Friday, June 27, 2014

Kai is 8

Kai is a more sensible boy now. When he first started P1, he was like living in his own world. He failed his school tests, failed to listen to instructions, appeared dreamy and was even suspected by teacher as suffering from ADHD. Those days were bleak...

Now, things have changed. The world is brightening up for him and us all... He has shown a lot of improvement academically. He does his work with less nagging from me, although he still likes to bargain for little work.

He is still as fun loving, he still loves his cars (and now, planes), loves his Asphalt 8 game on his Samsung tablet, as well as Plants vs Zombies, Minion Rush, etc... which I have limited to "play-on-alternate-days"! In his free time, he loves to read smurf comics and encyclopedic work, young scientists... but not story books. However, he likes to talk and tell us what he learnt from his Young Scientists. He told me that I "should eat more tomatoes because they contain lycopene, which helps to fight wrinkles!"

For CCA, he has taken up Wushu and Children's sketch in school. Tuition wise, he is doing English at Mindstretcher. His stints at I Can Read and Learning Lab were history.

One thing I'm extremely pleased is that he has inherited my 'tidiness' genes! HA! Sometimes, he'd arrange things in the house neatly before turning in for bed, tidied Xuan's books and notes on the dining table, shook his head and remarked in a seemingly adult manner, "sigh, this jie jie is always so messy..."

This kid is no longer a kid any more. He is growing up much faster than I thought. As usual, we celebrated his birthday today with just the four of us. In the morning, he woke up to our lovely birthday song and had a delightful time searching for his presents, which were hidden in different parts of the house. In the afternoon, we booked the Karaoke room for a four-hour singing session, after which we had dinner at Canton Paradise. Back at home, he cut his birthday cake and made his birthday wish, played cars and watched his favourite Cars DVD.

Well, that was not enough, Kai has a bigger appetite this year for more presents, ang baos and attention. He wanted us to invite our relatives to celebrate his birthday together, and that'd be tomorrow, on his Chinese birthday! He had specifically requested the dinner celebration to be held at Red Star Restaurant! We have done as been told by his majesty! So tomorrow, we are having another celebration!

Happy birthday, little man.
Wishing you well and happy, and the best of everything in life.

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