke up in the wee hours with a temperature. He even vomited on the bed! So that morning, we didn't do any last  minute shopping as planned. We just had breakfast in the hotel and an early lunch at McDonald's before bidding goodbye to Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne...
Overall, the trip was... umm... unforgettable.
I'm grateful to be alive and kicking, to be able to write this entry here, now, in Singapore.
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Melbourne, here we come!

We are flying to Melbourne tomorrow night. First time with just the four of us...

The kids are excited about the farmstay, the penguin parade and the chocolate factory! Hope everything goes well.

We'd be back on the 30th!

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Small talks

Kai: Mummy, Daddy is very brave. He is not scared of aedes mosquitoes. Do you know what he is scared of?
Me: No... Kai: He is scared that nobody work and earn money for the family...
(Meaning the sole breadwinner cannot afford to fall sick with dengue fever)
Kai: Do you know what I will do then?
Me: No...
Kai: I will work very very hard until the teacher give me money.
Me: *Laugh* why will the teacher give you money?
Kai: Can wan, can give vouchers if I work very hard.
I was touched by his words. Vouchers aside, I'm very happy to know that I have a son who is so ready to chip in to support the family in times of difficulties... haha
(For record, there was no such thing as teachers giving vouchers!! They did give stationery as motivation though.)
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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Thank you for...

Kai and I were doing the "reading log" homework. I chose a passage for him to read. It was about "My mother"...

After reading, he looked at me and said,

"You then are the best mother. Thank you for taking care of me..."

I was taken back by his remark. My heart melted. He was never affectionate...

No words can describe the happiness I felt.

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Sunday, October 6, 2013


"Daddy, if I get 5th in level in primary 2, can you buy me a 5s? "
Daddy stared at him for a while.
"Can... if you get band 1 for all subjects for this term, I will buy you an ipad."
That's the latest deal sealed for this year.
The harsh reality of doing well for tests and exams has slowly set in for this P1 boy. Academically, Kai is very careless and prone to incredible mistakes in his work. But I guess somehow he was influenced by Xuan who consistently aimed to score high marks... so whenever he made a birthday wish or resolution, he'd always say "First in class", "first in level", although this time, he has reduced it to "5th in level"...
This boy never fails to amuse me. It is an irony that he placed such 'importance' in academic achievement when he has little interest in books.
Sigh, I hope he will do well ...
(Photo: 'Plants snd Zombies' time for the 3 addicts)
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thirteen thirteen bad fengshui

Thirteen is an unlucky number. So to live in a house with unit number 13-13, I bet that would be double unlucky. True enough, ever since moving into this place, the whole family has been falling sick every now and then. Haha, what a convenient way to put the blame on the house!

Well, statistics has showed that other than the flu bugs kinda bad flu, the four of us have been down with at least one illness that called for some kind of 'procedure' (X-ray included). I was diagnosed with pleural effusion and had to do a chest X-ray. The kids had some bad cough till they had to do the X-rays as well. Tim was the worst. He had appendicitis and had underwent a laparoscopy to remove his appendix. Then again recently, he had bad cramps and bloody diarrhea, which called for a colonoscopy that revealed a badly inflammed colon with ulcerations...

So much ill health.... are they coincidence or bad feng shui? Wondering...

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fried rice

The kids love fried rice,  especially Kai. So I have been improvising,  and this turned out to be the best! (Every Tuesday is their fried rice day! )
White rice (cooked and stored in fridge overnight)
Prwans (cut into small pieces)
Carrot (cut into tiny cubes)
Cha sao (cut into small cubes)
La chang (cut into tiny cubes)
Spring onion (cut)
2 eggs (beaten with soya sauce)
Soya sauce
Oyster sauce
Sesame oil

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First pair of glasses for Xuan

Sigh.... myopia. Her left eye is 125 and right is 100. First pair of glasses @ age of 10 in P4! The 'best' part is she was so looking forward to collect it today! Just hope her eyesight will not worsen rapidly...

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


She has served the kids for the past 10 years - for better or for worse - that I'm not too sure. Anyway, it's time to say goodbye...

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Friday, June 28, 2013

The big baby

The once chubby baby boy who weighed 3.9kg at birth is now a big 7 yo lean 'baby' without any fats to boast. He just turned 7 yesterday. He didn't ask for much for his special day... I mean he didn't dictate any expensive cars which we must buy for him. Just need to book a karaoke function room to cut his favourite chocolate ice-cream cake. He didn't stir a fuss when we couldn't get his favourite lighting mcqueen character on his cake either. He is easy going as such.

