Saturday, March 30, 2013


I was going through his school bag as usual after school. I dug out a Chinese test paper that screamed ZERO right in front of me! ARGHHH! That was my internal scream muted. I remained calm while he bathed happily, singing and wasting tons of water in the bathroom. After he stepped out of the bathroom, I could no longer control my emotions and lashed out ...
"What happened to you???!!!"
"Why didn't you write anything???!!!"
"Do you know it is very serious to get ZERO???!!!"
"Do you want to repeat Primary 1 and let everyone laugh at YOU???!!!"

Yes, all unkind and mean words spouted from my mouth uncontrollably. I mean, I've never seen a ZERO in any test papers in my life. I was truly disappointed and terribly upset. I knew I shouldn't blame him. The test was done on 1st February 2013 when he was still adapting to school life...

The disappointment was nevertheless very real and I was out of control.
I forbade him from playing cars for a week.

Sigh... Kai's school drama is another lengthy story to be told.

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Luigi from Cars

His most current art piece on cars. I like his free style of drawing straight on a paper with a crayon... no erasing whatsoever. Drawn on 9 Mar 2013.
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