Monday, August 25, 2014

The boss is in

I left the workforce since 2008. Then I enjoyed the freedom of not having to answer to the boss.
But now things are getting tricky. I realise that I am now answerable to the little man, a.k.a. the chairman! If I didn't cook for a meal, he'd questioned "WHY YOU DIDN'T COOK TODAY?"
And I had to provide him with the most diplomatic answer. "Oh... I was busy preparing notes for your exams (a.k.a. important quarterly meeting) , on top of that I have a lot of housework (a.k.a. backlog) to do, so I didn't have enough time to cook lunch (a.k.a. regular daily task) today. Don't worry, I'd cook for dinner."
Sigh... what to do... THE BOSS IS IN
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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Erratic parenting

Parenting up to this stage has become rather unpredictable and erratic. There were frequent sudden outbursts of anger whenever I couldn't tolerate and need to unleash my pent-up stress. Especially when the elder took my well-meaning advice as some defamatory criticism. Casual remarks that are not pleasing to her ears are often bombarded with millions of "why" in between sobs - "why do you say that. ..", "why am I ...", "what do you mean..." - so much so that I couldn't take it.

Teens parenting is coming real close to heart. It is scary.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Sleeping with books

She'd scream if she sees this. Well, I just want to document her growing up...

Now at this phase... (and a long way to go), I think she will be so caught up with the paper chase. She doesn't take naps, but occasionally she'd be so tired while reading that she dozed off. 

Her room is forever in a mess. She tried to pack her notes, but it always ended up with more notes and more piles... 

Sleeping with books like this has become a common affair. You've yet to see the worse, where she was all curled up in deep sleep with piles of books and notes scattered around her bed, taking up more space than her...

Sigh.... poor girl.

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Friday, August 1, 2014

Frantic rat race

July just slipped past without any entry. It was because school has started... what else.

I was busy prepping Kai for the frantic rat race in school! After a month-long rest at home, he needed to pull up his socks and fasten his seat belt real tight for school again... sigh! Such is the reality of education nowadays. Imagine this - all pupils in class knew the answer to a question from a new science topic that has yet been taught. All pupils raised their hands for the correct answer. ALL. All of them had already learnt that topic in their own private tuition! WOW! I really wonder what is the significance and role played by schools in today's educational setting. No longer are students there to be taught. They are there to show what they have already learnt, and compete by seeing who gets the highest score. Sigh.

"Last time, school so lame," lamented Kai. "Don't need to study, can play whole day ..."

Time is different.
Sad for him.

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