But this big baby makes me blow my top more often than not. Till now, he still isn't keen to learn.  He couldn't focus and would forget all the times-table he had memorised a few moments ago. He wrote the wrong Chinese character repeatedly after umpteen times of practice. Things just couldn't register in his head. It's an uphill task coaching him. Period.

Ironically, his birthday wish was 'I wish to be first in class' ....

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Xuan's best friend

They knew each other in the same P3 class and they live in the same block in Compass Heights... hope their friendship last beyond their primary school years.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

My almost famous amos cookies!

The whole family likes chocolate-chip cookies especially Famous Amos's! So here I am, attempting one!

It is not based on a single recipe but modified from a few recipes I found on the web. It turned out pretty nice for a first attempt.

I used the following in estimation:
100g cake flour
100g bread flour
150g salted butter
90g sugar (brown and white sugar mixed)
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 tsb baking powder

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Project work during June holidays

Just to document one of Xuan's first...
Xuan was excited when her friends came over to her house for the first time for their group project work. First time she hosted her friends at home at the age of 10, pri 4.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"I" for intelligent

Kai: Mummy, Mrs Chng said that 1I is a very smart class because "I" is for "intelligent"!

Then one day while bathing, he shouted, "Mummy,  actually 1I also not very good... because "I" can also be "idiots"!!!

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

First in class and level. Yeah!!!

When she wanted to buy me a birthday present this year, I told her she just need to give me her good grades. So she said she was going to give me a first in class position as a birthday gift. I opened my eyes wide in disbelief and told her it was not possible to get 'First' as she was in the best and very competitive class, so 'just do well' will do.
This girl who is extremely self-motivated has proved me wrong. For her, anything is possible. She did it!
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Me time?

Today is the start of a four-day BICEP camp for Xuan. It is held at SHHK from 8am to 5.15pm. In short, effectively, I will have a good 4.5 hrs of do-anything-as-I-please ME time when both kids are away at the same time, for the first time in many years.
I was keeping my fingers tightly crossed that Kai does not fall sick these few days, or else I'd be bounded at home and my ME-time dream will not be realised.
Phew! All was well. After a busy morning routine of fetching Xuan to school at 7am, fetching hb to work at 9am, followed by housework, cooking and teaching Kai in the late morning and getting him ready for school... my day effectively started at 12.45pm after dropping Kai at the school gate!
I met up with my lover (otherwise known as the husband) at his workplace for lunch. At 2pm, I returned home to the library to borrow some magazines for the kids, buy some bread for the family, and quickly hurried home to work on the name cards for the husband. Then I typed out a Chinese composition which I had written as a model essay for Xuan. Next, I rushed through a full load of ironing in a short span of 1 hour before TIME'S UP!
ME TIME'S UP!!! What?! My ME time was spent just like that??!!
Oh, I'm dead tired as I am writing this now.
Sigh... my life revolves too much around the family... even my ME time couldn't escape the clutches of home affairs...
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Monday, May 27, 2013


Oh oh oh what shall I do... I've become a shopaholic overnight. And my sister was the culprit. She introduced me to and then I started ordering goods from China in the name of CHEAP !
I started ordering through her 65daigou account and after getting familarised and hooked, I created my own account and shopped to my heart's content.
Oh oh oh... Now whenever I saw something out there in the brick and mortar shops, I'd whipped out my mobile, get into taobao to see if I can get a cheaper one in China. Not only that, even in taobao, I'd compare till I get the cheapest deal!!! It's very addictive... I mean the thrill of paying much less for the same things you get in local stores.
See, I got this bag at S$3.50 from taobao! Unbelievable! My sis said push carts are selling it for S$29.90!
At first I was quite hesitant about the goods from China. But then I rationalised that most things sold in Singapore are made in China anyway. So, why not?
Anyway I'm not here to defend myself. In fact, I 'tsk' myself for being the ultimate calculative shopper.
Sigh... what has become of me?
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Their results for first semester

