Monday, October 27, 2014

Exams... Outsourcing

Today, Kai is sitting for his last SA2 paper. I am so so happy. The stress is officially over for the year. For the past 3 months, I was the stressed one doing the prep while he was the nonchalant carefree spirit. Those were the nail-bitting-hair-pulling-ultimately-stressful days. Sometimes, I could even feel tightness in my chest and stuff like that. No kidding. Oh... how damaging the education system can be! He is only P2. How can they determine a little one's fate at the age of 8? I really hope he gets into a good class for P3.

Next year, we are going to outsource his tuition to The Learning Lab. I will only tutor him in Chinese. As of current, he is only learning English at Mindstretcher, and Daddy felt that he can be stretched further with other tuitions...

I hope the outsourcing will not cause any damage or add burden to my already-stressful life... keeping my fingers crossed that life will be good.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Exam methodology for Kai

The final lap is now on.
Both kids are having their SA2 now.

Basically for Xuan, she has been on autopilot since P4, doing her own revision and stuff, planning her own revision schedule, etc. Why P4? Well, that was when Kai started P1. All attention and coaching had to go to that difficult-to-manage boy.

"I hate SA2!" lamented Kai.
"So do I!!!" I retorted.
Everyday is warfare under the roof. Catastrophic wreckage and casualty aside, I did come out with some solid methodology designed specifically for this boy.

For each subject, I have a list of instructions on how he should deal with each paper. This boy knows his work. His only problem is carelessness and short attention span, which resulted in lower-than-expected grades.

Here are the methodologies for each:

Read every question carefully, read every single word, don't miss out any words
Fit all multiple choices into the blanks before deciding on the answer
Underline tenses, and singular/plural words in the question
For comprehension cloze passage, look for clues before and after the blanks
For open-ended comprehension, determine the tenses, underline the answers in the passage, then copy answer statement carefully, word by word
Check before you move on to next question: check grammar, punctuation, spelling
And finally, the best of all instructions is this final one "Don't rush through the paper but try to work fast" haha... how contradictory!

Basically, the same methodology for English is applied here.

Read the questions carefully.
Write out the clues/hints
Understand the question, draw model to help you
Copy out numbers carefully
Do workings carefully
Check workings carefully
Make sure you copy out the workings answer into the answer box, don't write the wrong numbers
Write equations and answer statement
Write numbers legibly
Don't forget the units (cm, m, am, pm, l, ml, g, kg)
Last of all, check and check and check over and over and over again after you have finished the paper...

This is also what I called "nagging methodology" for Kai.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Yummy baked honey cornflakes

Yum! This honey cornflakes with chocolate chips is simply yummilicious! The kids love it! It is oven-baked from the simplest and easiest recipe I've ever come across. Here goes:

Ingredients: unsalted butter, honey, cornflakes

Melt butter and honey in a pot
Pour in cornflakes and mix well
Scoop them into small baking cups (I use silicone baking cups instead of paper cups)
Bake in oven at 150 degree for 10 minutes
Enjoy the crispy and crunchy cornflakes!

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Monday, October 13, 2014


His latest craze, other than playing with eraser bleyblade and making paper cars, is making paper weapons! Look at the names on each weapon. .. sigh, boy!

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