Monday, April 14, 2014

Me. My birthday

Today is a ME day. Haha...
It's going to be the last year when I'm still eligible to tell people "I'm in my THIRTIES".
Next year, I'm hitting the 40 age group! Sounds scary.

I'm telling myself that ageing is no big deal. Most importantly, we have to "age with dignity" - that's the message that greeted me every morning when I turned on my mobile ^ ^

Well, but in reality, I still woke up every morning (before I turned on my phone, that is), stood in front of the mirror to examine the depth of my wrinkles, to see if there are new found ones, to detect if my smile lines are deeper and longer, to self-indulge in my ageing skin...

Sigh... well, well.
Today is my birthday.

I wish myself to be prettier, not uglier
healthier, not weaker
wiser, not stupider
while I age...

I wish my family and friends strong and healthy, safe and happy... as they pursue their life. :)

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Branded woman

I was never a branded person. For clothes, I don brands like Giodano, U2, Hang Ten ... but most of the time I just wore brandless shirts and blouse bought from neighbourhood stalls and pasar malam. For bags, I like simple Mel bags and the like... Branded brands like Gucci, LV, COACH, Kate Spate were not in my "likes". 

Simply put, I don't need brands and I never go for anything branded. I don't bother to cast a second look at anything branded. They are just not my cup of tea.

But ironically, I was turned into a branded woman "overnight" by the doting husband who bought me a Coach tote bag, a pair of Coach sunglasses, SKII facial products, Clarins serum, and an exquisite Tiffany and Co. necklace, which all cost a bomb... what else can i say...

I am blessed.

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