I'm such a pain when it comes to the kids' academic achievement. See... I'm here again talking about their results. We'll... I just have to bear with myself for a while.. cos' I've some good news to spread.
No, I don't go around the estate flaunting their results. That's not my style. I'm still very much humble. And I teach the kids to be humble. I just need to document all parts of their growing up here.
Kai is doing exceedingly well beyond my expectations for him! I'm so proud of his achievements and tremendous improvement. .. from ZERO to
P1 Term 2 assessment
English listening 5/5
English reading 2 ticks for excellent, 1 tick for very good
English main paper 14/15
Chinese listening 8/10
Chinese speaking 2 ticks for excellent, 1 tick for very good
Math 23/30 and 24/30
Xuan has fared extremely well too. She has always been the least worry.  Her results have always been among the top in class and in the level. I've left her to revise independently all by herself this time as I needed more time to coach Kai. She has, without fail, done us proud again.
Primary 4 SA1
English overall - 86/100 (Band 1)
Chinese composition - A
Chinese main paper - 48/50
Chinese oral - A
Chinese overall - 93/100 (Band 1)
Math - 97/100 (Band 1)
Science - 87/100 (Band 1 - highest in her level)
Higher Chinese main paper - 26/30
Higher Chinese composition - A
Higher Chinese overall - Distinction
A peek at Xuan's past years' achievement (to remind myself)
P1 - 1st in class, 29th in level
P2 - 1st in class, 3rd in level
P3 - 5th in class and level
P4 SA 1 - 1st in class and level
Well done kids!
I know I am too results-oriented
too exam-centric
too anal
I am beyond incorrigible.
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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Learning to appreciate my kids

I must admit that I am too hard on the kids when it comes to academic excellence.
"Do your work. Don't waste time. " was my favourite line.
Sometimes I think I should blame it on the stupid educational system and mindset that has been ingrained deeply in my veins. The chase for paper qualifications, the incessant struggle for Aces and full marks... how can I not push my kids when everyone is getting ahead of them. I don't want them to be left behind...
This kind of mentality is unhealthy and I realised that I no longer like myself anymore. I am telling myself to let it be. I am pleading myself to let go. Cos' I know if the kids couldn't meet my expectations, I will be very upset. Just like the other day when Kai told me he got 24/30 for his Math Mastery Test, I didn't give him a pat on the shoulder. I didn't praise him for doing well. I simply said emotionlessly, "not bad"... and so he cried. I became remorseful. I just couldn't bring myself to clap and shout Hooray, you've done a great job!
Kids, being kids, they need constant encouragement and praises... to do better and to excel. I am glad I constantly follow Jayne's blog and chanced upon her post that mentioned the book "赏识你的孩子". I have the same book, which sat in my cupboard with pages turning yellow, unread. It was given by somebody... and I've forgotten who. Anyway, I picked up the book and read... and found that it was indeed a gem - an awakening call.
It reminded me to appreciate my children. As the kids grow older, I find myself using a grown-up's yardstick to judge them. And I often forgot that they are just kids.
"This is so simple, you still cannot get it right."
"Why are you so careless?"
"You get this wrong again?!!"
I often hear these negative remarks from my mouth. Instead of seeing the positive improvement and appreciating Kai, I've zoomed in only to his mistakes and errors. The book has taught me to say:
 The book explained that,
" 不管孩子表面上多么骄傲,内心都是脆弱的,弱小的生命常常担心自己不行。一个“太好了”,仿佛是春雷一声响,孩子吃了个定心丸,情感闸门一下全部打开。你接着乘虚而入--“除了不对的地方”,孩子就听得进去,容易接受。”
Think back on all those times when we lost our patience on our children when we try to coach them on stuff, be it piano or Math, etc. When they don't get it after many times, we think they are not paying close attention. When we remind them not to do something and they keep forgetting, we blame them for not trying hard enough. But if only we had the patience the way we were patient with them when they were babies and were learning to walk, to talk, to eat.
This book is indeed a gem to be read and digested.
I have to start appreciating the kids before too late...

现在有些家长,就怕孩子翘尾巴。。。教育孩子时第一句话往往是:妈妈不得不承认,你的优点还是有一点点,但是... ...  一个“但是”,后面全是缺点,滔滔不绝。。。孩子一听这种话,情感闸门全关。。。孩子此时的生命处于封闭状态。。。家长的千言万语只能化做耳边风。

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers' Day

A mother's job is the greatest of all professions.

It nurtures young hearts and minds and shapes the future of tomorrow.

It is 24/7.

It is done without pay and accomplishes with unconditional love.

Happy Mothers' Day to me and all...

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Thursday, May 9, 2013


Pictures speak more than a thousand words...

He is back to his bad concentration. Five pages left blank! And the problem is that when I asked him whether he needed to complete those pages before going to school, he gave me a confident NO. But he came back with 5 BIG QUESTION MARKS on those pages... so apparently this boy had been dreaming in class!

Sigh... no cars again.

Ps: Should I attribute it to the lack of fish oil or the reintroduction of Cheezels, Milo ice cream, sweets and chocolates???

At loss...

