Friday, December 13, 2013

Here we go again!

We are setting off again.
Royal Caribbean - Mariner of the Sea, here we come! More updates after the16th!

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Melbourne 25-30 November 2013

We are back from Melbourne! The trip was tiring and rather traumatising! Thanks to the flight back that suffered a freefall due to bad turbulence in the bad weathered skies. The SQ Plane we were in, dove vertically down like a roller coaster for at least 10m in 4s before stabilising. We were all shocked! My heart stopped beating for a brief moment and my lips turned pale. I thought we were going to die like that! Everyone on the plane went "ARGHH.." and Kai still had the cheek to say "That was excellent! " at the end of the dive... sigh... I was trembling. I started chanting the Buddhist Mantra after that.
I told myself this was going to be my last flight... for now. HA!
Back to the itinerary, first thing immediately after we landed in Melbourne after our night flight was a farm stay arranged by our tour. Our farm hosts, Peter and Brenda, were friendly, warm people in their 70's. They were a loving couple and were extremely strong and healthy despite their age. We were shown around in their goat farm, brought to see the kangaroos at dusk, and were treated to nice homecooked meals. The kids got to feed the goats but the flies that kept attacking us were very annoying. We were fidgeting and shooing throughout in the farm! The farm stay was certainly an experience!
On the third day, we joined back the tour group and visited the Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Gardens,  strawberry farm and a winery. 
The fourth day was another unforgettable day. Tim woke up with a bad stomach and headache. After much hesitation and my persuasion,  he finally decided to stay back in hotel to rest while kids and I went ahead with the planned itinerary with the tour group to Phillip Island. Yes, our Philip couldn't visit his Phillip Island... it was an irony!  Poor Tim, I could see that despondency in his eyes...
That day was a long day at Phillip Island,  cold and wet. It was drizzling whole day and I had to manage two kids two backpacks and a broken umbrella! The kids had fun nevertheless. They enjoyed the chocolate factory thoroughly. They giggled amusingly when they milked the cows and were excited to see the penguins waddled back from the sea. Those tiny penguins were so cute! By the time we returned to hotel, it was already 11.30pm. Tim was waiting anxiously at the entrance!
He was much energetic on the fifth day after a full day of rest in the hotel. That day was a Free and Easy day. We went to the Queen Victoria Market by the free City Circle Tram. It was a whole day of walking and shopping. It was tiring. At night, we walked to Crown Shopping for dinner and to catch their 9pm 'fire' works!
On the sixth day, which was the last, Kai woke up in the wee hours with a temperature. He even vomited on the bed! So that morning, we didn't do any last  minute shopping as planned. We just had breakfast in the hotel and an early lunch at McDonald's before bidding goodbye to Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne...
Overall, the trip was... umm... unforgettable.
I'm grateful to be alive and kicking, to be able to write this entry here, now, in Singapore.
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