Thursday, November 26, 2015

PSLE Results

We reached the school hall at 11am sharp. Before we even climbed up the staircase to the hall, we had already heard the Principal's announcement and congratulatory messages followed by loud applause... upon hearing that, we were like "shucks" and immediately dashed up the stairs.

In the hall, Xuan quickly scrambled to look for her class amidst the huge crowd of anxious parents and pupils. Statistical slides of the school's PSLE achievement were flashed in front of the hall. Before I even knew what was happening, I saw the slide that read "Pupils who scored above 250". There were 2 slides with name list of pupils and I missed Xuan on the list as they were both flashed in the blink of an eye. Parents who saw their children's name in the list were screaming, tearing and hugging one another. I was rather moved by how anxious we parents could be. Next, I panicked and started asking 6B mummies if they saw Xuan in the list! Phew! Yes, she's in!

Then the pupils started queuing to get their report book and result slips. Xuan was the last few in the queue to get hers. Everyone was congratulating and hugging one another. There were apprehension, smiles, laughter and tears of joy everywhere. ..

Lastly, it was Xuan. She was happy with what she got. She's able to get into her dream school at last... i was happy for her. 265 was what she got. Plus 2 for Merit in HCL if she wanted to get into a SAP school.

Well done, my girl.
That really marked the end of your Primary School journey.

Mummy wish you an enriching, fruitful and joyful learning journey as you embark on the next exciting phase of life...

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

PSLE's over

School is out for now! YEAH!
First thing we did was to give her a treat at Swensen's... unfortunately the branch was closed at Compass Point (all shops in CP are going to be closed for a year as CP undergoes renovation).. so we ended at MOS Burger instead.

Then we headed straight to her favourite stop - LIBRARY. She has been deprived of reading since a month ago when she started prepping for PSLE.

PSLE - Play Starts, Let's Enjoy!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Scientific Kai

Kai is the champion when it comes to bathing. He takes 15-20 minutes to bathe! Frankly, I consider that too long for a young boy like him becos' effectively I bathe myself completely in under 10 minutes. He bathed with doors opened and I'd always nagged at him to speed up.  Once I thought I saw him playing with water but I ended up learning a new science fact.

 Me: Why are you playing with water? Bathe faster! 

Kai: I'm not playing with water. I'm just testing the surface tension of water. You know why water droplets are round shape? That's because of the water surface tension. Water behaves like a cell.... ... I know you don't understand one la....

 Me: (???) I really don't. ..

Kai's knowledge about science has long surpassed mine. He has been telling me about how things work, about tnt, eye discharge, function of antibodies, why do our voices sound different to ourselves than to others, etc, etc.

Oh yes, and he said that we must eat less protein so that our fart don't smell so bad.

"Do you know why our fart have sound and smell? It's because when we fart, our anal sphincter will vibrate and that gives out the farting sound. When the fart is released, it is ammonia gas, which has an unpleasant smell. When you eat protein, you will have more ammonia gas..."

That was his explanation!
I was impressed.
I should say I'm very proud of his knowledge and inquisitiveness. And I admit guiltily that 50% of the time when he wanted to impart those knowledge to me, I wasn't listening. Tsk tsk tsk....
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Monday, September 28, 2015

Upcoming PSLE

It's been so long since I wrote an entry here. This year is the PSLE year. In fact, it's happening in less than 3 days.
The current haze situation is pretty bad. It had gone up to hazardous level last week and it prompted MOE to declare school closure on Friday. Even 'O level' on that day had to be postponed. Now, my worry is 'will PSLE be postponed' ? I hope not. I wanted it to be over and done with! But for Xuan, I think she just hoped that PSLE will be cancelled. Not postponed but cancelled... forever. Haha...
After all the hoo-ha about prepping and applying for DSA, Xuan was not even granted a chance for any interviews. All her classmates who were weaker than her academically had gone for their interviews and some even selected into their school of choice. Xuan, who had obtained a silver in her SMOPS, being consistently top 3 in level positions throughout her primary school years, was not even granted a chance for interview. The only way to explain this is that Xuan had done badly for her GAT, which is not an academic-based assessment. Sigh, no luck for DSA... so she has to try her best in the upcoming PSLE.
Good luck, Xuan!
All the best!
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Monday, June 15, 2015

Sewing up her pockets

Yes, I had literally sewn up all of the pockets in her jeans, pants, shorts...
Reason being she likes to put her used tissue paper into them and never throw them away before dumping her clothes into the washer to be washed. You can imagine the mess that turn up in the washer after each wash... I had to painstakingly shake off those disintegrated bits of whites from the spun-dry clothes in the washer! No matter how often I had reminded her, it just didn't register in her head. So I thought I had enough, and there she goes ... without pockets from now on.

Hahaha... hehehe... (evil laughter)

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Friday, May 29, 2015


And guess what... that's the class position he got for SA1. I was speechless  after all those effort put into teaching him... all those naggy reminders, all those heart aches...

That was the result I  got.
But I've always know this: things are beyond my control.

He is a bright child.
But way too careless.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Parenting in today's education system

Being a parent is not easy. Being a loving, benevolent and cool headed one is even tougher. It's been 12 years... but 12 years of parenting experience didn't make me any better parent. Sad.

I have been complaining about Kai's academic performance. I set a rather high expectation of him and get really upset whenever he couldn't live up to my expectations. I told myself to let go but couldn't. The education system won't allow me. He has to be assessed. He has to perform or he'd fall behind. I can't afford to let go. This is getting crazy.