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Xuan and me

I was never an affectionate person. So logically I am not that loving mother who is capable of breathing affectionate words in the kids' ears. In another words, I am that tough and no-nonsense mother whom most kids hate to deal with. My love for kids is not shown outwardly and because of that, my love to them is not in existence. I am not sure if part of it is because they are growing up too fast to a stage whereby cuddling has become quite alien. They have also entered a stage which called for more independence and whereby sweet talking is no longer relevant. They have also become the not-so-cute boy and girl who are capable of arguing and rebuking every single claims you have made. This is especially so for Xuan.

Xuan is a big girl now. Physically she is growing into puberty and emotionally, her thoughts and thinking are getting more sophisticated by the day.

There were times when I thought we couldn't communicate. I terminated the conversation and told her straight in her face that 'we can't communicate'. There were times when I thought our eight characters clashed.

She is one who hate criticism and I am one who is too quick to give criticism. So both sides fired whenever I criticised, or rather, commented...

Me: Exams coming and you still want to shop at Smiggle?? You are not so hardworking anymore...

Xuan: I just say only, I didn't really want to go, why did you say that I'm not hardworking? ?!!

Me: ok lah, you are hardworking lah...

Xuan: MUMMY!! Do you ever tell lies? Am I really hardworking or not???

Me: Ok! Enough!  I'm not going to talk anymore!

Casual remark like this could balloon into a full blown fight. I really have to slap my cheek for commenting too quick.

Well, having said that, Xuan is still the sensible one. The same old girl who is determined to do well, albeit a little burn out, a little too sensitive and a little ego too strong...

And I am still the same old antagonistic mother, unloving and incapable of lavishing kind words and praises...

And I think I've pushed the kids a little too hard.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Xuan was commenting on how dirty the lamp at the dinning table was. Yes, it was full of dead flies inside... and I think I haven't vacuum it for months.
It reminded me of this sad truth:

"Housework is what a woman does, that doesn't get noticed unless she didn't do it."
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Flu bug

The flu bug seems to have nested comfortably into the family since the start of the year and has not shown any signs of retreating... Every one in the family except me, is taking turns to catch it. First, it was Kai, then Xuan then Tim, then Kai again, Xuan again, Tim again.. yes something along this pattern and rhythm, without any decent break in between. I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed that I don't catch it. The wife cum mother cum maid cum chauffeur cum tutor cum counsellor cum cook cum disciplinary mistress simply cannot afford to be down. She is still standing strong, albeit a bit wavering.
Yup, I'm not free to be sick next week... my schedule is full.
I am hoping to see light at the end of the tunnel soon...
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Trip to Jurong Bird Park

Today was Kai's first trip out of school to the Jurong Bird Park, together with his classmates and teachers. It was also the first time he looked at his watch, making sure he made it on time to school. Otherwise, on normal school days, he was always that nonchalant, and always the last one to reach school.

Before he set off, he was sprayed with OFF and plastered with mosquito patches... I was really paranoid. We've been to the Bird Park and I knew how vicious the mosquitoes there were! Coupled with the dengue pandemic, we just couldn't let our guard down this time. I hope he comes home later  safe and sound, without a single bite.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kai's school drama

I promised to tell about Kai's school drama, here goes...

His P1 academic journey has been mentally challenging and emotionally draining for me (and the hb as well). The past few months since the start of school has been tough, the road was hard and bumpy.

It was at first a happy start to Primary One until the turn of events on 14 January 2013. His Form teacher Mdm Ho greeted me personally at the school gate during dismissal. The first thing she asked was, "Does Jun Kai know his hanyu pinyin?"

I was like "Hello!?? Isn't that your job to teach him? He is supposed to start learning hanyu pinyin in P1!!!" But of course I didn't say that. Being the Kaisu me, I have already fully prepared Kai on his hanyu pinyin when he was in K2. So I was surpirsed when she asked me that first question.

Next, she went on to elaborate on how Kai would stare blankly at her when she asked him questions.
"He seemed lost..."
"He didn't follow instructions... have to repeat instructions many times, eg. taking out textbook, copying words etc from the white board..."
"Have to ask his friends to remind him to do..."
"He is lost in his own world."
"He is very slow."

I was baffled by all she said.
Mdm Ho looked worried.
Then she hit me hard with "I suspect he might have ADHD."
"Err..." I stammered. "But he can concentrate on his drawing, fixing puzzles, etc ... on things he enjoyed... isn't ADHD not able to concentrate on anything???" I defended, refusing to accept her suspicion that Kai is 'special'. I mean, he was perfectly normal at home although I had a hard time getting him to do his work. He didn't dash around the whole house all day long like a non-stop machine. He is just 'normal'.

