Thursday, January 29, 2015

12th Birthday

Every year, on kids' birthdays, I try to write a post about them, dedicated to them. This year is no exception...

Xuan turns 12 today! Twelve years ago, at 5.45pm, she greeted the world... time flies. It seemed like yesterday when I just held her tiny body in my arms. Now, she is 12 and saying goodbye to all the kiddy stuff... in some restaurants, she's no longer eligible for kid's meal.

Dear Xuan, You know you are crossing a big milestone this year, but do not be overly stressed. Enjoy your last year in primary school. Treasure those precious moments with your friends. These happen only once in a life time. Jot down the little memories, and you'd find them treasures few years down the road...

You know, since young you have never been an easy baby. But you have been awesome as you grow... just don't worry too much. With the right will power, you will succeed. Be strong in character and you will overcome all obstacles.

Don't worry, you are doing great! Just remember that we are all here to cross this milestone together.

Happy 12th Birthday, my girl.
May all your wishes come true.
May this year brings you lots of joy, happiness and good health!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Some updates

This is now 3rd week into the new school year. Our busy life has started. 

For the kids, every week is unbelievably packed with tuition, swimming lesson, CCAs, after-school supplementary classes... 

For me, I'm incredibly stressed over their timetable management, scheduling and rescheduling of tuition classes to avoid clashes, etc. IT IS MAD. 

My peaceful hours were in the morning when they were both in school. Those hours, I tried to clean up the house for CNY, do some grocery, cook and sometimes manage a few bucks at home, helping the hb with some administrative work and writing a Chinese Comprehension book for sale. 

Well, my peace is short-lived... 
After school, the house is practically in WAR. Both kids get into fights often. I conclude that it was due to their character polarity. Kai is affectionate and likes to hug and tickle Xuan. On the other hand, Xuan loathes such intimacy. She cannot stand such physical contact and her intolerance has led to many flare-ups and sibling fights... 

Well, to be fair, both of them also have a good share of fun moments laughing together, concocting crazy jokes about Chinese serial drama, school, classmates, and teachers...

 That's just some updates for now...
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Thursday, January 8, 2015

What's in store for the year

School has started.
It's gonna be a fast and furious year for Xuan. Hope she will muster all the courage and wisdom to meet the challenges ahead and get into her dream secondary school at the end of it.

As for Kai, I wish he will be more sociable and accomodating towards all his friends and classmates and hopefully this will be an enjoyable year of learning for him.


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