He got back his Chinese paper yesterday. He scored 40/50. I was disappointed. Then I went through his paper and became mad. Three of the questions, worth 2 marks each, which I had taught him, had been answered wrongly. Then I started to scream my head off. What went wrongly? Why didn't he pay full attention when I was teaching him. Why was he nodding his head every time I taught him? Why did he seem to fully comprehend yet scored so badly?

That was how anxious I got over his examination marks. That was how the entire education system has got me to become. That was how the whole examination system got me to be a lesser parent.


Why can't there be no exams so that I can be a better parent?

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Lizards and me

Occasionally, questions like "what happens after death?", "what was I in my previous life?" would spring up in my mind. As much as I wish to carpe diem, these thoughts just have their means of sneaking into my head. Perhaps, it's because I'm into my forties and living a very much auntie and mundane life that I couldn't help but sometimes sank deep into the unknown.

The husband liked to tease that I was a lizard in my previous life. I hated that. Nevertheless, I couldn't help but started to wonder if there were some possibilities in it. First of all, I have had all the "wonderful encounters" with lizards. When I was a child, a fat lizard dropped into my clothes while I was playing and I started "dancing" with it. On other occasions, equally big lizards dropped on my head while I was walking along the corridor. Ever since, I have become a keen spotter for lizards -- big or small. Anything wriggling on the floors or walls would startle me with a jerk. On many occasions,  the husband had jumped at the sight of my jerks and startles. He was very angry with me for causing the alarm and he demanded that I stay a distance away after those episodes. I was left to fend for myself if there were any lizards in the house. And I started to diminish the husband's worth for not protecting me from lizards...

Yesterday, we had a visitor - a baby lizard made its way through the main door while we entered the house. It crawled on the walls before dropping to the floor. I saw the opportunity and slowly 'guided' it out of the house using a paper broomstick. You know, baby lizards are not that terrifying. They don't crawl that fast. So I can afford to 'help' it out of the house without much disruption to the family. And i owed it to Kai who helped me opened the main gate and cleared the path for the baby. You couldn't possibly imagine how grateful I was to him.

Lizards and me. Our paths crossed so often. Was I really a lizard in my previous life? What is the possibility of lizards or animals reborned into the human realm? But then again, if I were really a lizard previously, I shouldn't be terrified of them in this life. I should be keeping them as pets instead, shouldn't I? How strange. Logically, I should be a mosquito or some other pests that were tongued in by lizards, which explains why in this life, I was so terrified of lizards. Aren't I right?

Arghh.. just some nonsensical ramblings from auntie me. Anyway, how's life, my friend?

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

R.I.P, Mr Lee

I woke up early in the morning of 23rd March to prepare the kids for school, switched on the mobile for latest updates on Mr Lee. 

The news hit the headline and from then emotions went high. The entire nation mourns. The whole world grieves.

Long queues day and night, rain or shine

To show gratitude and bid farewell

To sob their hearts out as they bow

Leaders from across the world came

To pay tributes to the country great man

Flags half-mast and mourning day declared

To honour the man and his noble acts

On 29 of March, the entire sky wept

Men and women, young and old

Some were even drenched to toes

Here, I salute to you and your deeds

What a LKY phenomenon indeed.

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

12th Birthday

Every year, on kids' birthdays, I try to write a post about them, dedicated to them. This year is no exception...

Xuan turns 12 today! Twelve years ago, at 5.45pm, she greeted the world... time flies. It seemed like yesterday when I just held her tiny body in my arms. Now, she is 12 and saying goodbye to all the kiddy stuff... in some restaurants, she's no longer eligible for kid's meal.

Dear Xuan, You know you are crossing a big milestone this year, but do not be overly stressed. Enjoy your last year in primary school. Treasure those precious moments with your friends. These happen only once in a life time. Jot down the little memories, and you'd find them treasures few years down the road...

You know, since young you have never been an easy baby. But you have been awesome as you grow... just don't worry too much. With the right will power, you will succeed. Be strong in character and you will overcome all obstacles.

Don't worry, you are doing great! Just remember that we are all here to cross this milestone together.

Happy 12th Birthday, my girl.
May all your wishes come true.
May this year brings you lots of joy, happiness and good health!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Some updates

This is now 3rd week into the new school year. Our busy life has started. 

For the kids, every week is unbelievably packed with tuition, swimming lesson, CCAs, after-school supplementary classes... 

For me, I'm incredibly stressed over their timetable management, scheduling and rescheduling of tuition classes to avoid clashes, etc. IT IS MAD. 

My peaceful hours were in the morning when they were both in school. Those hours, I tried to clean up the house for CNY, do some grocery, cook and sometimes manage a few bucks at home, helping the hb with some administrative work and writing a Chinese Comprehension book for sale. 

Well, my peace is short-lived... 
After school, the house is practically in WAR. Both kids get into fights often. I conclude that it was due to their character polarity. Kai is affectionate and likes to hug and tickle Xuan. On the other hand, Xuan loathes such intimacy. She cannot stand such physical contact and her intolerance has led to many flare-ups and sibling fights... 

Well, to be fair, both of them also have a good share of fun moments laughing together, concocting crazy jokes about Chinese serial drama, school, classmates, and teachers...

 That's just some updates for now...
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Thursday, January 8, 2015

What's in store for the year

School has started.
It's gonna be a fast and furious year for Xuan. Hope she will muster all the courage and wisdom to meet the challenges ahead and get into her dream secondary school at the end of it.

As for Kai, I wish he will be more sociable and accomodating towards all his friends and classmates and hopefully this will be an enjoyable year of learning for him.


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