But Mdm Ho gestured that Kai may belong to the 'inattentive' subtype. I told her that Kai may still be adapting to school life. She agreed and we decided that Kai will be closed observed.

But back at home, ADHD became an emergency.
I searched the web for all possible information on ADHD, checking if Kai really fell into the classification. We made an appointment to see a child psychologist at the Child Guidance Clinic. We even brought Kai to see a Chinese physician at Beijing Tong Ren Tang at IMH.

Kai did a concentration test at the Child Guidance Clinic and the result was inconclusive. The doctor said that his concentration was not that bad to be classified as ADHD, but also not very good. It was at the borderline. So she started Kai on fish oil.

Then, on 30th January, Kai reportedly scratched a classmate's hand.
"He pushes his table in class, ran out of class without seeking permission..." Mdm Ho fedback again.

One week later, on 7 February, Kai's English teacher called me. We had a long chat over the phone.
"How is Jun Kai doing at home?" Mrs Chng asked in her first question.
"What has happened again?" I asked, I was so paranoid.
As expected, she fedback about how Kai had been digging his nose in class, not concentrating, very restless, put up his legs, very messy with his worksheets, fidgety...

I was so overwhelmed by all these negative feedback. I was at the point of breaking down when she said "He is a smart boy. Don't worry, he will improve."
I hope so, I really hope so.
I have been praying for Kai to be well, to improve on his concentration, everyday since 14th January.
Who wouldn't be worried when you received bad news from teachers every now and then?

I was badly affected by the Kai's performance in school. He didn't hand in his school work when instructed to, he got a BIG ZERO for a Chinese mock test, he made loads of careless mistakes in his school worksheets, he left pages blank....

His Pupil Handbook was filled with teachers' notes to me and my replies to them. I couldn't take it. I broke down and cried. Cried really hard. I was silly. I thought how we could send Kai to pursue his interest in Art if he failed academically. I thought how he was blessed to be borned able-bodied compared to unfortunate kids. He was not intellectually challenged, he just had some problems concentrating and perhaps all he needed was time adjusting to new school life and routine.

The hb took more time off work to coach Kai. We reminded him of little things which he had taken for granted everyday. I reiterated the 3 Golden 'NO' Rules "No digging of nose, No legs up, No messy table" everyday before he went to school. We put all his homework to be handed in, in a separate special file, so that he remembered to do it. We reminded him a millionth time, to put his hand on the table when he writes... all the little things. And we realised that they all boiled down to "HABITS". He needed to change his habits.

Indeed, time passed and improvements showed. Daddy's and my effort have paid off. His teachers began to give positive feedback, saying that Kai is improving everyday! That was the happiest news we could ever get.

But I am not letting my guard down.
I am still keeping my fingers tightly crossed that he continues to improve...

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

I'm 38 today

Happy birthday to me.
I am glad to have lived.
May my family be well and happy, safe and strong.

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Celebrating with Mum

First time over a decade, I'm celebrating my birthday with my beloved Mum. I once read,
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Friday, April 12, 2013

My Chinese birthday

Today is my Chinese birthday. I told Kai about it. He made a card 'secretly' for me. It was heart warming to see his effort put into drawing the card of a botak queen (he explained that her hair is in the Crown), knowing that he draws cars best. I gave him a big hug and he said,  "this card is so precious to you ah? (Pause) but I'm more precious than the card right???"

Yes, ofcourse, my darling!

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Saturday, March 30, 2013


I was going through his school bag as usual after school. I dug out a Chinese test paper that screamed ZERO right in front of me! ARGHHH! That was my internal scream muted. I remained calm while he bathed happily, singing and wasting tons of water in the bathroom. After he stepped out of the bathroom, I could no longer control my emotions and lashed out ...
"What happened to you???!!!"
"Why didn't you write anything???!!!"
"Do you know it is very serious to get ZERO???!!!"
"Do you want to repeat Primary 1 and let everyone laugh at YOU???!!!"

Yes, all unkind and mean words spouted from my mouth uncontrollably. I mean, I've never seen a ZERO in any test papers in my life. I was truly disappointed and terribly upset. I knew I shouldn't blame him. The test was done on 1st February 2013 when he was still adapting to school life...

The disappointment was nevertheless very real and I was out of control.
I forbade him from playing cars for a week.

Sigh... Kai's school drama is another lengthy story to be told.

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Luigi from Cars

His most current art piece on cars. I like his free style of drawing straight on a paper with a crayon... no erasing whatsoever. Drawn on 9 Mar 2013.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Will be back...

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